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Bad Science Jokes 3 | Coma Niddy

Hey everybody. Coma Niddy here and it’s time
for Science Jokes Round 3! Let’s go! [makes explosion sounds] What do you do when your particles break down?
You get on the phone and you call a quantum mechanic! [laughs] And speaking of quantum mechanics, what do
you call a jet pack on an atom? A particle accelerator! Why did the ancient flying reptile go to the
dentist? Because its teeth were pterosaur!
Ah! That’s based on a true story. I recently went
to the dentist. Had a teeth cleaning and my gums were hurting like crazy. Lesson learned,
floss everyday. Seriously. Erryday. Floss. Floss. A Hadrosaur walks into a bar, orders a tasty
beverage and when it’s time to pay, it says “put it on my bill.”
[makes duck sound] [makes duck sound]
[makes duck sound] It could’ve sounded like a duck. You don’t
know, you weren’t there. I was, it sounded like a duck. Okay. You have Black Friday, a Dimetrodon,
and a Spinosaurus, what do they all have in common?
Check out those epic sales! Boom! That’s what you do for epic sales. Lot of a explosions
here. Alright, next up. You ever feel bad for those felsic rocks?
I do, because they’re always taken for granite! [laughs] These aren’t really jokes, it’s more like
puns right? Puns are cool. Word play. So Niel deGrasse Tyson met with Pluto over
the holidays and it was dwarfed by his presents! Boom! That’s double points for two puns in
that statement. Shout out to Dustin for that one. It’s crazy! Whoop whoop!
I had to do it. Pluto is still a dwarf planet. There’s nothing wrong with being a dwarf planet.
Stop trying to change its status internet. It is still a dwarf planet. [slow motion]
It is still a dwarf planet. Why is the Earth like a kitchen sink?
There’s a ton of water and a whole lot of plate movement. Alright thanks for watching science jokes
round 3. If you like this video hit the like button and be sure to subscribe. And if you
have any science jokes, leave them in the comments below. Thanks for watching and I’ll
see you next time!

19 thoughts on “Bad Science Jokes 3 | Coma Niddy

  1. What do you call a jet-pack on an atom?

    A particle accelerator!

    Thought that was funny? Well there's more where that came from in my new video.

    Join me for another round of Cheesy Science Jokes!

    #Science #Jokes  

  2. Round 3? That means there's MORE!! :DD 💜 yaay, I think I found these more funny than u should have….😂 time to look at the last two 🙂

  3. I have a joke

    So a lead atom and a hydrogen atom went to a bar and the hydrogen atom got a bit drunk and the hydrogen atom fell over and his electrons went flying all over the place and the lead atom asked him " are you okay" the now nucleus of the hydrogen atom said "yeah I'm positive"

  4. I've got two jokes.

    What in the kitchen is made from potassium, nickel and iron?
    A KNiFe

    Why can you never trust an atom?
    They make up everything.

  5. I dont care what anyone says, the jokes you share a too cute with the way you present them!!!! Even on bad days i check out what you got to get myself gigglin again!!!! Thank you sweety!!!!

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