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Bad Jokes | Vegeta Vs Android 18

day we're doing the little contest of trying not to laugh and to be a little interesting are you ready for this shit eighteen you're about to laugh your socks off I'm ready you're going down how come Vegeta and Brahma had to leave the beach why because they forgot trunks hey you almost got me you almost got me it was good it's good yeah almost how did the Android stay in touch I don't know how with a cell phone [Laughter] what is my favorite energy drink redbull MA where does Crillon keep his backup files we're on a Destructo disk oh [Laughter] you're laughing way too hard at that one what's the difference between a Catholic priest in a zit I don't know what does it'll wait until you're 12 years old to come on your face how's Toriyama doing these days old I would imagine he's doing super no no no no no that's way too lame what do you call a group of blondes on rollerskates I don't know what mobile sperm banks I feel like you're targeting me right now with the blonde jokes maybe I am maybe I'm not I mean why do women pay more attention to the appearance than improving their minds I don't know why because most men are stupid but few are blind excuse you don't make me have to break your arms again oh wait but you like that die like that yes please please do it what's the difference between oh and ah I don't know tell me about three inches I'm good we should cuz that's some real life hey I'm just laughing as hard as you did when you saw your husband's penis for the first time she can't even laugh so she can't even laugh at it cuz it's that true I mean it worked enough for us to have meirin yeah yeah spoken like a woman who had sex with a man with three inches [Laughter] you feeling humiliated about that

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