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BatJokes| Hey, Brucie! (humor/memes)

[Applause] you seem to go through these thorns don’t worry on a brown monkey [Music] so that you give me [Music] oh I’ve got an idea let’s play pretend of what you Bihar maybe someone should stay up here Keep Watch good point let’s go Bruce sorry I can’t lady or maybe you could stay Odom Harley gave me an assignment and I mean to fulfill it we’ll go first make sure it’s safe you you care about me that much and in your I thought I was losing you too what was your favorite thing about Argo important for me it was sloppy joe Fridays I’d enjoyed the lights they had a hum to them help like a blanket fuzzy even I missed that on the outside it doesn’t feel as real here you know about here chaos seems to lure the day even but you are Li you thrive on it I could learn from that because they thrive on you you’re my light outside of Arkham [Music] my gift for you knew best isn’t that right Gordy [Music] [Music] unknown contact [Music] [Music] optimist look I think that statement welcome here I’m just [Music] skip speed hey that’s pretty good [Music] Brutus is strong and smart and somewhat super handsome nuts Oh Bruce I’m surprised to see you and these are their fashion consultants you should see the news [Music] did you have anything to do with the Riddler’s death Eden the garland geez Bruce do you really think I’d be capable cold-blooded I don’t know John the way you were talking about him at the funeral makes me wonder I think was a terrible person Bruce I don’t think it’s wrong to what I’m dead doesn’t mean I pulled the trigger though [Music]

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  1. Love this video! Great editing 😀 Could you please let me know what the name of the short jingle at 5:09 is?

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