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AWKWARD MOMENTS YOU CAN RELATE || Funny Hacks to Overcome Fails by 123 GO! GOLD

Oh man who left all those dirty dishes
in there? I don’t mind washing them ugh but all this? All right here goes nothing.
Man dear my roommates owe me this time Alright first dish done, that wasn’t so
bad okay two down thousand dishes to go time
to watch this Oh how did all that come off a little spoon
like this a morning just isn’t complete without a nice cup of hot coffee from
your favorite mug right Olivia all right time to write that paper I’ve been
putting off a week yep definitely ready for cup number two yeah that’s the stuff what’s another word for copious um
Olivia that’s a copious amount of coffee mugs you have piling up there
ever heard of reusing the same mug Olivia okay
I’d better get just one more cup of coffee let’s go touching hands with the
stranger is anything but romantic well this is uncomfortable just looking at my
phone yep boring day at work sounds like the perfect time for a selfie sesh yeah
work it girl Oh looks like it’s another long day at
the office huh Amy oh the lids still on there yep that’s awkward what are you
looking at I meant to do that oh I’m so sorry oh god why did I have that second
soda I have to pee like a racehorse come on
please be open thank God hey sorry ever hear of privacy weirdo oh my bag
well that was embarrassing and I still need to really pee awesome just a little
after lunch touch up in the ladies room nothing out of the ordinary and it’s
back to work oh my god
Vickie come on Helle help a sister out bear go I sure hope no one got a glimpse
of that Oh check out Olivia looking all peaceful in her sleep
Bertha covers go it’s freezing in here must have left the AC yeah well at least
I know that thing is working well much better I’m never coming out of this bed
again oh it’s like her own personal little igloo in there man now I feel way
too hot why is it that I can’t get comfortable I’m either too cold or too
tight look I’m sweating like a pig in here
don’t think blowing on yourself will help much Olivia hopefully she has time
for a shower before work she’s a wet clammy mess yeah a ponytail should help
all right I don’t think I can get back to sleep now hey can somebody bring me a
cold glass of water well it looks like this vicious cycle of hot and cold will
never end sleep tight Olivia curly hair is
gorgeous but sometimes it’s fun to switch things up and a flat iron is just
a man for the job hey this thing working what’s going on
my hair still curly aah what’s wrong with this thing it worked a couple days
ago weird it doesn’t even feel hot is it getting trouble heating up why isn’t it
working well that explains it the thing’s not even plugged in you must be
feeling pretty stupid right about now aren’t you Olivia well I think my hair
looks better this way anyway did we just set foot onto a Sports Illustrated photo
shoot nope it’s just Olivia looking like a goddess in her new bathing suit work
it girl it’s pretty amazing what a little ocean
air a cute bikini and a little confidence can do right ladies all right
the sun’s about to set time to dry off oh oh man my feet ouch are these rocks
or Legos geez how did I forget to bring flip-flops and such an idiot this is so
embarrassing ouch suddenly this doesn’t look like a
glamorous photoshoot anymore why did I have to park my towel so far wait oh my
poor tuxes this hurts just watching you Olivia time
to wake up already what time is it whoa it’s 7:00 already I
gotta get to work just gonna snag a quick cup of joe
before I head to the office have you ever stopped to wonder how many cups of
coffee you drink throughout the day whoa is that your third cup of coffee
you may want to slow down a bit girl and coffee number four it’s ice
so it’s watered down right Java does a body good hey Emily it’s getting late
maybe it’s time to switch to decaf oh no you’re not seriously drinking a giant
coffee before bed are you well at least you’re in bed now that that caffeine is
keeping you up but good whoa at this point you may as well pull
an all-nighter another day another load of laundry oh
right after the folding station nothing more riveting and put socks am i
right here’s your match little sock what do we
have here wait a sec these aren’t a match that’s weird
okay which one of these socks matches the one I’m concluding all right how is
this possible did the may just walk away on its own
you can do that all you want Sophia but the match just isn’t here I keep wand
read wait nope false alarm hmm I wonder where I should go get lunch
today whoa hold that thought Olivia oh no come back here trying to group it all
is only making it great faster no role on the run people it didn’t even hold
the elevator okay is this battery powered or what paper craving a summer treat Sophia to
the rescue and it’s sure hot today yikes big over here ooh girl that’s
nasty yeah you’ve got to do something about
that Sophia this is something very interesting it’s okay
I think I have something that can help a tad here you go thanks but what do I do it put it on
your pits hello how come I never thought of that if it’s going to be a hot day
take a thin pad like this and stick it to the armpit of your shirt ooh don’t
forget the other side hey guys wake up Hey look no pits things see just keep
pants handy don’t sweat it

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  5. The one where you realize the bathroom door is open, and then you realize someones in there once you open the door and they scream, is oh so relatable!

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    Of course 123 GO ❤️. I watched all the videos and I’ve been looking for new videos 😅

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  8. "Boring day at work?"

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