Laughter is the Best Medicine

Baby Stucks in Crazy Things – Funny Baby Fails Moments

Hi guys! Thanks for your watching! Please subscribe and watch best videos. What happened you got in the high chair didn’t you How you get down there Sorry president obama went to the hospital this weekend visit aside. Everything was fine. It was a little awkward when they asked what insurance Get it good. Did you get it? My father oh You’re okay you ready? Really? I’m gonna help you Down You want to get out So, you know how to stop it Pull the string Pull the string put it. No, no pull the strings. Hey, hang in there pull it pull It pull it off Whoa Lila Do oh are you sneaking the color? What’s going on What’s wrong he’s stuck Anybody What’s wrong they dug of it Yes, are you stuck in the box still can you get up get up try and get up Oh My goodness Did you did you get your hands stuck in the Oh, let us help you out

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