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12 thoughts on “Belle, Mulan & Pocahontas (One-Line Multilanguage) from Ralph Breaks the Internet

    – Ánh Phųong won't dub the Vietnamese Belle in the original animated movie or the live-action movie.
    – Mulan in Portuguese is voiced by Rita Ruaz.
    – Japanese version available here :
    – Icelandic HQ version available here :

  2. Your multilingual videos always have some kind of effect on me. They keep me hooked on till the very end! I applaud your innovation 🙂 very interesting video for dub lovers like you and me. I have a link to the Hindi dub but it’s very low quality. I need to check again to see if they’ve updated. I shall let you know at once if I find a high quality recording.

  3. Great multi! <3
    I'm glad to hear a different voice for Belle in Italian. Laura Boccanera is still AMAZING but her voice now is soooo deep! It wouldn't have fit Belle.

  4. Great multi, so amazing to see so many original voices coming back! <3
    EU Portuguese Mulan is Rita Ruaz, a new voice. I asked my friend Disney em pt-pt and he found out from the dubbing director.

  5. I don't wanna bother you but here's some update for Vietnamese dub: Ánh Phương will not be Belle in the future dub but rather Duyên Quỳnh, Cinderella's voice here. But instead Ánh Phương will be Mulan in future dub! (lmao) Oh, and the Vietnamese dub of Ralph 2 just been released on a VOD web several days ago 😉 Do you want to wait for it too ?
    And this is the Japanese scene: (I found it by search in on YT by the Japanese title of the movie)

  6. I have the Japanese dub. I bought the Blu-ray & DVD combo pack with the princess slipcase. 🙂 I've posted images on my Facebook if you are interested.

  7. Hold on… Are you suuure that Jannike Kruse as Mulan in the Norwegian version? Cause it really doesn't sound like her ! :O

    Beautiful video and editing btw 😀

  8. Anh Phuong will not be Belle in the live action and animated movie of Beauty and the Beast, it'll be Nguyễn Duyên Quỳnh, who voices Cinderella here.
    Also, in Ukrainian, the correct romanization is Olha, not Olga, the last one is Russian romanization.

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