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100 thoughts on “Batman: The Killing Joke Motion Comic w/ Mark Hamill & Kevin Conroy

  1. The voice acting for Joker was real good, but simply taking the audio from the movie is kind of lazy. Sadly, Kevin and Hamill weren't given good direction with this movie, so a lot of their lines feel rushed or stale or forced.

  2. Did they just take the audio from the movie or was this something different? you can notice little dialogue changes from the comic

  3. There is no animation in this video, and it is 10 times better than the animation in DC's professionally made, released to blu ray movie.

  4. Hey at least this proves to some people that there IS a song and dance number in the book.

    I don't know why it just kind of bugged me that some of the critics thought it was an "added" scene to the film that was never in the book itself.

  5. Yo, it IS one of the greatest comic books of all time. But why in this video does the verbal narrator bumass missay several of the lines? Annoying as hell..

  6. 18:50 I normally don't go BBW but damn she got a big ol' rack. If I were Gordon I would definitely go looney looking at those knockers all night long. I had this comic when I was a teenager and the fat lady used to be my go-to fap material.

  7. I love this and everything it's really well done and it is amazing to hear Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy voices put to the actual comic it's just how does this not run afoul of copyright laws is really my only question

  8. Can anyone explain the ending? I mean I know it's left ambiguous as to whether Batman kills Joker or not but why was Batman laughing? I find it unlikely that he actually found the joke funny

  9. I've never read the comic but wow…I always heard this was one of the best stories in the DCverse but watching it while Mark and Kevin do the voices while reading the lines? I have no words..just I understand why they say this is a really good story

  10. I never want a definitive answer by anyone but what happened to The Joker in the very last panel. I never want this answered by anyone at DC Comics. It will be like a choose your own adventure. This can't be said enough Dave Gibbons artwork in this book is a masterpiece.

  11. This is awesome, bro. It's not easy to tribute justice to Alan Moore's and Brian Bolland's iconic art but you did a good job. Insanely good, I think it's appropriate.

  12. This is beautiful. So well done, and definitely what the movie should’ve been. The Killing Joke just isn’t The Killing Joke without Brian Bolland’s iconic art, particularly his Joker. Bravo!

  13. I don’t know who you are but thank you for fixing the killing joke movie seriously this is all the movie needed to be

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  15. I dislike that Kevin Conroy didn’t read the script, but made his own dialogue. Just my opinion.

  16. 30:56 joker isn’t killed by Batman. If you look behind them, you can see headlights. They both got ran over

  17. Brings to life what made this book really great. Really brings a new dimension to the book! 10/10

    Wish those two would do actual audio books for some comics. Way more worth my time then the lame animated adaptions

  18. i actually have an idea for a story called tea for two. it's very complex it's a story about a character that probably means shit to you though. his name is BrambleBee. BrambleBee is the best friend of Rorshach he's a watchmen who was originally approached but because the joker burned down his house with his blind service dog in it. Bruce wayne takes him in and says i know what you were trying to do. it's not your fault. you don't konw how badly i have always wanted to reach him. and i tried. once upon a time.

    the devil walks up to a struggling comedian and asks him a question

    why so down sweetheart?

    i just lost my wife.

    the devil laughs and says don't worry. maybe she still has 8 lives left.

    teh goal of my writing is very simple. acquisition of assets. like hmmm i don't know the joker needs to turn rogue and i have some complex ideas about the red hood gang. there is a character that is actually more sadistic than the joker that the joker has never met his name is Clover. like that the back of the killing joke!?

  19. 28:33 – 28:34. That laugh SHOULD be REPLACED WITH the laugh in the MOVIE when Joker pulls out the gun on Batman…… That is the ONLY thing I got to say, THIS VIDEO IS GREAT

  20. 25:06 your way….is letting mass genocide killing monsters live and escape over and over to continue ruining lives and making things worst

    Buddy your system didn't work and never will work to begin with

  21. I just finished the original graphic novel of The Killing Joke and a I had a thought, lightning struck my brain(and yes it hurt) Has anyone ever written a story where the Joker's plan here worked? Maybe an unknown amount of time later these traumas actually manifested and Commissioner Gordon actually snaps and becomes a villain? I mean there have been plenty of stories and "What Ifs" about Batman finally breaking(even just going insane for a short time) If Batman can, then certainly Jim Gordon is capable of the Big M. And how would Bruce/Batman handle possibly having to kill Gordon. Say if Gordon was just too far gone, if it has been done, what book is it in please, if not I think that would be a sick twist that should be explored, I mean all kinds of other things had been retconned in far lazier ways lol. This wouldn't even be a retcon it'd just be a delayed effect of mental torture. Just a thought.

  22. Hearing the dialogue along with the actual panels, I finally realize why I didn't like the line changes. The changed lines were so much more…cynical. Plus, there was the whole thing where the "One Bad Day" monologue was clearly written to make Joker be sympathetic and sad and not screaming at the top of his lungs. It's almost like the writers of the movie didn't get it.

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