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Matt: Hi! And welcome to Bean Boozled. Where today, the better half of Fairy Bones takes on the Bean Boozled Challenge. Chelsey: This is Bean Boozled. Where there are two different kinds of jelly beans flavors. One is bad and one is good. God, that was so hard to explain.. Matt. Matt: Some of the tastes that we will be… tasting today. Good ones like buttered popcorn and peach. But then there’s also stinky socks and rotten egg. Robert: This is like some Harry Potter shit right here. Matt: This is going to be disgusting. And.. I’m already regretting this decision. Chelsey: So the first one we gotta do is stinky socks or Tutti Frutti. Matt: Do it. Matt: I got Tutti Fruitti! Robert: Did you? It doesn’t taste like anything.. Ben: Tastes like a jellybean.. That’s totally Tutti Fruitti. That tastes SO GOOD. Hi fly. (Off screen, Matt): Is it not good? If it’s not pleasurable – it’s not a good flavor. Chelsey: It’s.. it’s.. that tastes like stinky socks. Holy crap.. that’s horrible.. It’s like.. smokey.. (Off screen, Matt): Remember, this is YOUR idea. Matt: Buttered popcorn or rotten egg. Chelsey: Buttered popcorn sounds good. Ben: Rotten egg sounds even better. Robert: This is popcorn. Matt: Tastes like popcorn. Ben: Buttered popcorn! (Off screen, Matt): Ben! Three for three! Ben: I’m getting all the delicious ones. Chelsey: Oh my God. NO. Matt: Two for two. We’ve lucked out! Ben: Mines pretty good. Regardless what it is. Chelsey: Are you serious? That rotten egg was DISGUSTING. Matt: Lime or lawn clippings.. Ben: Lime. That’s so good right there. Chelsey: Yeah, lime. Ben: DELICIOUS! Robert: Lawn clipping would be pretty good actually. I’d be down for that. LAWN CLIPPING. Matt: Yeah.. yeah.. That strangely tastes like grass. Matt: Blueberry.. or toothpaste. We need a palate cleanser! Ben: Berry blue right there. Chelsey: I got toothpaste! Ben: That’s SOOO GOOOOOD! Robert: Oh this is fucking toothpaste. Matt: Yeah. Ugh.. Ben: All of these have been DELICIOUS. Chelsey: This is JUST LIKE eating toothpaste.. Matt: Peach or barf. Robert: Oh. Fun. Ben: PEEEEEEAAAACCCCHHH!! Robert: Oh, it’s Peach. Ben: I’ve got nothing but delicious ones. Matt: No, that’s barf. Robert: What does Barf taste like? Matt: .. Meaty? Ben: I’m killing this game right now. Chelsey: This isn’t fair. Matt: Canned dog food or chocolate pudding. Chelsey: Please.. BE BAD. Ben: OH! Chelsey: Nope. No. (Off screen, Matt): It’s meaty! Chelsey: What was it? Was it canned dog food?? Why are you just going for it!? Robert: Oh. This is dog food. Matt: So is this. Oh.. it’s weird.. it’s earthy. Chelsey: THE most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted. I’ve just got a line of disgusting Like, spit out Jellybeans. Matt: Booger or juicy pear. Robert: Oh boy. I still have dog food in my mouth. Hold on. Ben: That’s a pear. Matt: BOOGER! It’s like.. jalapenos! Robert: Yeah! It’s like.. salty. Chelsey: Mine’s pear, too. (Off screen, Matt): Wooooo! Matt: Yeah, it tastes like a jalapeno kettle chip. Chelsey: I’m like.. all nervous. I crunch it up and then like Use my tongue to like slightly stab it. I’ve got a system now. So if this were ever to happen in like a Torture setting.. I’m fine. Robert: JellyBelly.. You’re fucked up! Matt: Moldy cheese or caramel corn. Moldy cheese. Ben: Do you wanna switch? Just in case? Cause I’m getting all the good ones. Chelsey: No, no. I think my luck has changed. Ben: Okay. Matt: Oh! I don’t know how to describe it. Just.. Bad. Robert: That’s cheese, yeah. It tastes like bleu cheese. Chelsey: That’s caramel corn. Ben: That’s definitely moldy cheese.. Chelsey: Yeeeesss!!! See? I told you my luck’s changed. I knew if switched, I’d be FUCKED. Matt: I hate both of these. Baby wipes or coconut. Ben: Are they running around stealing baby wipes from.. little babies?! Chelsey: I don’t think babies BUY baby wipes. Ben: Yeah they do. Why would they call them baby wipes? Matt: This is coconut. Robert: This could go either way.. I think it’s baby wipes. Chelsey: That’s baby wipes. It tastes exactly like baby wipes. Robert: It’s like a coconuty baby wipe. Ben: Do you lick a lot of baby wipes? Chelsey: No, I just KNOW what it tastes like.. Matt: Skunk spray or licorice. Robert: Skunk spray?! Yeah these are both terrible. Chelsey: All right… Matt: Skunk spray!!! Chelsey: Uh uh. That’s BAD. You said it wasn’t that bad. That tastes EXACTLY like what a skunk would fucking taste like. Matt: It’s garr..uggh.. it’s like musty. Robert: It’s like dog anal glands from work! Chelsey: It tastes like eating, um, road kill. Matt: DONE. Those are all my flavors. We wanna thank you for another wonderful episode of .. “Bean..” Ohh! Wait wait. Do it again! We’ve BeanBoozled. Wonderful afternoon of.. “We’ve BeanBoozled!” Chelsey: I don’t like this game. Not endorsed by.

3 thoughts on “BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE – THE BAND EDITION (Super Gross Jelly Beans!)

  1. That was another great video, thank you for the laughs. Ben you sir are a lucky bastard. I want to play this game now. Weekend drunk game here I come.

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