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BD Athlete Daila Ojeda: Into the Alpine to Send Digital Crack

It´s the new experiences that give me motivation, and climbing itself has a wide range of possibilities.
The fact of changing only a single component makes it a totally new experience. This week I learned how to walk
with crampons, how to use ice axes … At first the noise of the metal against the rock was weird. You feel like you’re falling all the time. But little by little I got used to it. And at the end I found it harder to walk without them. I started to trust them when I found holes in the rock … And to be honest, that works super well. This route, Digital Crack (8a), I liked it from the
first moment I saw the line. It’s still a sport climbing route, but its
approximation and location make it a unique line. It is a very technical climb and demands really precise footwork on very small granite holds. In five days, we have had all kinds of weather. Anyway, we tried every day. With sun, heat, fog, rain. That’s mountain rules, if you don’t try, you don’t know. At first it impressed me to try a route like this one situated in the middle of this sea of huge mountains. The atmosphere intimidates. But once you become familiar with the
environment, you begin to feel as if you are at your local crag. After climbing my first real multipitch route in Montserrat, La Directa de la Amistad, coming here to try this route, seemed to me a logical progression. I’m curious to know how this progression will continue!

7 thoughts on “BD Athlete Daila Ojeda: Into the Alpine to Send Digital Crack

  1. Good but…our strong climber Federica Mingolla did it on 2015 and…slept on the glacier!!!

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