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bad date girl meets bunny | ODSS comedy sketch | rosa fairfield

I’m still Rosa Fairfield. This is still Oh Ducky Sketch Show. Today, you’re about to watch another bad girl date sketch. There are dogs barking in the background. There’s also… please subscribe. There’s arrows pointing you in the right direction. Hi, it’s so warm in the restaurant today, that I feel like my face is melting off. Oh, hi, sorry I’m late. Okay, right then, first Benji needs to get your measurements. Oh, mmm… I’m sorry, I mean that is the measuring tool you use to measure a piece of wood or something a like… an inanimate object… I’m a person… a human being… Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. What does that mean? How soon can you move in? Don’t you think this is moving a bit too quickly, shouldn’t we get to know each other first? I mean I could be a serial killer that’s going to come and murder you in the middle of the night. I’m not a serial killer. I’ve never killed anyone. Apart from your mother. What… no… that’s not. I’m just rabbling. Rabbling? Rabbling? Bambling? Bambling? Rambling. That’s no good Benji wants people that can move in ASAP. Oh Benji is that your dog? How old are you? Oh, I’m 22. Oh, that’s good, Benji likes anything between 21 and 27. Oh, this makes complete. This makes no sense. Okay, so you get housing and meals and then Benji takes you to events once a month. Yeah, yeah… no, sorry, I don’t really understand what’s going on? Oh, that’s okay, all the girls are a little nervous at first. You’ll be okay when you meet your sisters. Sisters? Is this some kind of weird family multiple dating, brothers, sisters… weird… situation? You you prefer necklaces or bracelets? Let me know so I can tell Benji to get you a welcome gift. Once again, I’m sensing some strange misunderstanding that I’m completely oblivious to. Did you read my bio on the internet? No, I mean I don’t really read bios, I mean snooze fest. Well, Benji’s an up and coming business man. He has two girls already and he’s looking to recruit more. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. No. No. No. No. This is some playboy situation isn’t it? No. Yes, like that. Mmm… I’m going to have to say that this isn’t for me. It’s not something that agrees with me. It’s the perfect life. And, you get to go to parties, all the time. Oh, I mean parties aren’t really my thing. To be honest, people in general terrify me, without large amounts of alcohol that has the potential to kill me Oh, well if you’re sure, bye. Okay. Thank-you so much for watching the sketch. This… like somebody actually… dogs barking… Somebody actually approached me on this dating site, and they were basically like, ‘do you wanna be in this situation’, which is exactly like the situation in the sketch. … and I was like, no, no, no… mmm… thank-you for watching, like, subscribe, watch more of these videos… do some binge watching.

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  1. I apologise if anyone's already watched this. I accidentally uploaded it last year and then deleted it. But, anyway, I've now got to re-edit all the videos that were previously edited because my computer broke… but more content coming your way soon. Thanks so much for watching.

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