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Bad Hotel | Zoltan Kaszas | Cat Jokes| Dry Bar Comedy

Right here everyone’s nice. They put me in a very nice hotel I’m not used to that I’m used to very – and was like look at all these towels What am I supposed to do with all of them? I was in Seattle recently and I didn’t have a hotel booked. I waited to the last minute I got a hot wire thing like a – you know you can get a good deal last minute. I got a room for $40, and I found that that is too cheap. Everything should be more than $40. Every room anywhere – your own mother should charge you more than $40 to crash on the couch for a night. It was such a bad situation. I went in and this is how I was welcomed to the hotel the lady behind the counter was yelling at somebody to get out. She was like, “No you paid with cash,” “I don’t have a card on file. Either you bring us more cash or get out.” And I was like “Oh ho,” “Oh, this is gonna be fun.” So I’m just standing there with my credit card and driver’s license waiting for my turn And as I’m waiting a lady walks in she brought two kids And she’s like, “Can I get a job application? I’d like to clean the rooms.” And I’m like, “What?!” So now I got a tear coming down, and to add a trifecta to this situation there was an elderly man in a wheelchair He was missing a leg and he’s just aimlessly doing donuts in the lobby just not really going anywhere. Just kind of doing donuts. And I’m standing there looking at all this and I’m like no way there’s no way – she’s over there yelling, “Get out!” She’s over here “Can I get an application?” This poor old man sans leg just doing donuts. And I’m like there’s no way there’s no way this hotel has Wi-Fi. There’s no way. (laughter) I don’t see how this adds up to me enjoying Netflix in five minutes. Sure enough I was correct. I was right. did not have good Wi-Fi out there.

26 thoughts on “Bad Hotel | Zoltan Kaszas | Cat Jokes| Dry Bar Comedy

  1. Hahaha! I haven't been in a hotel in ages, but can definitely understand why paying $40 a night might well be a bad idea! Well done.

  2. LOL I'm in my late 20's and wheelchair user, I lost it at his description of the elderly man doing donuts because that's what I do to pass the time.

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