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Behind The Scenes on IT Movie + Bloopers & Clips!

This is day one and we are in Henry Bowers’ house. And cut! It doesn’t make sense. None of this makes any sense. There, there, there’s the iron works, there’s the black spot. there’s the black spot. Everywhere IT happens, My mom will have an aneurysm, okay? If she finds out we’re playing down here. I’m serious. Bill! Bill! Bill! Jack! Eddie! Where’s the flashlight? Legs are the heaviest part of the body, everyone. Besides his head because he’s smart. Bill, I told you. I told you we were all gonna die! We’re all gonna die. And… get ready, Bill, And… three, two, one! Pennywise! D’oh! And cut! Paul! No! Hiya Georgie! What a nice boat. Do you want it back? Uh, yes, please. Talk like a nice boy. Do you want a balloon, too, Georgie? I’m not supposed to take stuff from strangers. Oh, well I’m Pennywise, the dancing clown. Now we aren’t strangers, are we? I think I’m going now. Without your boat? Here, take it. My grandfather thinks this town is cursed. He says that all the bad things that happen in this town are because of one thing. An evil thing that feeds off the people of Derry. But it can’t be one thing. We all saw something different. Maybe. Or maybe it knows what scares us most, and that’s what we see. I- I saw a- a leper. He w- he was like a walking infection. But you didn’t. Because it isn’t real. None of this is. None of this makes any sense. They’re all like bad dreams. I don’t think so. I know the difference between a bad dream and real life, okay? We’re all afraid of something. Got that right. Hi Rich. What are you afraid of? Clowns. Guys! Don’t tell me that’s… Ge- Geo- Georgie wore galoshes. Whose sneaker is it? It’s Betty Ripsen’s. What if she’s still here? Eddie, come on! My mom will have an aneurysm, okay, if she finds out that we’re playing down here. I’m serious. Bill? If I was Betty Ripsen, I would want us to find her. Ge- Ge- Georgie, too. What if I don’t want to find them? I mean, no offense, Bill, but I don’t want to end up like Ge- I don’t want to go missing, either.

100 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes on IT Movie + Bloopers & Clips!

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  2. Andy the movie's director is argentinian like me……i think…
    nobody is profet in natal country….

  3. He does not protecc
    He most definitly atacc
    He is probably also on cracc
    He is scary AF and that vogues.. is a FACC

  4. Who else wants to watch the it movies because they seem so good, but then they are too scared to watch the whole thing?

  5. this is not fair this was posted before the movie even came out and its september movies coming out tmr and we got barely anything

  6. Lúc mà Penniwise chui xuống ống cống diễn, không biết có thối không nhỉ :vv hay chỉ là làm cho giống cái ống cống thôi.

  7. movie: richie screaming bloody murder while running from a terrifying clown with intense, loud music in the background

    behind the scenes: finn screaming and running away from a camera in a silent room while a man says “rawr” a few times

  8. Omg😂 the subtitels in romanian are all swearing words like… really bad. There is nothing in the subtitels related to the movie

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