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100 thoughts on “Bean’s Mission | Funny Clip | Classic Mr Bean

  1. Thing is though. The tapes would have captured Bean doing that. all it would take would be for someone to review the tapes and he'd be found out.

  2. Me whenever I try masking every little detail on adobe afters and sony vegas it has to be somewhat close precise perfect 3:19–3:56 FOCUS

  3. Just goes to show that underneath that eccentric facade of his, Mr. Bean is a highly intelligent person. Swapping the keys to buy time wouldn't have occured to me if I was in his place!

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  5. Getting me out of jail then listen to your twin is not in a question I remember I made it home with you and you swear driver why the trouble mr bean we can be friends at the next stop

  6. Help Help that's me thank you you said I sure can prove that so the next stop and bail is made I want the phone on.loud

  7. I love this scene but I always thought there is a flaw. Did not the security cameras recorded him switching the paintings?.

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