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**Award-Winning** Comedy Short Film | Unleaded | Omeleto

You’re kidding. Na-ah. Sorry, it’s not happening, guys. I’m serious! The last three times I’ve gone in, okay? It’s always me, yeah… How about one of you two go in this time, uh? Hmm? Come on… Now fuck you, guys, I’m serious! This isn’t funny. I’m stuck riding backseat the whole way, forget it. I’m not your bitch, all right? I’m not going in and that’s final. I’m drawing a line, okay? Yeah? You got it? Milo is not going! What the fuck you doing, man? Callum! Callum! I’ve got a gun pointed to the back o’ yo’ fucking head, mate… so don’t you move. Just get him to fuck off, man! Go on, then! Get the fuck out of here, you lil’ prick. Oi! I said get the fuck out of here you little– [loud music on headphones] The fuck’s happening? He leaving? The fuck’s your problem, man? Get out! Ooh, shit… What? Aren’t we out of papers? Mate… What? Seriously? Papers, we out. I’m not playing here, you prick! Get out! Fuck off! What the fuck’s happening? Get him, man! Who is he? [siren wailing in distance] You fucking deaf, man? I said– What the fuck do you want now? What? Listen, we need some papers… and get the silver ones. I’ve had enough of you cheapin’ out. What I want!? I want you to get the fuck out of here, you prick! You know what? No. Oh, I-I’m serious, you can’t fuckin’ treat me like this. Just get the papers, Milo. Maybe some Haribo, too. D’you hear that? Are you fuckin’ listenin’ to me!? I’ve got a gun to your h– Yeah, I hear you! You’re not fuckin’ listenin’ to me! I’m not you bitch, alright!? Jesus, Milo. Chill out, alright? Is he not getting the Haribo? Man, you’re acting like a right dick. Just get the f– Fuck out of here! The fuck’s your problem, man? Fuck off. You’re doing it again! Ask nicely. Just ask me nicely! Nicely? What the fuck!? Milo, please may you… stop acting like such a fuckin’ dick and get some papers!? Milo, listen! Shut up, you listen! I refuse to be constantly treated– Get out! — like some bitch! I’ll shoot! Stop bossing me about,– I’m serious! — stop making me do shit! And next time go and get your own fuckin’ papers! Callum! Uh… these, please. And, uh, actually, can I get some long papers, please, the silver ones.

100 thoughts on “**Award-Winning** Comedy Short Film | Unleaded | Omeleto

  1. Hmmmm… well with very loud and good over the ears ears phones with noises canceling and sound way uped and may be the bad guy haves a 22 gun may be the guy would not hear it but I do not thinked so. I haved Bose over ears QC35 II head phones and I do play uped the volume and I cand not hear ours telephone or the doors bell, but a gun I thinked you would feeled the over pressures too.

  2. I wasn't sure at first but Google and Wikipedia confirmed that the actor playing Milo is also in the cast of GoT:
    Pypar from the Night's Watch
    and while he looks like a teen boy in this video, the actor in real life is over 35 yo

  3. uh, I forgot to ask do those guys have toilet papers too? I really need one right now I was watching the omeleto videos too much so I forgot one 😀

  4. Omeleto is the home of award-winning short films. We showcase Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre. Subscribe for more:

  5. Wait wait, is that a comedy? Because it make me sweat my hands like the trigger gun was actually in my finger

  6. misleading title. This isn't funny at all. This is the second Omeleto "Comedy" i've watched that wasn't funny at all – you need to look up the definition of comedy in a dictionary.

  7. BRO IM WATCHING THIS and they have 1.6 mil subs, this vid 1.6 mil views and 1.6K comments 😤😱😱😱😱😱😱

  8. Was watching in my car on my lunch break had the volume up a quarter forgot I had tweeters… I’m pretty sure I’m deaf now lol

  9. I guess no one was killed. Still scary close. Store clerk is still traumatized by the near fatality. I'm assuming the robbers got the money. It's all unclear to me with the cross communication which the gunman perceives as "backtalk" – no pun intended.

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