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Axel Auriant laughing complication

Action! That sounded like a porn movie from the 90s My name is Axel and I’m playing the role of Daphne in s3 No, I’m playing Lucas In 8th grade I had a tecktonik shirt, size XS that I wore with a long sleeved shirt underneath And the print on it was pink and it was so tight that M: well, yeah. That was hardcore
A:Did you wear itto do tecktonik? M:no A:well, right now we’ll have a tecktonik demo.. M:No, I lied, I lied! I lied bcs my sister is gonna watch this For 2 weeks yeah. And after that I threw away this shirt M:physics.. that was hell
A:physics A:Were u good at it?
M:no I was terrible A: Were u in S?
M:yeah, I was in S. And then in ES in third year A:Oh, ok, u were that bad!
M:Bcs of physics M:wanna start?
A:Go ahead M:Maths
A:French Why are u laughing?What’s so funny? ”French. Hahaha! What an idiot!” -The one who parties the most? It arrived naturally -Who has the worst ideas? A:I had 1 hour, and it was to retake a test, and I had a bowel obstruction M:What’s that? A: It actually means that.. Omg, it’s so embarrassing M: well, fuck, that’s it, that’s your biggest shame! A: No,I think it’s the sleeping pill one -the music u listened in middle school M: in 6th grade,maybe, I listened to Willy Denzey ”Le Mur Du Son” U don’t even know it? A: no.. M:Oh no! It’s the 1st time you’ve made me feel old, fuck.

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  1. Ахахахаха я залипла на первые 10 секунд😅😅😅😅😘😘😘😘

  2. Have you ever seen his little one man show they have on YouTube here. He's playing drums and other instruments and is just going crazy on stage.

  3. Maxence Danet-Fauvel laughing complication –
    What complication/video i can do next?

  4. I don't understand a thing they're saying, but they look cute, and I'm happy. So, I'm watching 😉

  5. These two are made for each other but they just don't know it…or maybe they knew it since…I ship them so badly

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