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Baman Piderman – Tell Da Joke (Ep #9)

im baman im piderman i com over da hous [both:] wer best friends *pumkin screaming* [baman:] piderman! piderman i hab dis joke to tell you! what do you get when you eat all da puhtatoes [piderman:] what? theyre all gone! [piderman:] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
[baman:] ha ha ha ha [piderman:] baman! lets tell evryone! wut do you get when yu eat all da potatoes [baman:] they are all gone *aaaaaaaaaaaaah* *ahahahaha* what do you get wen you eat all da potatoes? [piderman:] ther all gone! ahahahaha!
*bwoonk bwoonk bwoonk bwoonk* [baman:] hey we hab dis joke to tell yu what do you get wen you eat all the potatoes
[piderman:] theyre all gone! hahahahahahahahahahaha baman! i wana tell your boss! [baman:] my boss? no, piderman! he hates jokes! [piderman:] theyre all gone! aha ha… [baman:] pidermaaaaaan get in da hoouss im sawry! i didn kno! [boss:] NO MORE JOKES i guess he ate all his potatoes hahahaha

99 thoughts on “Baman Piderman – Tell Da Joke (Ep #9)

  1. its 2am an im currently wasting time watching a poorly animated series about a stoned batman and spiderman

  2. When rewatching the entire series there is no continuity development sweeter than watching the credits start as Alex Butera then "helps: Lindsay Smalls" then to Alex Butera and Lindsay Smalls and eventually to Alex and Lindsay Smalls-Butera

  3. why is this slowly getting more disturbing but they're like trying to cover up the fact that its disturbing by joking around.

  4. Even though the animation style is wonky the animation it’s self is amazing. 0:26is a great example, the fluid motion of Baman flying through the window and us going through the giant hole in the wall is so great even though the animation style is kinda weird

    Edit: I didn’t realize until watching 0:26 a third time but Bamans leg falls off while he’s coming though the window

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