Laughter is the Best Medicine

Bali Bliss: 8 Days of Writing, Storytelling, Humor, & Healing in Paradise! [Testimonials]

it’s just been incredible to
do storytelling work in this highly energetic
spiritual environment in this beautiful place, and
Alicia is a magician she creates an incredible
container for all of us to
transform. the more relaxed and loved we
feel the easier it is to share
ourselves and to become self-expressed and I love watching people
blossom, watching people
‘pop’! I had a fabulous time in this
workshop. Great excursions, met a lot of
wonderful people including the
people of Bali. at the end of the week, I’m
feeling really relaxed I’ve got a lot of great ideas
for stories to write and a clear vision of where I
want to go. this has been an incredibly
relaxing, fun retreat. I feel a sense of community,
we’ve had great food, we’ve had great yoga, we’ve gotten to see some of
the amazing sights here in Bali I feel like I’m leaving
this week with a new sense of
confidence about being on stage and being authentically
myself, and knowing that it’s
ok! and to touch in with how funny
we all are, and how deep. the very first night, she got
the whole group (together) and got surprised, and
stretched, and uncomfortable and for me, that’s all a sign
of a really POWERFUL workshop. and that makes me someone who
can be more vulnerable and
confident in the world so I can offer MY gifts so for all those reasons, I’m
really happy I came. from the very first moment,
Alicia created a space where we are really free to BE. I was really able to come into
myself and be me in front of people. and within 6 days, I was
already speaking in front of a
crowd. I’m going to take this
experience of being confident
in front of people and knowing that my story is
valuable, for me to tell, and for others
to hear. it’s a profound change. it has been the trip of a
lifetime. Alicia is an incredible goddess. she’s incredibly generous and
giving and has been such an amazing
model for me. to also bring her energy and
spirit back with me for the rest of my life,
hopefully. The workshop is absolutely
amazing. introspection, listening,
learning, healing I’ve never dug that deep into
my own self, and come out the other side,
feeling elated, and absolutely blown away, by
the whole community, the
togetherness Alicia’s knowledge of all
this, and the fun way she puts
it all together it’s just absolutely
sensational. yoga, meditation, introspection and beautiful outings, to
beautiful places, with
beautiful people life-changing moment for me,
definitely. I’m leaving here after a week,
a completely changed person. I’m blown away. every day, to watch people’s
hearts open to watch the group feel closer
and more connected as well as seeing people more
confident and taking bigger risks in
their storytelling it’s such a special way to get
to know people. it’s been really beautiful. I came here to transform
myself, and I feel like that
has happened.

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