Laughter is the Best Medicine

36 thoughts on “Baby laughing at fake sneezes.

  1. My baby is now 2 yrs old and will be 3 in a few months. Thanks everyone for the comments. She makes us smile everyday..

  2. My sneezes don't even sound human, half the time no sound even comes out. It's just a quick high-pitched "shriek". Luckily no plume of darkness comes out, and I don't fart at the same time either, that'll be bad 😁😝

  3. My sneezes sound like your babys when Im crying at the club with my charcoal eyeliner on drinking The Plume Of Darkness

  4. so cute! my sneezes would probably scare her because it sounds like a bunch of water balloons dropped into a fan. not dainty AT ALL

  5. My sneezes, you may or may not be aware, sound quite similar to a baby lion who takes testosterone pills

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