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11 thoughts on “Barbie | The Princess & The Pauper: Anneliese's Voices (One-Line Multilanguage)

  1. Dutch, English, Finnish, Italian, and Norwegian are best ones for me. (Czech has a great amount of personality, I give her that. 🙂 )

  2. Russian subtitles:
    Я всю жизнь свою мечтала
    Чтоб прожить хотя бы день
    Дел никаких и не надо
    Никуда идти
    Без уроков, лордов, платьев
    И без длинных списков дел
    Без постылых направлений и манер

  3. What a dreamy multilanguage!! I realise now that the most Barbie movies that I like are refering to ballet dancing and I LOVE ballet! There is a beauty and a harmony on it!
    Would be rude if I say that my ultimate favorite is Elpiniki Zervou? I know it's my version but it's like Alex Panayis, how it's possible to resist!

  4. Have a feeling that this barbie movie is the most outstanding among all. So many versions 0_0 ( or maybe is just me haha).
    In my opinion, all ladies are doing really good job with singing for princess ^^
    My loved ones ( not counting polish :p) are czech, korean, greek.

  5. ahh my favourite Barbie movie, although I did a ranking of Anneliese not a long time ago it was nice to recall all of her voices again ^___^ my favourites are brazilian, czech, danish, dutch, english, french, greek, norwegian & polish ♥

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