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Aziz Ansari Clears Up the Pizza Swastika Story | Netflix Is A Joke

– You know you have a big corporation, even one employee does something, the whole company’s under fire, right? Saw this with this whole
Pizza Hut thing, right? Guy orders a pepperoni
pizza, he gets the pizza, the pepperonis are arranged
to look like a swastika. But now some people online are saying it doesn’t look like a swastika. They’re saying it looks
like a regular pizza. So the internet is split. I saw it, kinda looked
like a regular pizza to me. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Clap if you think it’s a swastika. Clap if you think it
looks like a swastika. (light clapping) Okay, a couple people in the back. Now clap if you think it just
looks like a regular pizza. (light clapping) Yeah. So, you sir right here. You think it looks like a regular pizza? Yeah? And, what do you think,
this guy’s just lying to get attention or something like that? Yeah. And do you remember where you saw it? ‘Cause it was in New York
Times and Washington Post but Washington Post
supposedly accidentally posted a digitally altered photo. Do you remember where you saw it? – Washington Post. – You saw Washington Post? Okay, well, you know what’s interesting is I just made all that up. None of that happened. (laughing and clapping) I’m not trying to embarrass you, dude, but you and everyone that clapped earlier, you’re the fucking problem, okay? What are you doing? This is where we’re at now? You think your opinion’s so
valuable you need to chime in on shit that doesn’t even exist? I mean I do this every night. Every night people clap. First the first group claps. Yeah it’s a swastika,
that’s what the country is, Trump probably put those
pepperonis on there himself! Then the other group claps. No way, country’s way too
sensitive, PC police, snowflakes! And what these people don’t realize is, despite believing
completely different things, they’re actually the same person. ‘Cause they don’t really
care about learning and exploring and discussing,
they just wanna chime in with their little program reactions. They already know what they
think about everything. And the rest of you, the
ones that didn’t clap, you’re not off the hook. (laughing) I saw your faces. No one was sitting there like, oh no this poor guy, I
hope that didn’t happen. No, you were all sitting there with the same thought
running through your head. How did I miss this Pizza Hut thing? You see the pizza, you
see, I watch so much news, I’m watching CNN all goddamn day! I’m on my phone the rest of the time, I’ve had my shit locked
up in this stupid pouch for an hour and I’m already behind! (laughing and clapping) By the way, you had to be a
little skeptical of this thing ’cause, you know, if this happened, it wouldn’t have been at Pizza Hut. It would have happened at Papa Johns. (laughing)

100 thoughts on “Aziz Ansari Clears Up the Pizza Swastika Story | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. Here's a suggestion of a new stand up series instead of all of this usual leachate you call humor:

  2. Ah. The stress has aged him, but he survived. He's a survivor of this MeToo mess. I look forwards to his future work.

  3. I wanted to love this set but he gets way too serious. I don't watch stand up comedy for reality checks guy. First rating on Netflix, thumbs down for aziz.

  4. I'm glad that the subject of the unnecessary, petty combativeness of our culture right now has made it into a mainstream comedian's Netflix special. Conversely, kinda hate that wearing Metallica shirts has randomly become fashionable. What does that mean? You're edgy? Angry? Brooding? Tortured?? Fuck off. All of you. Stop sullying the name of one of the greatest bands of all time with your ephemeral hollywood bullshit.

  5. I just watched this, one of THE best specials I've ever seen!! I was lmao and then emo getting all misty eyed. He's so good.🌟

  6. Halfway thrgh & he got me GOOD, I had to look it up, went back and he said it wasn't true LOL LOL LOL love my Aziz

  7. Woooow. That was pathetic/embarrassing on that guy's part. How ironic that he says he thinks the guy lied about the swastika just to get attention lol

  8. I put this on my list on Netflix, now YouTube recommendations won't let me forget. The more clips I see, the more I just wanna sit and watch the whole thing.😁

  9. Just finished watching this special. It was dope- really funny and touched on some sensitive topics that made you think. Welcome back Aziz, you were greatly missed.

  10. His stand up lately have gotten better. It's more grounded to reality. Thank god the metoo shit happen. Before Aziz was like this ultra sje feminist shit.

  11. "what you think this guys is lying just to get attention or something". That line means so much more after watching the whole clip

  12. This was interesting but not THAT mind blowing. Aziz is a celebrity, he's bound to find at least one person in a massive theatre of his own fans to agree with him. Plus: that dude probably didn't lie, he probably started unconsciously remembering shit just to fit in. All this video does is add further proof that humans are social animals that value acceptance into the tribe over facts. Now all y'all calling him funny need to watch some Patrice O'Neal and find out what a fucking with the crowd PHD looks like.

  13. One bitch cries #metoo on Aziz and we had to wait this long for him to come back..

    I can see the routes of this great skit.

    Great work aziz.

  14. That shit with the audience was cringy and the fact that he got so lil applause on either side lets you know the crowd has no idea what he's on about or they just dont give af. Either way it would have been better if after that smattering of applause Aziz realized they don't care and just moved on. #tooquiet #wheresthefunny

  15. I'm sorry but this is the laziest form of story telling. More like a magic trick. There are a zillion stories like this, including one from 2015 that includes Pizza Hut. Take a little of that and him adding a false memory. I simply believe I remember that. It doesn't mean everyone jumped on the boat.
    Trying to embarrass people into feeling like idiots. Sounds alot like that date, you were scrutinized over.

  16. This Netflix special wasn't a standup comedy, it felt like an hour of ranting. I love his other Netflix special but this was torture to watch. Did his writer bailed on him?!

  17. At first I wanted to comment about how much I enjoyed this standup and this particular part of it…. but now I’m just hoping that beep bop bloop guy will reply and tell me how Aziz is a verb and a religion that doesn’t exist.

  18. Everyone's acting like he blew the audience's mind, but only like 10 people raised their hand. And even those that did were probably just wanting to play along for the joke.

  19. I like how every comment is the same, oh they fooled those people because theyre sheep, wouldn't have fooled me though. I aint no sheep. BAHHHHHHH yeah right, ur all the same as those idiots. ur actually worse because ur trying to be high and mighty about it. whereas me I can admit it, id be thinking hmmm pizza swasticka, fuck I'm hungry gotta get me some pizza after this, oh shit I missed the joke. I think with my stomach and I'm proud of it. the rest of you, just a bunch of Fn Sheep.

  20. What’s up with the comedy scene leaning toward “boring” or “slow” acts? Like this isn’t that entertaining I want energy like Coco Diaz, Bill burr, Dave Chappell

  21. Amazing! This entire special was such a mindfuck. This and the part where he mentioned how he was just grouped in with a minority girl and told to "date each other" because "duh! minority" is exactly the kind of passive racism folks practice without even realizing. Also, the part about the Danish gf who is new to the US 😀 😀

    I've always seen interracial couples go through weird shit all the time. As being part of the same group myself and having friends who are "dating out" you run into all these idiots who are so "politically correct" but say weird shit like "why not date <insert your own ethnicity?> " all the time. Why not STFU and lemme do whatever the fuck I want?

    I hope this guy stays in the spotlight. He's improved with every special and every time he's back he exposes hypocrisy all the bit more.

  22. What upsets me the most is these people…still clapped did they learn nothing? Yes it was framed as a joke but this is the basic failure of humanity he was pointing at. They still clapped and laughed and will go home tonight to read the next big bullshit story claim they know a bunch of stuff about it they dont and continue to pollute the market place of ideas, justice in the eyes of your peers and more. While the joke itself is funny I hope it made people realize this human flaw.

  23. “I remember saying, ‘You guys are all the same, you guys are all the fucking same.’” Ansari asked her what she meant. When she turned to answer, she says he met her with “gross, forceful kisses.”

    After that last kiss, Grace stood up from the couch, moved back to the kitchen island where she left her phone, and said she would call herself a car. He hugged her and kissed her goodbye, another “aggressive” kiss. When she pulled away, Ansari finally relented and insisted he’d call her the car. “He said, ‘It’s coming, but just tell them your name is Essence,’” she said, a name he has joked about using as a pseudonym in his sitcom.

  24. the people that clapped are idiots but calling that guy out is messed up. putting pressure on that guy made him lie. funny af still

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