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Baldi’s Basics PUNS and JOKES! | Annoying Orange

– Now it’s time for everybody’s
favorite subject, Math! – Uh-oh, Math is going to be
a problem for me! (laughs) – Ugh, that was awful. – Oh, come on. Not all Math puns are bad, only sum! (laughs)
(Baldi groans) – 15 seconds, detention for you. – Great news, woo-hoo! – Wait, you’re excited about this? – Sure! I’ve always wanted to be
the center of detention! (The Annoying Orange laughs)
– Wow. – Gotta sweep, sweep, sweep! – Hey, hey sweepy sweep, hey! – What? – Why do witches fly on
their brooms at night? – I don’t know, why? – ‘Cause that’s when it’s time to sweep! (The Annoying Orange laughs)
(broom groans) (yells) Don’t bristle at
my jokes, it was funny! (The Annoying Orange laughs)
(broom groans) – Leaving already? Don’t you want to eat anything before returning to your Math studies? – Nah, I’m good. Too much pi gives you a
large circumference! (laughs) – (laughs) Okay, that was a good one. – Hey, hey Baldi, hey, hey! – Yes? – As a Math teacher, what’s
your favorite season? Is it sum-mer? (The Annoying Orange laughs)
(Baldi groans) Get it, sum? – Yes, I get it! – Whoa, looks like sum-body’s upset! (The Annoying Orange laughs)
(Baldi roars) Aaah! – You need discipline! – Hey, you can’t tell me what to do! You’re not the ruler of me! (laughs) – I am your teacher, and
you will show me respect! – Hey, why do your eyes
always point forward? Is it because you can’t
control your pupils? (The Annoying Orange laughs)
(Baldi groans) Hey, excuse me! Do you know where the exit is? – Right there, by the globe! – Thanks, that means the world! (laughs) – You did great! Come here and get your
prize, a shiny quarter! – Nah, that’s okay. Here’s the quarter back. – You don’t want the quarter? – No, quarterback! Huh? (crashes)
(screams) – Yo, ‘sorry bout that. You think he’s gonna be mad? – Who, Baldi? Nah, he doesn’t have a hair in the world! (The Annoying Orange laughs)
(Baldi groans) (upbeat pop music)

100 thoughts on “Baldi’s Basics PUNS and JOKES! | Annoying Orange

  1. Hey orange your not annoying anymore your just like pear who is a normal fruit that talks nicely

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  3. Happy Canada Day on July 1st, 2019. Why not do an annoying Orange about Canada and other countries?

  4. Hey orange!!!

    Why was there traffic?

    Because there's was a duck right quwak in the middle of the road!!

  5. omg i loved u so much when i was younger now it seems the same nothing changed except for content i think anyways i luv ur channel keep up the great work

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    (I don't know what to comment)

  7. Principal: 15 seconds detention for you!

    Annoying Orange: Where's my penny then?

    Principal: No, you are in detention!

    Annoying Orange: Come on! You pennysh me right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-

    Principal: groans

  8. Hey do you know what's baldi's favorite math subject I don’t think he has SUM! That would be a PROBLEM! lol 😂

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  10. Every time I wanna suggest you to make videos, I need to see if you've already made videos about that before, but I accidentally suggested you to do a video "How2 play Five Nights at Freddy's" once before I realized that you already made a video about that.

  11. I GOT ONE

    Why did I want any of my food?

    Because I didn’t want to AD any food in my stomach get it hahaha

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