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Behind the Scenes: Good Vibrations | Rooster Teeth

Jack: Alright, Ryan Ryan: What’s up? Jack: What the fuck are you doing? Ryan: Uh, I’m cutting a hole in Gavin’s desk that’ll go right under his monitor. And in it I’m going to insert this little gadget that I wired up. Which is a, uh, it’s a play on the “beep” prank only, I’ve used the vibration motors from a XBox 360 controller so when it goes off every minute or so it’s going to do this: *loud buzzing noise* Ryan: In his desk. Michael: Fuckin’… James Bond over here. Jack: You, you’re an evil genius. Ryan: I hope so. Either that or it’ll set his desk on fire *Jack laughing* Ryan: You know, one or the other *buzz* Michael: What the fuck is that? Gavin: What? Geoff: It might have been my phone Jack: Mmm. *Michael in the background being Michael all throughout the clip* Jack: Hello? Jack: This is Jack. Ray: Oh, ah. Ryan: That took a turn. Jack: That’s not nice. Geoff: What’s not nice? Geoff: *laughing* Why do you suck cock? Jack: I dunno. Gavin: Does anyone have a hammer? Ryan: A hammer? Gavin: Yeah Ryan: Why do you want a hammer? Michael: The fuck was that? Gavin: I want a hammer! Michael: You find one? Gavin: No. Did you?! *Geoff talking away in the background* Ryan: Why, what do you want? Michael: Gavin wants a hammer Ryan: Um… Ryan: I do not think I have a hammer. Gavin: Everyone’s an arsehole. Gavin: I asked two people the same question and both didn’t answer the question. Geoff: What’s the question? Geoff: You didn’t ask me a question. Michael: You didn’t ask me anything. Gavin: Do you have a hammer? Geoff: No, I don’t have a hammer. Why would I have a hammer? Michael: And why are they an asshole for not answering? Geoff: I play video games for a living. Michael: I don’t -hammer- things, Gavin, I used to have a hammer, it woulda been right here, but I don’t have it anymore. Ryan: Isn’t that a song? ‘If I had a hammer’? Geoff: Mhm. Ryan, offscreen: Oh yeah… Gavin: I want to go mental with a hammer. I wanna go –mental–! Michael: Woah woah! Gavin! Please! Geoff: Who slams a desk?! Michael: Babies! Geoff: what are you doing? Gavin: I wanna blow up my desk Geoff: Why? Gavin: ‘Cause it keeps making noises on me Geoff: Blow up your desk? Dude, look at your desk. It’s blown up. Your desk is blown to -smithereens-, man. Gavin: Yeah Geoff: Why do more damage to it? Gavin: I know, right. *buzz* Geoff: I didn’t hear it, what was that? Gavin: That was it. Geoff: I think I, I might have been talking over it. Geoff: Why are you losing your mind? ‘Cause you think you hear a noise? Gavin: Well… Gavin: I can -hear- the noise. Geoff: Alright, let me hear it. Geoff: Let me know when you hear it. *Door creaking as Gavin stands behind it like an anxious puppy* *Michael laughing* Jack: Josh? -Josh?- *Everyone else laughing* Geoff: You’re losing your fucking mind! Michael: Don’t pull your desk apart now. That’s childish. Michael: What are you doing? Gavin: Is it on it? Or in it? Michael: Is it on what? Gavin: On the desk. *Desk crying out in despair* Jack: Oh God. Ray: Please, this would be the perfect- Michael: I hope the desk just cracks, your fucking knee is in the hole, your desk is gonna split in half. Ray: Please give way.
Michael: If I, if I kick the desk I think it’d split in half. Ray: Please give way Michael: WOW! That was close. Gavin: There’s got to be, like… *Sound of gubbins falling into the gub-bin* Michael: Gavin, no! Jack: You just pushed -all- your stuff into the trash. Michael: Gavin, you own those things. Michael: The Queen! Ray: Not the Queen.
Michael: Dude, check the Queen. Geoff: God save her. Michael: What’s up? *Everyone laughing* Ryan: Uh……… Michael: Gavin, Gavin, get a stepladder. *More laughter, people making fun of Gavin* Jack: Somebody get Gavin a hammer. Ryan: Gavin, do I need to call somebody? Gavin: Yes! Call the hammer… people. Michael: –Go find one!!– Geoff: Do we have your next-of-kin listed as an emergency contact? Gavin: Ow! *Laughter intensifies* Michael: Dude, the desk retaliated. Gavin: Is it… in the… floor? Geoff: What are you talking about? Michael: That’s a Wii U, down there. Geoff: That’s a Wii U, dude. Michael: Gavin? *bang* *bang* *bang* Michael: Gavin…? Ryan: There’s actually… falling- shit falling out of it down this end. Michael: Did, did you get it? Geoff: Oh is it that little buzz noise? Michael: EEEEYYY! You finally looked under the monitor! *Everyone loses it yet again* Gavin: Look at the size of it! It’s huge! *Laughter and fanfic writers cheering* Michael: Dude, I -knew- you would check there last, it would take Geoff: Oh my God.
Michael: the longest for you to check there. Gavin: Well- You can’t fit anything under that unless you cut a hole in the table!! Michael: Yeah, exactly. Who gives a shit? Look at your desk. Another hole won’t do it any…
*trails off for this cinematic shot* *Loud buzzing noise* *Geoff busts out laughing again* Geoff: Who’s the one person smart enough in this room that could have made that? Michael: Hmm, I wonder. Ryan: Uh, I gotta go… *One last fit of laughter, video fades out*

100 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Good Vibrations | Rooster Teeth

  1. 'Who's the one person in this room smart enough to do that?' Well, Michael was an electrician and Jack likes to build things, so….

  2. I love that in 4 years they've gone from wiring an electric motor to a pattern to literally taping people to the wall

  3. "Does anyone have a hammer?"
    – fast forward to achievement Hunter office 2018-
    "Yeah, a sledgehammer, 30 something swords, a dozen other melee weapons, a couple hundred knives, a pair of grappling hooks, an armoury of bb & airsoft guns, and 300 moon balls. Which would you prefer?"

  4. I'm highly entertained at Gavin's ability to hone in on cameras and people pulling the pranks on him. It's amazing.

  5. God I love coming back to older videos like this, though it is weird to see how much they've changed (especially ryan)

  6. Dude, this was in my recommended, haven't seen this since it came out. Absolute classic! Everyone has changed so much.

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