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BAYWATCH “B00BS” Trailer (2017) Alexandra Daddario, Dwayne Johnson Comedy Movie HD

Did you just uh, look at my boobs? I was not my intention. I didn’t uh — Your looking at them right now… Now I did, cause’ you were talking about– testing [oh] failed. You just looked at them again I am the champion and you’re gonna hear me roar!
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Damn Never really heard a [guy] [sing] that song but they’re really good. Thank you by the way [let] [me] shower in here. We come huh Hey, chef new kids on the block here is from Iowa, really [I] asked you [this] a lot of oceans in Iowa No, just ponds and lakes and cocky pretty boys. How much what happened to that last pretty boy recruit we have to die What is it lifeguard hazing inept road? He told the world record the few hundred meters. Hey, Brody that Brody Yes, absolutely we still don’t get I don’t mean fit into that but every one of the beasts is talking about you guys. Thank you well I just wanted to invite all of you to the country But I know that the club’s kind of fancy and probably not your scene, but you [haven’t] standing Thank you. What whoa you, okay? Yeah? You never forget the one who steals your heart Or [the] one. Oh who kicks your ass Someday [see] shit is happening in our beach And my balls say we need to go over there and [check] it out bad idea mitch we’re lifeguards my balls day Just thinking [he’s] right. [well] my balls are saying fuck that noise. Let’s go handle business [your] balls are bullies They watch work because we follow rules No better this guy a train wreck I’m [not] Brody and not a single fuck was given [there] weren’t a bet for mers in the whole world like if a human fucked again Which is impossible to be so cool. Don’t know don’t be messing with me There’s your cup. Don’t jack off on my sheep. Just remember. I’m always watching know how to do that leon patience matters Hello in the captain Background [all] [things] [considered] [being] [out] of work oh Boy, that’s good luck pick it up We need search for more for evidence Checking for needle marks women check his taint [lifts] his fucking scrotum and check his taint there is a taint man If it aint even look get closer oh, oh mikey. Oh gert. Oh, there is a hole. That’s just a bundle of smile. It’s Supposed to that. Do not post at this. I am full of ball set You turn the canals into the goddamn x game that’s because we were in lifeguard pursuit. [oh], okay. Love it Except for there’s no fucking such thing as lifeguard pursuit I’m oceanic Welcome to Baywatch our scenes of the elite of the elite with the heart soul of this very beach Come on. Feed make my passion a little bigger and don’t cover up my front bump. You got it huge dick big dick We’re staring into the abyss here. It’s up to us restore the Baywatch brand [they’re] one direction you here for the qualifier. I’m matt Brodie. I don’t have to try out. I’ve got some gold Medal. Hey roadmap Brodie yes, we still don’t get the Training begins at oh six hundred again top you see me pitiful your refrigerator essence very watch What is that you think we do here? I prevent people from getting sunburned occasionally stop them from drowning Stop it. I can’t [save] [you] if you’re being a dick This is a guy you think it’s a good pr opportunity for us, but I get it being sasquatch I’m fast fuck that shit [touch] your feet shock Drugs Murder Dead body on our beach, and it all started once she took over some people are up to no good We’re gonna have to do what they watch the best the truth is one of you will probably die. Yeah What no? I’m the only one to think this is clearly a job for the police Thank you blue. Eyed Demon. You got one job make sure I swim happy white people don’t drown Why does [he] look like she’s running a film ouch the reason I believe in God We got to go undercover Yeah, wonder cutter. Yeah, little do undercover motion anymore Oh, Jason bourne and got shit on me Why are we in the morgue you got to get some hard evidence? What’s coming put it here now now we [high] weird I’m laying dead all the reactors are empty. Why do you think that Troy? Tell it it’s just a little dead man’s back necrotic liquid fat and we you stopping a baby hmM. That’s it Our team is the elite of the elite For the heart soul of this very beach We protect when other people don’t want to protect and we go above and Beyond If you want me you can have me some other time We’re staring into the abyss here City. Council’s already cut our funding to restore the Baywatch brand I’m at Brody’s ready for duty. You just [fix] my boob. I usually look at my face I’m trying, but it’s so close to your boobs ha This is a guy you think it’s a good Pr opportunity for [you], [sir] [shock] reckless With two gold Medals. [I] mean gold medals. Do you have probably zero? We got a dead body on our beach No, [I’m] [shocked] my gut says there’s a bad shit going on over there [get] my ball say we need to check [out] a high Ball Stage Diggities right what’s your ball sound like three year old girls. [I] don’t [know] man. What about a dog but they’re wise Welcome to Baywatch Are you [grabbing] me to fight? I destroyed my training Alma you see it, too You [turn] the canals into the Dam x-games. Yeah, because we were in lifeguard pursuit. There’s no such thing as lifeguard pursuit How do I explain this so that you people understand you people? You people oh, you don’t get to say that you’re just right. Oh come on, bub you

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  1. Ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti TITTIES

  2. Ok first off Alexandria Daddario is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Her pair of…..EYES….. GOTCHA. Seriously though her eyes are mesmerizing. And yeah the obvious um, two of the seven wonders of the world. I have NO interest in this movie, but to see her, maybe.

  3. Not sure which position, but this definitely would make my Top 10 list of worst movies ever made. Beautiful ladies and tits didn't save it.

  4. Well you can ghost around me with ur friends but that’s not valuable if ur shy lol you gatta be yourself

  5. Some of these women would literally take off their bra, jam their boobs against your face, and then accuse you of staring.
    The sound track is dope tho 😀

  6. Kelly should have been Captain Marvel. Brie is a shit actress and she sucked in the role. Still do not like the tiny model Gal for WW either.

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