Laughter is the Best Medicine

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‘I cannot crush the
desire to get you’. ‘I cannot stop waiting for you’. ‘The world tells me
you cannot come now’. ‘I cannot believe
in what the world says’. ‘In my every breath
exists your fragrance, O Sona’. ‘I cannot have such a
relationship with anyone else again’ ‘I cannot crush the desire to get you.
I cannot’ Sister, I am calling from the airport.
– Has the flight arrived? Yes, it has.
– You come to Singapore. Even I don’t want
to live in India anymore. I owe so much to people here,
I cannot pay it off. I will woo their daughter,
marry her and come to Singapore. Will you manage to woo her? Your brother is not so bad that
he cannot woo a girl. She is beautiful
– What? She is beautiful? She is very beautiful. I think they have come.
I’ll call later. Mrs. Lily Choubey and
Mr. Choubey, right? What is it? Are you Vicky?
– Yes. Hi. – I have come to receive you.
– Why? We don’t know you. What are you doing? Know my friend,
Sheela in Singapore? He’s her brother. He is my husband, Mr. Chaubey,
and she is my daughter, Madhu. Hello!
– Hello. Sister said you were coming here
so I came to pick you up. You came to receive us?
Now leave. He has come to receive us out of love.
– So what should I do? Kiss him? I have made hotel
arrangements for you. Why? We are not new to Banaras.
We have our home here. Okay! You come home with us.
That way, you’ll see our home. All right. It’s absolutely
cool with me. Come baby. Great Dinu Kaka. How well you
have maintained the house. Beautiful! It is a responsibility you
had given me. Doing this was my duty. Beautiful! Good you did not sell this bungalow. Property prices have
increased in Banaras. If you sell it now, you will get
a good price. Right Aunt Lily? You’re right. Vicky is right.
What do we have in India now? Sell it and get moving. We have just stepped into the house
& you’re already talking of selling it Put sense into her. Really mummy, it’s so beautiful! The house is beautiful.
– Isn’t it? Then get dressed,
we’ll visit our village. What? Then is this city?
I don’t want to go to any village. Come on! The moment I step on this
soil, I am reminded of my village. It feels like my mother is
calling me with her arms spread out. Come, my son. You Indians are emotional fools! Come on mom, even I want to see a
village. I’ve seen it in Hindi films. Fields, greenery, it all
looks so good. Let’s go, please! Okay Baby, if you say, we will go.
But we won’t stay there long. Atleast come.
You are always refusing. You must not always refuse.
Your voice tape will spoil. “Give me a paan, and then…” “…watch the gait
of this Banarasi guy”. “Give me a paan, and then…” “…watch the gait
of this Banarasi guy.” “Add a little…” “Add a little
tobacco to it, and then…” “…watch the gait
of this Banarasi guy”. “Give me a paan, and then…” “ the gait
of this Banarasi guy”. “Watch the gait of this Banarasi guy”. “Your lips are so inviting” “Your lips..” “Your lips are so inviting” “Your eyes are so enticing” “Just shake your
thin waist, and then…” “Just shake your
thin waist, and then…” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “Give me a paan, and then…” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “My style is unique” “My style is..” “My style is unique” “Don’t think I am dumb,
though I may be a simpleton” “Just serve me the water
of the Ganga, and then…” “Just serve me the water
of the Ganga, and then…” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “Give me a paan, and then…” “Give me a paan, and then…” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “Add a little…” “Add a little
tobacco to it, and then…” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” “watch the gait of this Banarasi guy” Get up you rascal! I’m sorry. I got pushed by you,
so I tripped and fell down. Have you forgotten the way to the
city and landed in the village? No we have come here knowingly. I am from this village.
I am your Chaubey uncle. You are Chaubey uncle? When I was small, my mom used to tell
me you had run away to Singapore. You are that uncle? I met aunty
too along with uncle today. Why has she placed
a handkerchief on her nose? Maybe she has a running nose. [Chuckling]
Shut up! To save myself from your
village stink and dust. [Laughing] Stink! People from all over the world
come here for fresh air. They get their heads shaved
and take a dip in the Ganga. And she finds the place stinking.
Seems aunt’s antenna is rusted. Shut up! Even I can understand that,
but your aunt cannot. What nonsense are you talking?
– My daughter likes your village. Even we like your daughter. What? Manchala, take them to mother,
I’ll go and work in the fields. We’ll go and meet your mother, you
take my daughter around the village. How can you send her with that idiot?
– So what? What is your name?
– Manchala. Bring her along. Come aunt. I am the village chief,
that is why… Hello Gopi.
– Hello. See! I am very much respected here. Sometimes, if someone misbehaves,
I handle him. All this greenery you see here,
is all thanks to river Ganga. Are you all right? Hey, trot straight! I forgot to tell you. See that land?
From there to here, it all belongs to us. And you can see that stream?
The land beyond it also belongs to us. We grow mustard in these fields,
and wheat in those. Then you must be getting
all fresh vegetables. Absolutely fresh… Brother Gopi. Gopi, save me!
– Don’t hide behind Gopi. Hey! What is the matter? Gopi he sends his animals
to graze in my fields everyday. When I stop him, he threatens me. When I shooed away his animals from
my field, he has come to beat me. Don’t you care
for a farmer’s hard work? We work so hard to grow a harvest
and you send animals to graze on them? Gopi, don’t interfere between us… ..or my animals
will be seen in your fields. You are threatening Gopi? Your animals will come when they do,
but I can already see one animal here. I’ll teach you a lesson! – Gopi! Why you.. Madhubala! Damn you! Madhubala! Where are you
galloping away! Careful! Someone catch her!
What’s going on! What a shame! What have you done! Are you alright? Madhubala! What a shame! Look what has happened. You are wearing such tiny clothes,
that is why the horse got unnerved. It’s not because of my clothes,
it’s because of your horse. Don’t blame my horse. If you wear such
clothes, even sages can get unnerved… he is a mere horse. How will these
clothes get cleaned now? Moreover, it is so late. The way you are talking
like you are wearing a long saree. It will dry off in minutes. Your
clothes are as small as a handkerchief. Get up…get up. [Laughing]
Damn! What is this? While going to Singapore,… I never thought I’ll not
meet my friend on my return. What I feel bad about is that
we could not even attend his funeral. Everyone is helpless
before God’s wish, brother. Come Uncle, have breakfast.
– Come brother. She is Radha,
Kishin Master’s daughter. Oh! How is Kishin?
– He is fine. She manages the whole house.
She’s like a daughter I never had. Bless you, dear.
– Think of your daughter too. It’s so late, and she is not back yet.
– Why worry? Gopi is with her. That is what I am worried about,
that Gopi is with her. Radha!
– Coming. Help me down.
– Get down yourself. Help me down. How heavy she is…take
the horse away. How can you go inside like this?
Wash your feet first. So what?
I’ll go inside and wash them. No, our home is like a temple.
Wash your feet. Remove your shoes. Radha, get water.
– Yes. Wash them. Hi mummy! Hi daddy! Oh my God! How did
your clothes become so dirty? I fell in the muck.
Gopi lifted me in his arms. [Short Laugh] Lifted you in his arms! Your daughter fell in the muck,
you do not care. But because he lifted her out,
you are shocked? Daddy, Gopi is very much
respected in the village. The whole village bows and greets him. And his land is so vast,
the whole of Singapore can fit in. You went unnecessarily.
What is there to see in this village? What?
– Yes, what is there to see? There is respect for elders which
I am giving you, there is hospitality. Oh yes, I have seen your hospitality. You dropped my delicate as a
flower daughter in the muck. Delicate as a flower?
Is she a flower? You have sired such a huge daughter
and call her a flower? Don’t jinx her. Put her down! Gopi, what are you doing!
Put her down. Mom, she says she is a flower.
She is a flower pot. Sister, you must
have lunch and go now. No. I don’t like Indian food. Let’s go. Hey aunt! Shall I hug you? Stupid!
– Stupid? Bye Gopi. Gopi, come. Aunty, see this necklace
and tell me what you think. Wonderful! I placed a special order with special
artisans and got this necklace made. Wow! It’s beautiful, mummy. Madhu, Vicky has bought it for you. Thank you. Welcome! – Shall I wear it? Of course, it’s yours! Excuse me.
– Okay. Aunty, Madhu liked the necklace. Yes. Vicky, we have no one here. You inform your relatives,
and also arrange a priest. I will get you
married tomorrow itself. As you wish. I’m leaving.
– Bless you. [Softly Laugh] Listen.
Whose marriage were you talking about? The story is over, and he
asks me who the hero heroine was. I was talking of
Madhu’s marriage with Vicky. Tell me, who am I?
– What a silly question! Yet, I want to hear it from you. Oh I see! You are my husband
Mr. Chaubey, and Madhu’s father. Thanks. You atleast remember
I am your husband and Madhu’s father. Then don’t I have a right to know that
you are getting our daughter married? Why are you getting angry? Where
can we get a better guy than Vicky? He is Sheela’s brother. He is ready
to leave India and come to Singapore. Even that fat sweet maker is ready
to come to Singapore. Take him. Stop it now! Come to the market,
we have a lot to buy. You only go. When you are
doing so much, why do you need me? Why are you sulking?
– Sulking? Gopi, you only can save this
house from ruin now. Please. Look, aunt has chosen the boy. She
has decided. Nothing can be done now. Why don’t you understand?
That boy is debauch, evil, a drunkard. How can I knowingly get my
daughter married to such a boy? Tell that to aunt.
– She has no brains. Make her understand.
– She won’t. That boy is ready to become a house
husband, and she’s pleased about that. What is done is done,
nothing can be done now. This relationship is current. But your and Madhu’s relationship had
been fixed when you were not even born. That’s fresh news for me.
No one ever told me this before. You don’t believe me?
Sister-in-law, tell him. Yes Gopi, your father always said
Gopi must marry Chaubey’s daughter. So that our friendship
becomes a relationship. Father used to say…
How was I to know? Heard it? Believe it now? Now the girl’s father
and the boy’s mother are ready. Now will you give your consent
or do I go to the village committee? You are the Chief,
you’ll have to do justice. Wait! What are you doing?
Let me think, let me understand. By then,
the marriage will be over there. [Chant, Wedding Clarinet] Get the wedding chain.
– Give the wedding chain. Wear the wedding chain. Only I have a right to this chain.
– How dare you! Beware! Yes?
– What nonsense are you talking! Who are you? And who called you here?
– My name is Gopi Gangadhar. My uncle and my father’s
vow has brought me here… ..which they had taken 20 years ago. That Madhu will marry Gopi. If you
have any doubts, ask uncle. Where is he? Hey, uncle. Yes, tell me.
– Did you give word to my father? It is true I gave my word, but…
– But what? If you gave a word,
it is your duty to keep it. What rubbish! A word given
20 years ago doesn’t count. Madhu was not even born then.
All this is nonsense! Return the chain, or else…
– Or else what? I’ll call the police.
– I’ll have finished my job by then. Move! What are you standing there
and staring? Stop him! Gopi stop.
– Stop him! Gopi…stop…go! Vicky?
– Yes. Do something!
– Don’t worry. I’ll bring Madhu back.
– Hurry! Go soon. [Horses – Whinny] [Jeep Door Closes] What did you think?
That you will take away the girl? Boys, catch him. Go! Catch him. You rascal! Beat him! Oh! Come. Come. [Laughing] Gopi picked her when she was getting
married. Who will marry this girl now? Once a girl is picked,
no one marries her. Who will marry her?
– My son will marry her. Madhu, will you marry my son? Don’t think too much.
Gopi is one in a million. Give your consent,
you will live like a queen. Give your consent. What nonsense are you talking? She is a foreign girl,
I am a village bumpkin. Has the East and West ever united
that it will now? Gopi, union is of hearts.
When hearts unite, everything unites. Nothing doing. Madhu,
if you like any other boy, tell me. Wherever he may be,
I will bring him here for you. That’s a promise. But whatever you decide,
think well before you take a decision. One doesn’t marry again and again
This is India. What will they lose?
They will pressurize you. But later, our lives will be ruined.
I don’t want that. So whatever decision you take,
think twice, don’t be hasty. Listen everybody! I have decided!
I will marry only Gopi. [Short Laugh] Inspector, hurry!
That goon may marry my daughter. He is that goon who
kidnapped my daughter,… and is marrying my minor daughter.
Arrest him. Not marrying aunt,
I have already married her. He even put the wedding chain
round her neck. See how sweet she looks. Doll! Why don’t you say something? Inspector, he must have
married her by force. She is a minor.
She became 18 only last year. Inspector, arrest him. I’m sorry madam,
she doesn’t look a minor. Your husband just admitted it. And your
daughter looks happy with the marriage. Yet, we’ll ask the girl.
– Madhu, tell him the truth… You keep quiet, madam. Girl, tell me, has this marriage
taken place with your consent? Yes. Madhu, what have you done! You married without your
mother’s permission. And then, you are not
even taking her blessing. Ofcourse we will take her blessing.
– My blessing? I was only taking your blessings. I am there to give you my blessings. Forget whatever has happened.
– Bless me. You also touch his feet.
– What? From today, we are your in-laws,
and you are our son-in-law. I desired to conduct her
wedding in grand style. But having got you as my son-in-law,
all my desires have been fulfilled. Aunt will fulfil
your remaining desires. I’ll leave now..
– Go on. Uncle! Gopi is married!
Congratulations, sister-in-law! [Indistinct Chattering] How beautiful she looks.
Bless you, son. Touch her feet. But why? Foreigner sister-in-law,
bend your slim waist a little… touch your mother-in-law’s feet
and take her blessings. Keep quiet!
You are always chattering. My daughter-in-law has come from
abroad. She doesn’t know our customs. You do her aarti. Madhu, before entering,
kick this urn inside the house. Oh god! What the hell! [Laughing] Thank you, darling. Gopi, empty your pocket today.
You have got a foreigner wife. I will take a double gift. First finish doing the aarti.
Everyone is eying my money. You will get only as many times
as you take the lamp around. One, Two.
– What nonsense! How much will you do? If they love
doing aarti, send them to the temple. No after this.. You invited us home
and got us insulted. I will never come here again. And if you want to meet me,
you come to my house. I am leaving. Hey Muniya! I got married
at your insistence. Then suffer.
– Is it? Manno, they will celebrate their
nuptial night today. When will we? Let us also celebrate our
nuptial night today. Tonight? Really?
– Yes. Come to my home tonight.
– Home? [Laughing] What are you doing!
Do you want me disgraced! What style is this? The elders
of the village are sitting here. They are like your fathers-in-law.
They are sitting on the floor… and you are sitting on the chair
with your feet up? So should I make them sit on my head?
– Before the elders… Please remain seated… He is
our village head. Take his blessing. Hello, old man. How are you? Bless you. He is Ramdeen Kaka. He owns a
sweet shop. Take his blessings. Hello uncle, how are you? She is like that only.
Meet him, he is our village… Will you introduce me to
the whole village in one day? Gopi, darling. It’s too much! Give me your blessings and leave… because I am very tired
and want to rest. Listen to me…listen..
– Where are you going? You have come! You look like a
fairy in that white dress. [Short Laugh] What happened?
– What a lovely smell! Have you cooked Biryani?
– How did you know? If you eat it once,
you’ll eat it always. Then serve it to me.
– Yes, sure. Tell me, will you eat it yourself,
or should I feed you? I am tired of eating by myself.
Feed me with your soft, fair hands… and my life will be made. But first you close your eyes. Not here, on the bed.
– Bed? Shall we go? My life is made! Shall I close my eyes?
– Quick “You and I. Get locked in a room.” “And the light goes off.” [Yelling] Put on the light! Get out! Quick! Are you full? Do you want more?
– I am full. Is your life made now?
Get out of here! How much she beat me. Manchala, how did you
spend the night with Manorama? It was good.
She treated me well. I felt good. So good that
you turned red and blue? How did you get hurt?
– Want to know the truth? Dogs came after me last night.
– Dogs? [Humming] Run away! My darling! How was the nuptial night?
– I didn’t drink milk last night. If you didn’t have enough yesterday,
come again today. I will wait desperately for you. She has called you again.
– I won’t go. Why?
– I ate enough yesterday. I have a bad stomach.
I won’t go. Radha, why did you come alone?
Why didn’t you bring Madhu? You finish eating first,
then ask about your madam. Why are you pushing me? Look there. Okay. Fine. Gopi, will Radha bring you
lunch even after marriage? Madhu has come from abroad.
How would she bring food in this heat? [Laughing] No, it’s nothing like that.
She was coming. She wanted to come bare foot
But I stopped her. I was worried she will
suffer a heat stroke. Eat! Crazy! Radha, I want to ask you something.
Tell me… How do you find Madhu? Why did you ask?
Everyone likes what is good. I know she is very good.
I am not worried about that. She has lived abroad,
so her ways are a little different. But she is very good at heart.
Where is she? Wow! It is so beautiful. God! What happened to Gopi’s wife?
Why is she stripping? How shameless she is! I think she is possessed. She how
shamelessly she has removed her clothes. What are you doing?
– I’m going for a swim. Look Gauri, women are very much
respected in our village. – Correct. After marrying you, your wife has
become the honour of our village. – Yes. Then why did she leave you? Do you lack in vitamins? Nonsense! I have it in excess,
that is why she left. [Laughing] What kind of a man are you? You
cannot protect your family honor… Gopi!
– Protect…protect! Everyone close your eyes! She is your sister-in-law.
Close your eyes! Close your eyes, she is your mother!
– Gopi! Close your eyes. Gopi darling. Gopi darling. Close your eyes! Take her home, make her wear clothes. How did your wife run away? What are you doing! You disgraced
me before the whole village! You put me to shame. What have I done? What did I do?
– What have you done? Does anyone swim
like that in the river? Then will I bathe in a saree? This is swimming costume.
You stupid. Don’t you understand? I understand everything. Women take bath in the bathroom.
Women stay at home. If you take bath in the river
in such clothes… my honour will come on the streets. What kind of a bathroom
do we have here? There is no shower or tub.
How will I bathe? I will turn my whole house
into a bathroom. I’ll get a swimming pool
made in the hall. I will do everything you say,
but don’t bathe in the open again. [Softly Laugh] People will defame our family.
No swimming, okay? Now change your clothes.
Come. Looks like Gopi’s lunch
has not come today. It seems so.
– Invite him. Gopi, if your lunch has not come,
come and eat with us. No Kaka, Radha must be on her way. Radha will not come today. What is wrong with you?
Why are you shaking so much? Very hungry?
– I’m dying of hunger. Very good. Look over there. [Laughing] Manchala! I am going!
– Even I am gone! “The sands were shifting” “The sands were shifting” “The sands were shifting” “When we both sat in the wheat fields” “The sands were shifting” “There was gossiping in the village” “When we started meeting
under the banyan tree” “The sands were shifting” “The sands were shifting” “There was gossiping in the village” “Your slinky waist kills me” “O crazy lover, be careful” “Don’t show me that style” “My style is unique” “There is something charming
about your gait” “The bird has got trapped
in the lover’s net” “The sands were shifting…” “There was gossiping in the village” “The sands were shifting” “Your bangles are great” “Don’t trouble me
like that all the time” “I have not seen such
beauty ever before” “I will not come with you” “Roam every street and pathway” “Then come and kiss my cheek” “The sands were shifting” “The sands were shifting…” “There was gossiping in the village” “The sands were shifting” “The sands were shifting” Manchala, the girl I have seen in the
neighbouring village is so beautiful! I’ll make her life.
– The priest has come. Greetings, priest.
– Bless you. Where are you going early morning? To Hiralal’s daughter,
Manorama’s house. Why?
– I have brought a proposal for her. Look, he is Sitaram from
the neighbouring village… and this is his son, Kishin. You will marry her? What a nice boy.
Priest, come here. What do I say? Manorama is sleeping
inside. She kept awake all night. Why?
– She comes over every 2-3 days. You take him to the temple,
I’ll take Manorama home. If you like, I’ll call her here.
Athani, go wake up Manorama. Go call her. Priest, we don’t want to see the girl.
Let’s go, son. Wait!
– The boy’s life will be made. “I’m set now what will happen to you!” Gopi! There he is.
– What is it? Gopi, whatever proposal the priest
brings for me… Manchala tells them all lies
about me and makes them leave. He has defamed me. I won’t get
married now. No one will marry me. What nonsense!
Come, I’ll deal with him. Athani, where have you
bought these flowers from? From where I bring them always.
– Then why is there no fragrance? It’s fragrance gave me a cold, sir. Then why aren’t girls
getting drawn to it? Let its fragrance spread
in the village first. There comes a girl.
The fragrance seems to have spread. I knew you would come.
– Get lost! Talk business.
– We’ll talk business later. First accept these flowers.
– You are very smart. You want to give me fake flowers
and take the whole bouquet? I don’t want flowers, I want…
– I have understood. She is not one who accepts flowers,
but one who accepts money. Take this money.
Come, I’ll make your life. Then make my life.
– No! Help! Save me! Manchala, where are you going?
– Nowhere. Now come with me to the priest.
You also come, Manno. I’ll get you married today itself.
– Gopi, this marriage cannot take place. Why? The priest saw my
horoscope and told me five years after our marriage.
she will died. The priest was wrong. If you don’t
marry, you will die in five minutes. Understood?
– Remove that. Remember, Manno is like my sister.
If you ever cheat her… I understand. She is like your sister?
So how does that relate us? We are brothers-in-law. Brother-in-law. I will belong to you forever. What new miracle are you
going to show me now, Madhu? Is there anything left to show? Wow! Where have we come? [Short Laugh] Look at her. Her clothes are
flying, and she is posing. Don’t joke.
Tell me, what do you think? It’s great.
– Look at this statue, this sofa set. I removed all the old stuff
and bought everything new. Looks good, doesn’t it? When we entered the house first, a
feeling of respect arose in the heart. Now when we enter, it will feel like
we are entering a five star hotel. My father’s picture used to be
over there. Where did it go? It had become old.
I kept it in the godown. When you become old,
I’ll put you also in some godown. What nonsense are you talking.
– That was my father’s blessing. It was not just a picture. How
could you get it dumped in the godown? When father is no more,
what will you do with his picture? I’ll slap you! Bring the
picture and put it back there. You will slap me? You have not done anything
for which I should love you. Then beat me!
– Don’t annoy me! Or I will break your bones.
– What will you do? Thrash me? I did up the house so lovingly.
I thought you’ll be happy & praise me. Instead, you are scolding me.
I will go to mom right now. Damn your mother!
Your mother only has spoilt you. Don’t think
I am meek like your father. She got my father’s
picture put in the godown. And did up the whole place. She turned my home into a museum.
All the pictures here are nude. They are not fit to be kept
even in a godown, forget a home. Manchala, come here! Mother. It was his dream to make
Madhu his daughter-in-law. And today, the same Madhu… Why do you cry? I’ll bring Madhu
right now and make her apologise. No, the poor girl is naive. If she sets the house afire, should we
stand back & watch saying she’s naive? It is not her fault. Her mother has not taught her
to respect her elders. Forget it.
– What forget it? I said let it go.
– I gave her a good hiding. Go and appease her.
– I will not. Go! I am entering
my own home like a thief. Why do all girls cry in bed? Madhubala. Listen. Why do all women
cry into the pillow? Don’t touch me! Listen! I accept,
it was all my mistake. You removed the picture,
I should have put it back. I unnecessarily hurt you. Forgive me, I’m sorry. Gopi, Madhu’s parents have come. I’m sending my head,
make them sit on it. Hey! If you go like this, do you
know what your mother will say? My dear baby, what happened? Mummy, Gopi hit me! Gopi you fool! My darling flower,
you turned into cauliflower? Look what’s happening. All men are not like me. You shut up! Madhu, pack your bags
and leave this house. No Madhu, don’t leave me. Without you, my state will be
like a cart without buffalo. It will rot. See! It seems like a green harvest
swaying on a barren land. “The sands were shifting” Come. Beautiful! Wonderful! See! My daughter has made
this house as per her taste. Obviously. Who can know to
make or break homes better than you? Your habit of taunting… Madhu…my darling!
– I was touching your feet. Okay! Oh my baby!
– Bless me. You have changed the
entire look of this home. One feels like sitting here now. The last time we came here,
it felt like we had entered a stable. There is one buffalo still here. Your habit of taunting will never go. I cannot abuse you,
atleast let me taunt you. Indeed! Take Madhu. Your birthday present. We will not be able to
attend your birthday party. So I am giving you
this present in advance. This wasn’t necessary.
– Accept it, it is the first present. I have already got a present.
– You must have not got this. Your daughter is over there. Madhu, some of your friends
have come to India. They want to meet you.
They want to celebrate your birthday. If you permit,
can I give them your address? They are most welcome. Shall we go?
– Yes. How can you leave
without eating anything? Stay for some time. Let us leave. If she stays longer,
she will destroy your home. I’ll see you off.
– You mind your tongue! I did that on our marriage day.
– Shall we go? – Okay. Madhu, happy birthday. – Thank you.
Mother has called you for prayers. Oh god! – Happy birthday, Madhu. Thank you! Congratulations Madhu!
– Thank you! Congrats
– Thank you so much! Happy birthday! Many happy
returns of the day! – Thank you. Oh god! I can’t believe it.
– You must believe it. You are too much. You came here
for a holiday, and got married? No, you know what happened?
Quick engagement, quicker marriage. Where is your husband? Where’s your husband?
– Where is he? Gopi!
– What happened? Madhu is drinking liquor.
– What? And she is dancing. She is moving her body like this. [All Cheering] Hey baby! Come here and dance with me!
– Let me go. Leave me. I don’t like this.
– Give me a kiss! Leave me alone!
– Take a drink! Leave me! Aunt. Move, aunty.
– Gopi, what’s happening here? Is your father getting married here?
How much you are dancing! What are you doing, Gopi?
They are my friends from Singapore. If they have come from Singapore,
this is Banaras. They defiled my holy as a temple home. Animals! I’ll kill them all. You find this home
to be a discotheque? They put me to shame.
– What shame? Hey!
– Gopi! You dare to raise your hand at me? You beat me,
and insulted my friends. I will never forgive you.
And listen. I cannot live with you. What will you do? Where will you go?
– I will go to my mother’s place. You’ll go to your mother’s place?
Since you are going… I’ll go the whole way. Wait! I will show you. Son, Madhu is naive.
She will make many mistakes’ You are mature.
Please ignore her mistakes’ Alright…I’m sorry. Look at her. She made such a big
mistake. And I was made villain. Look, there is liquor all around. Oh God! Gopi! Gopi, Madhu is not in her room. She must be on the terrace.
– I looked all around, she’s not there. What are you saying! I won’t go back to Gopi. I can’t live with him anymore. Don’t cry my baby. I knew it beforehand
that this would happen. Don’t worry, I’ll get you divorced
from him. You get married again. Wow! what a mother.
What a lesson she is teaching. She is telling her daughter she will
get her divorced, and married again. You won’t get such a boy, and
such a family in the whole of India. I have seen your India,
and your Indians. I hate them!
– Hate them? Then who am I, who are you?
Who is she? We all are Indian.
You hate yourself? Look dear, your mother is crazy.
Gopi is a very nice boy. I’ll tell him. He will come here,
apologise, appease you & take you back. No daddy, I will never forgive him. See! Madhu is my daughter!
– I can see that. Watch it. I will send a
divorce notice through a lawyer. He will realise then. Yes, realization will come,
but to whom, we’ll realise later. Gopi, a registered mail for you. For me?
– Your name is on it. Who will send me registered mail? Madhu! Madhu! Why are you shouting like animals? I don’t want to talk to you,
I have come to meet Madhu. She will not talk to you.
– Why not? She is my wife. And what is this you are wearing?
– Shut up! She was your wife,
not anymore. Don’t you realise
this from the notice? Say whatever you want to in court.
Now get out! Why are you saying get out
in English style? Uncle, put sense into her. [Stammering] You always smile. Make her understand. No one has gone to court
from my family until today. Even if there is a riot in the village,
I, as the village chief, give verdict. And I will go to court for my wife? Make her see sense. That is what I am saying…
– You interfered again! How could you
dare to beat my daughter? Ask him, has he ever raised
his hand on me? Wish I had once.
– What did you say? No, I mean, don’t shout,
you will fall ill. Why care about such sons-in-law?
They keep coming every day. What are you talking?
I don’t want to talk to you. Will you call Madhu until
I count three? What will you do?
– I’ll count four. Make him understand.
– What’s the harm if he counts till 4? Okay listen, hitting Madhu
was my mistake. But that doesn’t mean, you do this. Can anyone in the whole village say
that Gopi doesn’t love Madhu? Call her down,
I will beg her for pardon. Madhubala!
– Stop him! Madhubala! Where are you? Look Madhu, I beg for forgiveness.
I will never beat you again. Come home. Gopi, nothing can be done now.
Madhu wants a divorce. What nonsense are you talking?
No one in my family has ever divorced. My mother will die the moment she
hears it. We will be put to shame. I am the village chief. Don’t give me such a big punishment
for such a small mistake of mine. If you like,
I’ll touch your feet and apologise. Stop it! Don’t create a scene.
How shameless you are. Even after being spurned,
you are begging like this? Enough! I tolerated enough.
I won’t tolerate any more. I tried to apologise in every way.
I pleaded, begged, appeased. But I don’t want to humiliate myself
anymore. Enough now. I will teach you a lesson now! The way I have begged
and apologized today… if I don’t make Madhu beg
and apologise… I won’t be worthy of
calling myself Banarasi Babu! Who does he think he is? Such arrogance! It is your mistake too, Gopi.
You should not have hit Madhu. She insulted you,
she disgraced the whole family… and you are still defending her?
She has no values. No one knows of values
when he is born. I have imbibed values in
you since childhood,… that is why you are cultured today.
It will take Madhu some time. What about the court notice? I will live with my mother. Your eyes are saying something else,
and you are saying something else. I know you love Madhu very much. I loved father very much too.
But he is no more. I am living without him.
I will assume even Madhu is dead. Don’t talk like that. Madhu is not just their daughter,
she’s my daughter-in-law too. She is our family honour. Gopi, aunt is taking Madhu
to Kolhapur. Not Kolhapur, Singapore. Singapore!
– Singapore? Walk fast,
why are you walking so slow? One must slow down with age. If you
walk fast, you will fall on your face. You will not stop taunting me. What do I do? I cannot divorce you,
I make do with taunting you. I’m tired of you!
Come home, I’ll deal with you. I know. Mother-in-law! Oh my god! It’s so embarrassing!
– Oh my god.. Shut up! Hello wife! Hello father-in-law! Where were
you going? The world is very small. What are you waiting for?
Come, or he will embarrass us. Manchala! Sister-in-law. Follow them!
– Sister-in-law! What are you doing!
You will drop me. You’ve humiliated me!
Pick up my luggage and follow them. If they get away, I’ll hit you.
Come on! Catch them! Madhubala!
– Sister-in-law! Hurry! Madhubala!
– Close the door. I won’t stop following you. Be careful. Watch out! Saved! I caught it under my foot.
I think that’s their address. Pick it up. Take the address. Is this an address? Why did you shout saved’?
– Then what should I have said? You should have said we are ruined.
Atleast we’d get the address. Where will we go now?
– You can sing well. I’ll play the harmonium. You will make me beg? You will put our
Banaras to shame in a foreign country? Who over here knows you
are a big man of Banaras? Don’t you know?
– I won’t tell anyone. I cannot trust you.
What if you break your word? We didn’t get her address,
and she must be home. Come.
– Let’s go. I ask you! How did this uncouth,
illiterate fellow reach Singapore? You are venting someone
else’s anger on me. You don’t
question the one you should. The way you talk like I brought
him to Singapore in my pocket. Okay! Mummy, I am afraid he will
make a laughing stock of me here too. Don’t worry. This is not India, it’s Singapore. Hear this carefully. No one here
should know Madhu is married. If you come across that uncouth man,
refuse even to recognise him. Understood?
– Yes, I understand everything you say. There is just one thing I have
not understood until today. What?
– You. Shut-up!
– That’s what always happens in the end Must Gopi have got the address?
If not, where must he be? Gopi, get up! It is morning. Water is pouring out of the ground. People’s bullocks are going
to work in the fields. Get up.
– Why did you wake me up? Know what a lovely dream I was seeing?
– What did you see? I saw Madhu was massaging my legs,
and my children were playing around. That is not possible.
You have been ruined. In such a big city, forget meeting
her, you won’t even see her. Manchala, you just mentioned her,
and I saw my Madhu! Madhubala! “Oh! what have you done” “Oh! what have you done” “Madhubala, what have you done! ” “Madhubala, what have you done! ” “See the setting of her teeth” “See the setting of her teeth” “They are like a string of pearls” “See the setting of her teeth” “See the setting of her teeth” “They are like a string of pearls” “She has bitten off
even the tough ones” “She confronts me today” “Madhubala, what have you done! ” “Oh! what have you done” “Madhubala, what have you done! ” “No dot on your forehead” “No dot on your forehead” “No earrings in your ears” “No dot on your forehead” “No dot on your forehead” “No earrings in your ears” “She wears dark glasses
on a fair face” “Your complexion is so fair” “Madhubala, what have you done! ” “Oh! what have you done” “Madhubala, what have you done! ” “Red chilli…” Understood, brother? “She is hot as red chillies” “Red chilli…” “She is hot as red chillies” “I will cool her down” “She is a cup full of poison” “Madhubala, what have you done! ” “Oh! what have you done” “Madhubala, what have you done! ” “Madhubala, what have you done! ” “Madhubala, what have you done! ” “Madhubala” “What have you done! ” Mummy! What happened? Why do you look so worried?
– He…he… Who he? – What?
– Gopi. He has come here following me. He is standing outside.
– Outside? What happened?
Why are you shouting again? A goon followed your daughter
and has reached here. And you ask why I am shouting? Who goon?
– Gopi. He’s not a goon, he’s our son-in-law.
Call him in, serve him tea. Don’t you dare call him son-in-law.
He is not related to us. What kind of a father are you?
– Atleast you admitted I am her father. Anyway, you have only seen me
talking, now watch what I… Mother-in-law…
– You had left us and come. Oh my god! Look how we found your home. [Laughing] You thought we are dim-wits?
– They’ve come here too! Do something. Yes…What are you up to?
Get up! Get out of here. Such rude behavior is not good,
father-in-law. Do you want even me beaten along
with you? Can’t you understand? Get out!
– My ear! Wait a minute…I am very hungry. What is this? Throw it.
– First you throw. Throw it!
– You want me to throw there? Singapore oranges!
Coming. Father, why are you so tensed? Nothing son. I feel my
story has begun again. I fear even your state
may become like mine. Don’t worry.
He has set even buffaloes right. Uncle, I feel my problem is less
of Madhu, and more of mother-in-law. That’s true. You tell me where and when
I can meet her alone. God will bless her,
but it seems difficult. [Chuckling] Listen. I put it in her bag.
She has left from here. But how will she leave from there? [Laughing] Excuse me madam,
let me see your purse. What’s this? I don’t know how that came in my bag. I swear I didn’t put it there. Call the police. But listen to me.
It’s not my fault. Please! Sorry madam. Excuse me sir, can I make a call? Yes madam.
– Thank you. The call has not come yet,
did the police let her go? [Telephone Ringing] It’s come! Hello. Choubey speaking. Hello! Lily here, from the police station.
– I can’t hear you. Who’s calling? Lily here,
the police has nabbed me. Who is this? I cannot hear you. Can’t you hear? Have you gone deaf? [Murmuring] I am calling from the police station.
Reach the police station with $2000. [Murmuring] Reach the police station
with $2000,… or I’ll have to spend the
whole night at the police station. Who is this ass?
I cannot hear a word. . Hello! Hello! Okay, where is the cell? Hey, where are you?
What happened? Don’t you think we were
too harsh with mother-in-law? We are not doing anything wrong.
It is all right. She has ripped up my life
like a lioness. You got her arrested like a helpless
bird, I am very happy about it. She deserves it! Uncle, he got your wife arrested.
Now let him meet his wife. Have I forbidden him? Uncle, if I have your permission,
can I go and speak to Madhu? Yes, go. And go bravely,
not like a meek cat. My friend is so decent. He took your
permission to meet his wife. If I was your son-in-law, I…
– What would you do? Even I’d take permission from you. [Humming] Gopi, I don’t like
your forceful attitude. The way you are saying it, like
you liked it very much. Shut up! I don’t like your
uncultured behavior,… that is why I left India
and came to Singapore. Hey! Don’t call me uncultured. For the sake
of your love, see how modern I become. I will sit with your mother
and drink, smoke, play cards. I’ll take you to the disco,
wear tight jeans… tear it here, and write,
take it easy’ I’ll wear a stud in my ear, give myself
a crew cut. Even you’ll be impressed. Where are you going?
– Where I have come from. And? I’ll do what a husband should do
to his wife. You unnecessarily… “God help me! The cruel butcher!
He holds my hand” “God help me! The cruel butcher!
He holds my hand” “My soft hand may break…break” “The girl is hot…hot” “The girl is hot…hot” “Come, I’ll kiss your rosy cheeks” “Tell me, my love,
why are you annoyed with me” “Don’t touch my fair body” “Don’t ever make that mistake” “Agreed that you are beautiful” “But why are you so proud?” “He is after me, he insists,
he is very smart” “He is after me, he insists,
he is very smart” “Why don’t you feel ashamed…ashamed” “Away from his country…” “with love in his heart
came your beau” “I am modern,
you are a village bumpkin” “We can never get together” “All dressed as a bride” “I will take you to my country” Get lost! “Get lost idiot, crazy, mad,
do not touch me. – Why?” “Get lost idiot, crazy, mad,
do not touch me.” “I’ll break your illusion…illusion” “The girl is hot…hot” “The girl is hot…hot” “The girl is hot…hot” “The girl is hot…hot” [Sighs] Get up!
– You are back? Where were you? Don’t you feel ashamed?
What kind of a man are you? Your wife was out of the house all
night, and you are sleeping peacefully? You stay out even 2 nights in a row for
parties. I thought you were at a party. I called you so many times from the
police station to bring 2000 dollars. But you could not hear my voice.
– I didn’t get any such call. Oh yes! I did get one call,
but I couldn’t hear a word. My throat was aching screaming.
You did this deliberately. I was in the lock up all night.
Didn’t you feel ashamed? One night doesn’t make a difference. Shut up!
– Mummy! Madhu! What happened? Why are you crying?
– Mummy, Gopi… What? All night? What’s going on? How did that dim wit Gopi
go to Madhu’s room? How do I know? I have not seen him.
Had he come here? If I don’t make him pay for this,
I won’t be worthy of my name! – Right. Madhu, go get dressed.
You go and get the car out. Where are we going?
– Get the car out, don’t ask questions. Okay. Please Sheila, forget it!
– How can I? I fell in my brother’s esteem
because of you. My dear brother came back from
the marriage hall without a bride. You know, due to embarrassment,
I cannot go to India. I understand. I wanted to get Madhu
married to your brother. But that goon came there
and kidnapped my daughter. Tell your friend that the goon
and your daughter have got married. They are husband and wife, legally. A marriage done by force
is not marriage. What force? Madhu, you tell her,
did he use any force? No.
– No. What no? Shut-up!
My daughter was naive. And then, India is
famous for black magic. Wonder what magic spell
he cast on my daughter. You should believe me Sheila. My daughter is free of him now. Do one thing. Call Vicky to Singapore soon.
We will get the two married here. Sheela, why are you quiet?
Say something. I was always with you.
And am, even today. Thank you very much.
– Don’t worry! I’ll call up Vicky today itself
and ask him to come here. I’ll deal with that dim wit now! “Heed me, friends” “Believe me” “Anywhere on this earth, there will
not be a mother-in-law like her” “Her heart is devoid of love” “Her heart is devoid of love” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “Her face…” “Her face is flushed with
the pride of wealth” “Her face is flushed with
the pride of wealth” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “She is fair, but her heart is black” “She is like a Japanese doll” “She is hot tempered,
the most cunning of all” “She is one strange old woman” “I will show her
what a son-in-law is! ” “I will teach her a lesson” “I will show her
what a son-in-law is! ” “I will teach her a lesson” “Father-in-law…” “Father-in-law, join hands with me” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “She is my beloved,
she is very beautiful” “I will keep her close to my heart” “She is terribly influenced
by my mother-in-law” “I will break that influence on her” “She is afraid of her mother’s temper” “She says yes even
when she wants to say no” “She is afraid of her mother’s temper” “She says yes even
when she wants to say no” “Very naive…” “Very naive is my wife” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “He is a simple, plain man,
dominated by his wife” “He is God fearing” “Once father-in-law gets angry” “He’ll teach mother-in-law a lesson” “Once father-in-law gets angry” “He’ll teach mother-in-law a lesson” “He won’t spare…” “He won’t spare her, he’ll abuse her” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “Her heart is devoid of love” “Her heart is devoid of love” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” “My mother-in-law
has loads of attitude” Ladies and gentlemen,
I welcome you all to the India Club. But today, in India Club,
we have a new guest. Mr. Gopi! Mr. Secretary,
this is an insult of our club. How could you let such uncouth,
uncultured people enter our club? You are mistaken.
He is a big personality of Banaras. Him? Those who even look uncouth,
uncultured idiots,… you call them big personalities? I don’t even like to stand
with such insignificant people. Come Madhu.
– This is my hand. Come on. Just a minute! She has praised me
so much, I want to thank her. She just said I am an uncouth,
uncultured idiot. So I ask her, just because
I love my country, I am uncouth? If I love my mother who has
sired me, I am uncouth? If I want to maintain my country’s
culture and heritage, I am uncouth? And if doing that
makes one uncouth… then I pray that
I stay uncouth all my life. But there is a point.
Excuse me! there is a point. Uncouth men are very stubborn.
Once they go after something… they never let go. Then even if that thing goes abroad,
goes to the moon,… or is lost in the atmosphere. What happened, Madhu?
– Call a doctor. Is there any doctor around?
– Doctor. Excuse me, I’m a doctor. She’s pregnant. Leave her hand! Congratulations,
you’re going to be a grandma. Celebrate! Shut up! Lily, you said she is not married.
Then how come she is pregnant? I was just joking. Madhu is married.
I wanted to give you a surprise. Then introduce them to her husband. There comes Madhu’s husband. Hi Lily!
– Hi! Hi! Aunt.
– Hi! Come son.
He is Madhu’s husband, Vicky. Let’s go, Manchala. Gopi, listen. Where are you going? Back to India.
– What are you saying? Ofcourse. How can I stay here
after so much humiliation? My daughter is foolish, naive. She is so much
influenced by her mother… that she thinks with her mother’s
brain, sees with her eyes. I thought you will
come here and reform this home. I did not come here to reform anyone. I came here to take back my wife. But here, my wife is being
called another man’s wife. Someone else is being
called my child’s father. If this happened in Banaras,
there’d be mayhem. You keep your mouth shut. Look, if not for me,
not for your wife… stay back for your child’s sake. Gopi, Uncle is right. Along with Madhu, even your child
will be lost in this culture. You are right, Manchala.
I will stay. Watch it, why just Madhu,
if I don’t reform even her father… Why father? I mean if I don’t reform her mother,
I won’t be worthy of my name! You are a decent man,
that’s why you keep suffering this. Come son. Doctor, she is newly
married and got pregnant. But she doesn’t want this child. If you want an abortion then
you can come tomorrow if you like. But are you sure? To kill your first
child is not a good thing. You can still make up your mind. Well doctor, she doesn’t get along
with her husband. So she doesn’t want this baby.
Please try to understand. Okay.
– Thank you. This woman wants to kill my child? She is not a woman, she’s a demon, a
witch. May good sense prevail on her. Come inside, I’ll speak to the doctor. Yes please.
– Hello. Doctor..
– Greetings! That girl who came just now,
Madhu, is my daughter. Yes.
– And he’s her husband.. ..and she doesn’t like him. That’s why she wants the baby to be
aborted. – Why doesn’t she like him? Well, he’s a simpleton from a village. So what?
– And she’s the.. ..daughter of rich father
from a higher society, know there is always a.. Wait, I’ll explain. Hello. I’m Gopi. I have come
from India to Singapore… take back my wife. I love my wife. Even my wife loves me. Yes. My mother-in-law is a problem. She wants to kill my baby. I’m Gopi from Varanasi. I can die to save my self-respect. If you save my child, god will bless your child. I don’t want any killing. For God’s sake. Tell her. You understand what he means? I can see from his face what he means. Don’t worry my friend
I won’t allow the abortion. [Crying] I am grateful to you. Nowadays, there is a lot of poverty. Too much population.
Too much problem. I don’t have any problem. I’ve big land and respect in village. Come, you have said it. She
understood. She won’t abort the baby. The baby will be saved.
Why speak Hindi before the English? Thank you. God will bless you and your child. Greetings. Thank you. Let’s go. Thank you. That rascal even went to the hospital.
Wonder what he told the doctor… ..she refused to do the abortion.
Wonder when we will be rid of him. Don’t worry, just cool it down! I will rid you of him.
– How will you do it? I will put him in such a state
that he will return back to Banaras. And he’ll never ever
come back to Singapore. [Chuckling] [Tire Screeching] [Van Door Opens] [Van Door Closes] Who is this evil soul
is who troubling me? Come dear,
we will drop you to the airport. Why? So that you can go to Banaras
and pray peacefully. I won’t leave
Singapore without Madhu. Then we’ll show you Singapore. This is the footpath of Singapore.
What do you think of it? You..! Look, a 50 floor building.
What do you think of it? Where is it? What are you doing!
You are hurting me. Look, a departmental store.
is there such a big shop in India? There isn’t. Oh my God! See this bridge.
– Why should I? It is smaller than Howrah bridge. You..! Wait! You showed me enough of
Singapore. Now I’ll show you India. How will you show me
India here, you idiot? That’s my headache, you idiot! You can talk English?
– Yes, I talk English when necessary! This dark fellow is with you? Oh no! Dim wit, stand here.
I’ll slap you, then don’t cry. [Humming] ‘ O my beloved, I am a lover’ ‘ For an enemy, I am a sword’ ‘ If I come in the field,
I won’t step back’ You got the right punch, baby! In your language,
it’s called, below the belt. Come here. Get lost! You must be shocked seeing me alive. How come he is alive?
– I don’t know. [Laughing] You sent some stupid
goons to kill me? What did you think?
Gopi is so weak? I am a strong man from India.
No one can kill me. If there is anyone who can kill me,
it is only one man. Gopi himself. Gopi, listen to me. What is left to hear or say?
You all wish me dead. Neither does my mother-in-law care,
nor father-in-law. Not even Madhu. I died the day my wife refused
to acknowledge me as her husband. As it is
now I don’t feel like living. So I’m thinking that since I’m dying,
why not kill you all too? But then I feel, forget it. That’s nice. I’ll die alone. So.. Oh God! I am coming. Hail the Lord! I am dying.
But don’t be so happy. My soul will hover around you
as a ghost. Oh no!
– Oh my god! He really died.
– He didn’t die, we are dead. Think of something.
– What do I think? You’ll be hanged. There is no other punishment
in Singapore. Do something.
You are my good husband. Husband? Now you remember that
I am your husband? After a murder? Please.
– Okay, I’ll try to dispose his body. Come, help me. But please
don’t do such a thing again. Though your escape is difficult now.
Don’t blame me if the police nabs you. But what have I done? Is he really dead? He was breathing his last,
so he did that. Remove him from here. Okay, move! Careful.
– Oh my! Help me.
– Careful, the corpse’s leg may break. I am leaving, she is very disturbed.
She may get a heart attack out of fear. What are you doing! What happened? I threw his body from such a height,
it must not have touched base yet. Oh my god! Thank you very much. Mention not. Come, it is late,
let us go to bed. [Screaming] Ghost!
– What happened? Why are you shouting? He has returned as a ghost.
– Who? Where? Up there.
– I can’t see anyone. Listen madam, that’s your imagination.
And ghosts are in India, not Singapore. The ghost will have to take a visa
to come to Singapore. It cannot come just like that.
Go to sleep! You disturbed my sleep. I was sleeping so peacefully. Ghost!
– Where is it? Gopi’s ghost is over there.
– Where? I can’t see a thing. I can see him.
– Your eyes are bad. There is nothing there.
Go to sleep. Close your eyes. There is nothing here. Water. “My name is Banarasi” “People affectionately call me Gopi” “Hey, recognise me?” “We had met that night” “Don’t be afraid” “That is a secret” “The secret will remain a secret” “My name is Banarasi” “People affectionately call me Gopi” “What is your name? Tell me” “Leela? Sheela? Eily? Milli? “Leela, Sheela, Eily, Milli. Or Lily!” Mummy! – Where is he?
– Who? He will kill me.
– Who will kill you? Mummy, nothing will happen!
– Doctor, any cause for concern? Nothing to worry.
Give her these tablets. She’ll be alright.
– Okay. Thank you very much. Aunty, what is the matter?
Tell me, who is troubling you? Nothing son.
She thinks nonsense all day. Then she even dreams about it. I am not feeling well.
Moreover, you are taunting me. I would give you an answer. But you
are not feeling well, so take rest. Vicky, I am very tense. Once you
marry Madhu, I will feel relaxed. Mummy, please! You keep quiet.
What do you say, Vicky? I’ll do whatever you say.
Exactly what you say. Madhu, get me a glass of water. I don’t have a son. I’ll transfer my
entire property to your name, Vicky. You take an appointment from court. Let’s have a civil marriage
within two days. I cannot refuse you, aunty.
Whatever you say. If I don’t make them paupers within
two days, I won’t be worthy of my name. What place is this?
– It’s a casino. What is a casino?
– A gambling den. Gopi doesn’t know to gamble.
He will lose money. Manchala, when you say we will win,
we will lose… and when you say we will lose,
we will win. Let’s go and play. Deal. Father-in-law, you’ve become useless.
– Because you lost your car. So what? I have my office yet.
– You will become broke. No problem. deal.
– Deal. [Laughing] You lost the office too. It’s my lucky day today.
I’ll stake my factory. I put my factory on the block.
– Come on deal. – You are a nice man. You lost it.
– Uncle, you lost the factory too. So what? I still have…
– Your home. Good you reminded me.
I stake my home. I have lost everything! You? Where were you all night? Ghost!
– He’s not a ghost, he’s death itself. Death?
– Yes. We were mistaken.
He is not dead, he is alive. What nonsense are you talking!
– I swear by you. How could he dare to enter our house! [Laughing] Tell her that this house
now belongs to me. It’s mine. Yes, I am telling her. He is right. I lost everything
to him in a gambling bout last night. What?
– Yes. I was drinking in the casino. He came and sat besides me.
He asked if I will gamble. I agreed, as I thought, even if he
wins, what can a ghost take from me? He kept winning. And then he told
me, he is not dead, but alive. I lost everything.
– You have lost, not me. I won’t give him a
penny from my property. Old man, tell her to leave
with her daughter, bag and baggage. What do you mean? Old woman,
I know you are very naughty. So I brought the
Singapore law along with me. Manchala, show her the notice.
– I’m coming. You also come. Tell the old woman she doesn’t
own this property, Gopi does. Show her. According to the country
of the nation of manipulation of the speculation
of Singapore government, this property belongs to Mr. Gopinath. How shameless they are. After so much
humiliation, they still stand here. Get out, or I will
have to throw you out. No, have mercy on us.
We will serve you. You also fall at his feet.
– You fall at his feet, why should I? Leave my hand! He will dump you like thrash.
Sit down! Throw her out. What happened, mummy? Your father has ruined us. He lost our entire property
to this uncouth man. What did you say?
– Forgive her. She made a mistake. It’s okay, Gopi. In Banaras,
so many live off your charity. In Singapore,
even they can live off you. We will give them leftovers. I can forgive them if they live
the way I want them to. We will. Sit down! Why do you
want to become a beggar? Sit down! Fold your hands. I forgive you. Ramu! Peter! Florie! Where is everybody?
– Why are you shouting, old woman? Where are the servants?
– I myself am a servant. Answer her.
– Gopi dismissed them. Why?
– You are questioning me? Throw her out!
– I’ll explain to her. She is still in her sleep. She doesn’t remember she no more
owns this house, she’s just a servant. Master says when there are
two fat women in the house… What did you say!
– Master said so. Then why do we need servants?
So you will have to work. You know I don’t do house work.
– How will you not? If you want to eat, you will have
to work. Look, even we are working. Gopi, tea.
– Shall I get the broom? My foot! I won’t stay a minute here now.
– The door is over there. Think again. I cannot live a minute here!
Who does he think he is? Sheila!
– Hello aunt! Good you have come. I have left home
and was coming to you. Left home? But why? Everything has
happened because of him. He now owns our entire property. And he treats us like servants.
I cannot live with such humiliation. But I had come to tell you
we are going out for a month. What?
– Sister, let’s go! See! You have no money left,
so he is leaving you. You rascal! How could
you dare to come to my house? Forgot the beating you got that day? Get lost!
– Vicky! – Get lost! Listen carefully mother-in-law.
If you want to live here … You’ll have to live as a servant. Shut up! She surely will.
You will, won’t you? Me and my daughter
will not live as his servants. Throw her things out. Your daughter
sleeps until 10 am. Wake her up! I’ll set everything straight.
She will do all the house chores. She will cook, clean,
even clean gutters. Right? No.
– Say yes, or we’ll be in trouble. Ask her to fold her hands & say that.
– Assume these are my hands. Say yes.
– Yes. Why are you looking there and
saying yes. Look at me and say it. Okay.
– Yes. So nice she looks now.
– What is all this! Don’t talk so angrily.
– Come, let us go and sweep. Serve me…put that…and that. Where is the water jug?
– I’ll get it. Madhu, you also eat. In our family, the wife
doesn’t eat before the husband. She will learn.
– When? You eat.
– Okay…who has cooked the food? Not me. – Madhu has.
– Madhu has? You have taught her to sing, dance,
go to clubs, but not to cook food. You ruined our mood. Gopi, let’s
go and eat in some Indian restaurant. Let’s go. God bless you,
but I don’t think he will. How uncouth they are! They insulted
us so much, and you didn’t say a word. We are servants,
what can we tell our masters? Sit down.
– Get up! Don’t sit, our master will be angry. “A village boy became modern” “A village boy..” “A village boy became modern” “How he has changed
after he became wealthy” “How he has changed
after he became wealthy” “A village boy became modern” “A village boy became modern” “How he has changed
after he became wealthy” “How he has changed
after he became wealthy” “Look my darling.” “Look my darling. Your Banarasi
has become an Englishman” “Look my darling. Your Banarasi
has become an Englishman” “O my wife, don’t feel shy” “O my wife, don’t feel shy” “Meet my eyes” “Let me hold your fair hand” “Let me hold your fair hand” “How he has changed
after he became wealthy” “How he has changed
after he became wealthy” “I will take you to my village” “I will take you to my village” “I will fulfill all my dreams” “I will fulfill all my dreams” “I will take you to Jhumritalaiya” “I will take you to Jhumritalaiya” “How he has changed
after he became wealthy” “A village boy became modern” “A village boy..” “A village boy became modern” “How he has changed
after he became wealthy” “How he has changed
after he became wealthy” Aunt, Gopi’s letter has come.
– Gopi’s letter! Let me read.
– Okay. Read fast. Mom, I seek your blessing. I miss you very much. I know
even you must be missing me a lot. Yes. But what can I do? I have come
away from my country, my village… so that I can bring back
me and my village honour. Manchala sends his love to Manorama. Why are you feeling shy? Read. And mom, hear a good news.
Your daughter-in-law is pregnant. You are going to be a grandmother. Madhu, everything will be alright.
Don’t worry. Mummy! Don’t worry, child.
Everything will be all right. I’m with you. Wait here.
Please wait here. Congratulations!
It’s a baby boy! – I’m a father! Wait! Let me see my son first. You know, I am not going to see your son,
I am going to see my daughter. See her later. Please stop her.
Let her shadow not fall on him. Hail the Lord! Thank you, God. ‘ Madhu, you won, I lost’ ‘I tried hard to appease you,
but you did not change’ ‘I have transferred all your
property to your name’ ‘You can have your property
and live in Singapore’ ‘I am taking my son and returning
to India, to my home, my mother’ No! Mummy!
– What happened, Madhu? My child! What happened? Sheela, I have great news.
– What? The hurdle in our way
has himself left. He took the child with him,
and also returned all our wealth. That’s great!
So what have you thought of doing now? What do I have to think?
Vicky and Madhu’s marriage… Hello Lily! Hello. Lily!
– I’ll call you back. Where are you going, Madhu? India. India? Have you gone crazy?
– Yes, I have gone crazy. Let me go to my child.
What an unfortunate mother I am. I did not even see my
baby after he was born. Don’t be stupid. We have got rid of
that uncouth man with great difficulty. Where your child is concerned,
after marrying Vicky … give all your
love to your second child. Wow! what a mother.
Just to do what she wants, … she doesn’t stop from ruining
her own daughter’s home. You could never be a good mother. Atleast let your daughter
be a good mother. You keep quiet! I have always kept quiet,
but not today. Because if I keep quiet today,
my daughter’s home will be ruined. And I won’t let that happen.
Come on. Go. Madhu will not go.
– She will. [Slapping]
I will not let her go. [Wedding Clarinet] You wanted to get married, right?
Your wish is being fulfilled today. She will love this. All arrangements are made. The
priest has also come. Where is Gopi? He is getting dressed.
– I’ll call him. Alright.
– My sweetheart. Don’t cry, baby. Drink milk. Stop crying, my baby. What happened?
Why is the baby crying? What do I do? He is just a week old.
He is very hungry. He wants his mother’s milk. But…
– Shall I nurse him? Mother stop! I don’t want even the shadow of
this woman to fall on my child. If her milk
enters my child’s body, … even he will become rude
and shameless like her. Don’t be so cruel, Gopi. Don’t snatch
a mother’s right to feed her baby. Right? There are many rights.
A husband’s right over his wife… a mother-in-law’s right
over her daughter-in-law. There is one more right.
A right of a mother over her son. That is the greatest right. But where was that right when you went
to the hospital with your mother… to abort this very child? I saved his life then,
so only I have a right on him. The whole of Banaras knows I have
never begged before anyone. But I begged the doctor
not to kill this child. That is how he is alive today. And now you talk of right?
How nice! Fear God, Gopi. It is not right
to separate a child from his mother. Forgive me, mother.
Return my child to me. Don’t believe her crocodile tears,
mom. Don’t give her my child. Gopi, have you gone mad?
This is not only Madhu’s right … It is this child’s right too. Because God has decided this, that a
child has a right to his mother’s milk. Take dear. Gopi, the priest is saying the
auspicious time of marriage … is running out. Please hurry up. Gopi! No, this marriage will not take place. Look, don’t talk inauspicious
on such an auspicious occasion. Say whatever you have to,
after the marriage is over. If you want to get married,
go over your child. Gopi, what are you waiting for?
Pick up the child. Gopi! Neither will I go over my child,
nor will this marriage stop. Mom, hold him. Villagers, he married me
in everyone’s presence. He took the seven rounds
around the holy fire with me. He even put vermilion in my parting. Today, he is going to put
vermilion on another girl. Do you know what
the vermilion signifies? Know why it is filled
in the hair parting? Know what the dot on the
forehead signifies? Know what the wedding chain signifies? Know what the henna, the bangles,
anklets, the toe ring signifies? It is true I took
the seven rounds with her. But she could not walk
even seven steps with me… and she started
showing her true colours. Respect for my mother, for elders,
culture, tradition, … she didn’t know anything. And she treated her
husband like a dog. She tells me I am uncouth.
I say I am uncouth! A true Indian, a village guy! But what are you people?
You, who imitate the English. They call themselves modern! You didn’t pick the good points of
the English. They ruled the world. A cigarette in one hand,
and a liquor bottle in another. Lipstick on lips, abuse on the tongue.
Hi mom, hi dad, bye husband! They imitate the English
and then ask us who we are. I ask you, who are you? Not Indian, not English,
you are orphans! Gopi, forgive me.
How much more will you humiliate me? [Crying] Look Mrs. Gopi, I am my mother’s son,
and a true Indian. That is why, my feet never falter. I got married once in life,
I won’t marry again. Manchala, bring the groom. Made in India! Look. [Softly Laugh] Stop crying now.
I will never make you cry again. See mom! Didn’t I tell you?
– Oh, you did? Hey, it’s a marriage.
Don’t be glum. Enjoy! Gopi.
– Hey! Who is she? We got married 25 years ago. She was a madam all her life,
she has become my wife today. Really? Greetings, mother-in-law.
– Call me mom. She really has changed.
Let me see how she looks. “The sands were shifting” “The sands were shifting” “The sands were shifting” “The sands were shifting” “When we both sat in the wheat fields” “The sands were shifting” “There was gossiping in the village” “The sands were shifting” “There was gossiping in the village” “When we started meeting
under the banyan tree” “The sands were shifting” “The sands were shifting” “There was gossiping in the village”

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