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34 thoughts on “Awkward Comedy Genius Makes Judges Feel Awkward on America's Got Talent | Got Talent Global

  1. You have to understand that Heidi Klum has always had problems trying to make up her mind which side of the flat rock That She Wants to Live on, the DARK elongate side or the pink no nothing roller rink rock an roll side. Without a Afro she is going to have to accept that she is never ever going to be one of the "Supreme Women" of the world.

  2. I watched this twice. The first time I pretended I didn't know what a duvet was, and the second time I pretended I knew what it was. It was a LOT funnier the second time.

  3. I don't hate all women, I just dis Heidi with the recycled camel joke because it earns me cheap laughs in a competition I will never win.

  4. Over used jokes for 50 year olds… these are bad and cringing.. in a bad way.

    Drew lynch will always be top notch.

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