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Back to the Future (5/10) Movie CLIP – I’m From the Future (1985) HD

[Knocking on door] [Electronic warbling] MARTY: Doc? Don’t say a word. DOC: No names. I want
to know nothing about you. MARTY: Listen, Doc…
DOC: Quiet! DOC: Don’t tell me anything. MARTY: You got to help…
DOC: Quiet. [Electronic warbling] I’m going to read your thoughts. Let’s see now.
You come here from a great distance? – Yeah. Exactly.
– Don’t tell me! DOC: You want me to subscribe
to theSaturday Evening Post. – No.
– Not a word now! Quiet. Donations. You want me to make a donation… …to the Coast Guard Youth Auxiliary. Doc… [Electronics grow silent] …l’m from the future. I came here in a time machine
that you invented. Now, I need your help
to get back to the year 1985. My God! Do you know what this means? It means that
this damn thing doesn’t work at all! MARTY: You got to help me. You are the only
one who knows how your time machine works. [Whispering] Time machine? I haven’t invented any time machine. Okay. I’ll prove it to you. Look at my driver’s license. Expires 1987. Look at my birthday.
I haven’t even been born yet. And look at this picture. It’s my brother, my sister and me. Look at her sweatshirt, Doc.
Class of 1984? DOC: Pretty mediocre photographic fakery.
They cut off your brother’s hair. I’m telling the truth.
You got to believe me. Then tell me, future boy… …who’s president of the United States
in 1985? – Ronald Reagan.
– Ronald Reagan? The actor? [Doc exclaims] Then who’s vice president? Jerry Lewis? DOC: I suppose Jane Wyman is the First Lady.
MARTY: Wait, Doc! DOC: And Jack Benny is treasury secretary. MARTY: Listen to me. I’ve had enough jokes for one evening.
Good night, future boy! MARTY: No, wait, Doc. MARTY: The bruise on your head.
I know how that happened. You told me. You were standing on your toilet
hanging a clock… …and you fell
and hit your head on the sink. That’s when you got the idea
for the flux capacitor which… …is what makes time travel possible.

100 thoughts on “Back to the Future (5/10) Movie CLIP – I’m From the Future (1985) HD

  1. Mail this question to 13 years ago?
    *Doc and Marty in 1955*
    "Who's president in 2005?"
    "George Bush."
    "GEORGE BUSH?! The Texas oil man and Navy hero?"
    "Well, no. His son is."
    "Oh so his SON is president huh? What's his name?"
    "George Bush."
    "No what's his SON's name? Not his name."
    "It's also George Bush."
    "Okay…so George Bush's son….George Bush…is president."
    "I get it now."
    "But George Bush was also president?"

  2. When I saw this back in '85, the theater audience erupted in laughter at the line, "Ronald Reagan? The ACTOR?!" We all had to admit that reality was hard to believe.

  3. His student takes the same idea like his doc. 😂😂😂😂😂 when you watching this without girls then you are successful in Life 😂😂😂😂 mc fly and his jennifer…..

  4. "I'm sorry. WHO did you say is president in 2019? Hahaha! That's hilarious? Wait…. Oh my God, you're serious!?"

  5. 30 years is a great "distance". Saturday Evening Post – Marty was reading a newspaper earlier. Donations – the lady asked for a donation to save the clocktower. The machine worked. Doc was getting thoughts out of Marty's head.

  6. 1955 Doc Brown: : Then tell me, Future boy, who's President of the United States in 1985?
    Marty: Ronald Reagan.
    1955 Doc Brown: Ronald Reagan?! The actor?! ( Laughs Disbelievingly) Then who's Vice President, Jerry Lewis?! I suppose Jane Wyman is the First Lady!
    Marty: Whoa, wait, Doc!
    1955 Doc Brown: And Jack Benny is Secretary of Treasury!
    Marty: Doc, you gotta listen to me!
    1955 Doc Brown: I've had enough practical jokes for one evening! Good night, Future Boy!
    Marty: No, wait, Doc, the bruise. The bruise on your head. I know how that happened. You told me the whole story. You were standing on your toilet, you were hanging a clock and you fell and you hit your head on the sink. And that's when you got the idea for the Flux Capacitor which is what makes time travel possible.

  7. Who's president of the United States in 1990?

    George Bush

    George Bush? The oiler?! And who's vice-president T. Boone Pickens??

    I suppose by 1990, global warming will have melted the ice caps thanks to buring all the excess fossil fuels. What a future!!

  8. Donations to the Coast Guard youth auxiliary…

    That's a subtle, but funny, way to show that Marty's "life preserver" was out of place as a piece of fashion in the 1950s.

  9. IT'S 2005
    Doc: Who's the president in 2035?
    Marty: Kanye West.
    Doc: Kanye West, the rapper? Who's the vice president? Eminem? So I suppose Paris Hilton is the First Lady. And Jay Z is secretary of treasury!

  10. 2:25 Doc is me running to the studio Annex to laser cut my model pieces and not use profanity along the way as I power walk.

  11. Doc's mind reading machine really did read Marty mind I will even prove it
    -"You've come here from a great distance?" While Marty geographically didn't come very far, his thoughts would be similar to those of a person very far from home, wondering if they will ever get back. It could also mean a great distances for 1955.
    -"You want me to buy a subscription to the 'Saturday Evening Post'?" Earlier in the film, Marty pulled a newspaper from the trashcan to check the date. While the full title of said newspaper is not seen, it is fairly obvious that it is an edition of the 'Saturday Evening Post.' Doc picked up that memory and just assumed he was offering a subscription.
    -"You want me to make a donation to the Coast Guard youth auxiliary?" This is made up of two thoughts. The first is the fact that people – possibly even Doc himself – keep mistaking Marty for a sailor because of his jacket. The donation part comes from the flyer in Marty's back pocket. The one about the donation for saving the clock tower. Marty's mind would have been on this object because of the note his girlfriend made on the back.

  12. What if Doc was an ex scientist teacher at Hill Valley high school but was fired because of how bad he was at experiments and how they often failed, that’s why Strickland calls him a nutcase even though Marty hangs out with him because of how ‘likeable’ Doc was because of how supportive Marty was to Doc’s experiments, and that also explains why Marty is so supportive to doc back in 1955 where he was stuck and couldn’t get back without Doc’s help. So because he failed his experiments EVEN in high school that he decided to commit suicide with the Delorean as his last experiment

  13. Gotta ask did doc know the flux capacitor make time travel possible before marty came and told him it did????

  14. 1955 Doc:Pretty mediocre photographic fakery!
    They cut off your brother's hair
    Me:Dave's hear wasn't cuffed of,it was erased from existence!

  15. I think it would have been cool for this scene to have the camera angle from inside the garage, and seeing Doc's facial expression as he hears Marty explain how he got the bruise.

  16. Fun Fact: When Ronald Reagan went and saw this in the theater, he demanded the projector man to replay this scene

  17. 1985: Flying cars will exist in the future.

    2019: People arguing that the Earth is flat.

    1985: there are no roads.

    2019: there are no genders

    We should be defying gravity, instead we're denying reality.

  18. Knowing Doc, he should have asked who is the nobel prize winner of 1985 rather than asking who is the president even though Marty might not have known it. He should have asked some science stuff basically as he is a scientist keen to change the world.

  19. joel rickelfs he wants to meet up with me this is his only way in; exept Joe Rickelfs wearing that helmet right at my door or no entry hard core.

  20. Highest-grossing films that starred Michael J. Fox:
    1. Back to the Future
    2. Back to the Future Part II
    3. Stuart Little
    4. Back to the Future Part III
    5. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    6. Stuart Little 2
    7. The Secret of My Success
    8. Mars Attacks!
    9. The Hard Way
    10. The Frighteners

  21. In novelizations and games, Doc's backstory is revealed (canon or non-canon it's nice to give him a backstory): Emmett Lathrop Brown was born in 1914, the son of Erhart and Sarah Lathrop Brown. Doc's father was from Germany, and had immigrated to the United States in 1908, to the disapproval of his family. Doc's Mom was American, evidently a "WASP" (the Lathrops are a real Boston Brahmin family, and in real life Christopher Lloyd descends from some Mayflower Pilgrims via his mother). Erhart von Braun anglicized the family name to Brown during WWI due to anti-German sentiment. Later on, Erhart became a wealthy judge, which explains the Brown family fortune, social prominence, and their fine house, which Emmett inherited. Doc became a professor at Caltech, and was tasked with helping to work on the Manhattan Project. By 1955 he was working as a physics professor at Hill Valley College, but was able to live a comfortable life due to his family's wealth. Doc's mansion burned down (in questionable circumstances) in 1962, and he sold the remainder of his estate (except his garage) to developers, spending all the money he had on his time travel project. 14-year-old Marty sneaked into his lab in 1982 on a dare and was able to evade Doc's "traps" to keep trespassers out, which impressed him; Marty also found out that Doc wasn't a "mad scientist" as others claimed. He then hired Marty part-time to look after Einstein and serve as a lab assistant.

  22. Dave's hair is cut off because Matry already distrupted his parents' meeting and he's already disappearing.
    it's the little details like this that make these movies so great and so much fun to re-watch

  23. This movie is so great! I remember seeing it at a mall in the eighties. I can still remember the smell of the Valley girl wanna be's sitting in front of me. They smelled like hairspray, perfume and bubble gum.

  24. Has anybody noticed that the Doc. Uses stainless steel in his inventions! The helmet is made from stainless steel

  25. I saw you with grey hair… You are forever immortalized in my mind… I love you both… I'm not completely sure why didn't you say you had any kids….I wish you had tho. I imagine you had your reasons tho…bone more nail in my couphen. And I imagine you're thank full for it. Geeze, you just might likely be the enemy in my my mind…. I love you tho.

  26. 😳 Never noticed Docs comment until almost 35 years later about Marty’s brothers hair in the photo. The disappearing of Marty’s timeline had started.

  27. 1:56 "Pretty mediocre photographic fakery, they cut off your brothers hair" I JUST realised that his brother hair was very unnoticeably fading from the picture because of what Marty ends up doing later

  28. I have always loved that the movies themselves give no explanation for how Doc and Marty met or why they're so close, but you never doubt for one second that they would die for each other. That's great writing combined with exceptional actor chemistry.

  29. "Pretty mediocre photographic fakery. They cut off your brother's hair."

    See, Hollywood? You CAN drop a plot point with a subtle throwaway line.

  30. 2:33 les sous titres sont pas exactes. Il manque : après "You told me" the whole story. and your "hanging a clock". "that"s when" you came up (non" you got")

  31. The part where Doc is running across the lawn always makes me laugh, I don't know why. I swear, as soon as Christopher Lloyd appears onscreen, he steals the entire movie (no disrespect to the other actors of course!).

  32. 1:15 to 1:24 when your a car guy and you just found out all Lexus are manufactured in Japan and not in other countries lol

  33. Doc doesn't realize Ronald was divorced and ALREADY married to Nancy by this point in Ronald Reagan's life… 2:21

  34. The one joke that may have went over kids at the times heads was Jane Wyman. I don't know how many teenagers would have realized Nancy wasn't his first wife.

  35. "They cut off your brothers hair" I thought that was just a comment on his hairstyle. I never realised that was the picture being erased

  36. Why Doc is look like Evan Peters in old age 😂 But if they make Back To The Future remake, Evan Peters as Doc Brown would be really great

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