Laughter is the Best Medicine

Banjo & Kazooie After Hours (Smash Ultimate Funny Moments)

time out, time out, time out- wait do you
see that? NO stop I’m serious I’m dead seri- im dead serious- stop
if you look, come over here, and like from the ledge look that way
and then I look this way- keep looking that way. you can’t see me right cause I’m like… too far away (mmhm) weren’t you like all the way over there NoOOOooo? sorry dude I just needed to get a little
extra damage (you’re like a little kid) no wait link STOP-stop-stop… stop finger my- finger my cramped oh- oh you okay? you okay? alright, go all the way to your corner to your side stoppp, you didn’t start evenly now I gotta hit you for 9% only 2? only 4? stopp even it out! i need to get to 22% hey could you- wait okay could we fake this real quick I wanted to fake a clip but you know what (bubble) you wait- really? you’d let me? SIKE! What are you guys playing? we could’ve just done like a double drill We could drill his (……) After Hours **Dying of laughter** that’s enough smash for me smash ultimate funny moments banjo kazooie montage

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