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Barbie – Chelsea Cracks the Code #CSforAll | Ep.90

Barbie – Chelsea Cracks the Code Hmmm… Hmmmm! Chelsea, don’t worry about the computer You’re going to be late for school! Mummy, when I go to school? Not for a few years, but you’ll be starting preschool soon Yippee! I think I be good at school like Chelsea Please don’t be like me I’m not good I can’t even work this silly computer! Why are you worrying about the computer now? It’s Computer Science week at school and everyone’s going to be laughing at me because I know nothing about computers! You tell Isabelle if they laugh at you Isabelle know karate! Hhhhaaaayyyaaa! (Thud!) Owww! Would you stop doing that! Sorry… Again… Work, work, work! Oh great… This is going to be a long week… Now, before you all go home, who can tell me what’s happening this week? Computer Science Week! Who thinks this will be fun? Me! Not me… Great! Now we all know how watch YouTube videos and play games on computers, but does anyone know how these things work? Tamika? I don’t know… It just works! That would be nice if it just worked, but actually, people make these things work They tell the computers what to do by coding Coding? Yes Coding is like writing instructions for the computer to follow! Ohhhhh… Why don’t I show you an example… This sounds easy, I’m an expert at computers Me too! My Dad’s really good at computers and he showed me everything Alright, here’s what coding can look like Looks a bit tricky, doesn’t it? Yes! Well luckily you don’t need to know all of this We’ll be doing something much easier Phew! We’re going to get the computer to say hello to us and tell us if it’s morning or afternoon right now It should look like this when we’ve finished That looks boring… Yes it might be very simple, but it is a nice introduction to coding We have to write the instructions by ourselves? No, I’ve already finished but we’ll go through it so that we all understand That doesn’t look too hard does it? No… Yes… So, let’s go through this together What does this line tell the computer to do? Clear the screen? Good Marie! Yes, it wipes everything off the screen This line? Makes the screen all blue? Nearly… It makes the writing blue If we wanted to make the screen blue, we would say background color What about this instruction? Maybe it tells the computer to say hello class? Excellent! And what about these instructions? Chelsea? Umm… Umm… I have no idea Miss… That’s ok It just checks the time and then says good morning if it’s morning time or good afternoon if it’s afternoon time Ohhh… Why don’t we see how this works Just press run… Ta-daaa! Huh? What? But… This should be working… Hmmm… This all looks fine… (Bell rings) Very strange… Alright, that’s enough for today I want you all to look at this code tonight and make sure you understand it Don’t change anything! I’ll try and fix this error See you tomorrow! (Music playing) Don’t tell me… You’re making another… You smart mummy! Chelsea… I’m sure you wouldn’t be doing that if you had homework right? Ummm… You know the rules… Homework comes first! But it’s too hard I don’t understand computer code! Come on… I’ll see if I can help you Thanks Ken! I’m actually not bad with computers. So what is it you need to do? We need to understand this code that Miss Myers wrote Ah-haa… Ah-haa… Hmmmm… Yeah I can’t help you Great! Maybe we help you! (Doorbell) I’ll get it How am I supposed to understand this? Let me have a look! Chelsea, Darrin’s here! Hi Chelsea! What you doing? Trying to understand computer code Yeah and we helping Chelsea Computer code! You want me to help? You know about this? I know a little… Huh hmmm… Huh hmmm… Girls, let Darrin sit down! Ohh! We here first! So this is what we have to understand That looks easy enough For you maybe… Why don’t you tell me what you think it does So this line clears the screen… Good! And then make the writing color blue… Yes… And… Screen dot write… Ummm… Put “Hello class” on the screen Excellent! See you do know Oh, maybe this is not so bad… So computer dot time… So it gets the time and… What does this mean? That means less than So if the time is less than… Less than twelve o’clock, then say good morning! Yay! Wait… Why does it say screen dot write up there but screen dot show here? Good point! That doesn’t look right What if I change it here… and here… That looks better Can we see this run? It doesn’t work Miss Myers has to fix it See… What! It works! I think you fixed the problem Chelsea! I did, I did! Thanks Darrin! You did it yourself Chelsea… I don’t like the blue… What if I change this to purple? Cool! This is fun! Now let’s change the background color to light blue Wow! Chelsea! You’re still up? I’m still making some changes to this code It’s really fun That’s great, but off to bed now Ok! Good night! Good night! Oh, it doesn’t look like Chelsea saved her work… (Click!) There! Alright, now let’s pick up where we were yesterday I didn’t get a chance to look at the problem we had but… Miss Myers! One moment Chelsea… But maybe we can fix it together Miss! Miss! Questions in a moment Chelsea! Let’s run this again just to make sure… Wow! What! But… How? Oh no! Someone saved my work! Who did this? Ummm… Me Miss… Sorry I fixed the problem and then I was playing around, but someone saved the work I’m so sorry! Fantastic Chelsea! Yeah, good work Chelsea! Well done! Hey! I’m not smelly! Really? Yes! I’m very pleased! You looked a bit worried about coding yesterday, but I can see that you understand it now Yes I do Miss It was actually fun! Would you like to explain to the class how you did it? Sure! Yay Chelsea! Well I’m glad everything went well Chelsea! Me too! I was so worried but Miss Myers was so happy with me! Ohhh… No one laughed at you! Now I can’t do karate to anyone! What about you just show me your karate moves? Alright! Sure! I go like this… and then I go like this… and then I go hhhhaaaayyyaaa! (Thud!) Owwww! Why you…! See you later Chelsea… Come back here!

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