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Bad Joke Telling | NASCAR Edition #1

I can't yeah it's funny I can't yeah what happened when the frogs car broke down highway it was towed way what does Dracula take for his bag cold coffin drops what do you call an angle that's gone into a car crash obtuse rectangle that's a good what kind of car does a crazy man drive I don't know them a locomotive what did the tornado say to the sports car let's go for a spin why did the man put his car in the oven he wanted a hot rod that's a best one yeah that's definitely what do you get when you run behind a car exhausted well I was a man wearing a bathing suit he was in a car pool what do you drivers eat before race nothing they fast think I've won something now I'm happy about a victory you might have had the better stacking jokes Wow nah you didn't know that I wrote all month the light went in my favorite what's your hashtag to the front to the four runs that's right I could've wrote way better jokes Neely well you got me sign up for here it's terrible tango that was a good one you

34 thoughts on “Bad Joke Telling | NASCAR Edition #1

  1. Why did the little girl walk home from school?
    Because if she took the bus, her mother would make her put it back.
    Ayyyyyyyy, bet I got u…

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