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21 thoughts on “Barbie And The Diamond Castle – Wonderful Me (One Line Multilanguage)

  1. Dutch!!! She is sooo perfect, she can literally do anything. Plus, she used a similar time when she played Killer Queen in the German version of WWRY

  2. greek

    I! Am the diva!..
    i don't want any of you!
    the power of the castle I have!
    for both of you I just indefferent!
    In my feet the word will fathfully bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice multi! The next time you can ask me the portuguese versions because I do have this song and many others in european portuguese 🙂

  4. Great multi! I was amazed by Willemijn, she's just perfect for this role. I think my favorites are French, Finnish, Norwegian and Dutch.
    Btw, I uploaded the Russian one:

  5. LOL, I don't even remember this song. xD That typical Willemijn belting sound. <3 Takkani Paas sounds interesting. French sounds cute compared to the others. Polish's ending though. The most evil sounding one is LA Spanish but she ruined the ending. I just can't stop grinning while hearing this song, it sounds so weird and a little cheezy. xDDD Really, the music at the starting part is so funny!

  6. Lydia annoyed the hell out of me as a kid, I was always imagining her falling into the green lava in her palace and me being there and see her decomposing lmao.Great multi, my favourites are English, Czech, Greek & Polish <3

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