Laughter is the Best Medicine

Ayşe & Kerem || Afili aşk – Humor (+english subtitles)

Where is Kerem? Kerem!!! Dad, someone call Kerem Correct Who is this? Look me with love! Eat! Jerk! Shut up! It’s shame. Look here.. You look When we are talking about good people, they coming right away. Let them fail You must always putting words Unlovely what’s the connection? patience .. What happening here? Yes. What is happening? who the hell are you Bro! Bro! Volkan! Please wake up You want a water? You look like a sis Mehtab Aaaa Mehtab from night club!? #chfky***# Why are you hit me i don’t be for laughing if the girls were nice at least STOP be! unlovely! Is duduklu exploded? What the hell is ”duduklu”? Look at them she must be pregnant since the first day :””’D Samet my chocolate (i am dying:’D) he pulled out a knife Dad, he took the knife I have seen son, i have seen unlovely What’s the connection? Do you have claustrophobia? How? It’s not good ya BEAR! Just don’t lose yourself in me One minute! i wondered Why not!? What are you doing ya? When will Kerem kiss Ayse?

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