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Back to the Future Twins Prank – Movies In Real Life (Episode 5)

take a flyer, have a great day save the clock tower, save the clock tower Mayor Wilson is sponsoring an initiative to save that clock tower, that clock was struck by lightning thirty years ago, and it hasn’t worked since here’s a quarter don’t forget your flyer, have a great day save the clock tower, it’s very important that we preserve the history of that clock tower it hasn’t worked in thirty years, thank you have a great day Marty! Marty! Marty! It’s an emergency, terrible news there’s a very strong chance that there’s a rupture in the time-space continuum that we are caught in a loop if my calculations are correct, you’re about to see yourself in the next two minutes if you see yourself, there’s a chance that the entire universe could end… Doc, Doc, calm down calm down, how? Doc, you’re not making sense if you see yourself here, there’s every reason to believe that….(screams) oh my…this is very bad, this can’t happen go to your homes, call your loved ones there’s every reason to believe that the universe is about to end, the universe will end Marty, Marty we’re stuck in a time loop alright, Marty and Jennifer from right now you come with me in the Delorean Marty and Jennifer from ten minutes into the future sit here, and have a frappé, try to convince yourselves that this didn’t happen

100 thoughts on “Back to the Future Twins Prank – Movies In Real Life (Episode 5)

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  2. Look at those actors! They are not laughing or anything, and then there's me and my classmates when we are acting infront of my other classmates, laughing because of our lame acting 🤣

  3. this one is fucking awsome.. so mucth details and awsome play by the doc, marty and his girlfriend and the twins.. so awsome.. want to se more.. more.. more … more.. please show more and longer videos 😀 i so mucth love this videos

  4. This is what will happen if back to the future was real
    Everybody would make a circle and start recording lol 😝🤣🤣😂

  5. Nike, where are the sneakers, where is the hoverboard and flying cars!!! I'm waiting for Marty McFly! Has he stuck in 2015?

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