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Bad Joke Telling | NFL Pro Bowl 2018 Edition #2

what do you call a sleeping dinosaur no Chris tiny yet [Applause] what do we call a sleeping dinosaur yes it's crashing why is talking to cows a waste of time I don't know well whatever you say it goes in the one here and out the other why is it computer zombie worse than a human zombie the – it has megabytes and gigabytes indeed what's the difference between a fish a piano I don't know okay can't but you can tune a piano that's right have you ever tune of piano but you probably they've never turn a fish never tone-deaf fish never turned a fish know what tuning a fish look like [Applause] okay yeah that's how this is gonna go you gotta let somebody win do you want to do best at a tree that's why you're a quarterback and we're deep you know we're now we're starting I'm in your head go first go are you ready for this first joy ironic Crooker what did the runner do who forgot his ATM code he jogged his memory I think it's pretty good it's solid what do you call birds they stick together a flock velcros velcros you ready for number two shoot okay why didn't the toilet paper cross the road oh yeah I got you it got stuck in a crack makes sense it does what does make sense that's a good joke I'm glad you didn't tell me that man makes sense okay why didn't the lifeguard save the hippie why didn't the lifeguard save the hippie yeah why because he was too far out oh okay yeah but you're all right age-wise yeah I was big in the sixties I'm a little younger sigh you know I know I'm not later than 61 – okay weapons to spoons who work too much they go stir-crazy what did the Pirates say when he turned 80 I matey what did the green grape say to the purple grape breathe you get it right like you're choking you wanna write because now I got right yeah yeah what has one horn and gives milk a milk truck see now that's not me [Applause] yeah let's turn really weird I definitely lost believe I was laughing a lot more of those jokes were terrible so terrible that they were funny funny very kid-friendly jokes yeah nice very PG but good even G he can even pee I think there was some cheating going on in that first round so how do you feel about losing when now I mean I don't know I'm not that creative I'm pretty stupid at times uh I'm not I'm not funny by any means I don't even know I signed up for this you know I'm saying uh but you're really funny like I thought I lost me

47 thoughts on “Bad Joke Telling | NFL Pro Bowl 2018 Edition #2

  1. DaVante and Mike were hilarious!! ok I got some:

    Why did Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?

    Fo Drizzle

    What is Busta Rhyme's job at the sushi bar?

    He makes sure everything remains RAW! (ok idk if that one worked…)

  2. Did these guys not watch the 2017 Pro Bowl Edition? The object is to get your opponent to laugh at your corny punchline. Explaining it just ruins the moment.

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