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24 thoughts on “Baker Mayfield Gets a Beverage | Progressive Commercial

  1. All the turtles and other sea creatures want to thank you, Progressive, for endorsing straws with your lemonade.

  2. I'd be like "Girl if you don't drink that! I wish I would go all the way back to get you a straw! You'll be fine without one!"

  3. They got this one right! No one coming to watch the clowns! Instead of commercials. Backer should be practicing. Not turning the ball over. Not running out of a clean pocket. And give Chubb the ball!! He's their #1 guy! But obj wants to be the hero. Baker wants to be the hero. The soup kitchen wants to be the hero? Live in the Cleveland area 46 this teams a joke every year. Thank God they aren't my team!

  4. He actually is a natural at media and when he leaves the NFL I could see him doing commercials, acting, maybe being a talking head or announcer for CBS/Fox.

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