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Bad Science Jokes 2 | Coma Niddy

Hey everybody. Coma Niddy here and here are
some really bad science jokes written by yours truly. Don’t worry, laughing is optional! What’s the best advice for an amoeba?
Just go with the flow! Because amoebas use cytoplasmic streaming
to move around. What did the volvox say to the paramecium
that was acting the fool? Stop being so cilia! Did you hear about the euglena that went to
the hospital? It had a severe case of whiplash! [Making Fast Wooosh Sounds] Why did Nikola Tesla go unnoticed in the history
books? He was kept under the Radar What do you get when Charles Darwin’s book
becomes a film? A Natural Adaptation! Did you hear about the Stegosaurus that got
pulled over? The cops said it had suspicious plates
But that’s also wrong. Pulling over innocent Stegasauruses. What’s the best advice for an aspiring paleontologist?
The Fossibilities are endless! I’m pretty proud of that one. What do you call photons for breakfast?
A light meal What does a black hole have in common with
an Italian restaurant? They both specialize in spaghettification!
So if you were to fall into a black hole your body would be stretched like a noodle. And
then it would be snapped in half. And then those halves would be stretched like noodles
as well and then snapped in half again. And the process repeats and repeats and repeats
all the way down to the atomic level. And that’s spaghettification! And that concludes this edition of really
bad science jokes. If you like this video then hit the like button. And if you really
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to share your own science jokes in the comments as well as any science questions that you
may have. I’ll see you next time!

28 thoughts on “Bad Science Jokes 2 | Coma Niddy

  1. This video had a good vibe to it. Easy to listen to, easy to follow along. Good job.
    Tesla should be more well known.

  2. A Higgs Bosun walks into a church. The Priest says,"Get out of here, we don't allow Higgs Bosuns in this church. The Higgs Bosun replied,"But without me, how will you have Mass?"

  3. What did the physicist say to someone who was about to jump from the empire state building. "Stop, you have so much potential"

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