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11 thoughts on “Belle – One Line Multilanguage | Cover

  1. YOU GO BRO !!!!!
    The only thing that was a BIT off was 'gebeurd' in Dutch. the 'eu' sound is the same as the Ø in Norwegian or Danish.

  2. Wow! Your voice is so beautiful; so warm and with a wonderful vibrato <3 And your German is simply incredible, one of the best I've heard from a foreigner! You only have a small accent but pronunce everything completely clear and understandable ^^ I'm really impressed!

  3. Such a wonderful multi! You seem amazing in every language and I can say your Italian was fantastic! 😊 And the end xD

  4. Your pronunciation of Arabic is hands down the best I’ve heard from a foreigner on YT 😀 I’m super impressed, and I like your accent!
    Your singing is really great too; very nice voice and vibrato ^^

  5. aaaa! weave snatched
    I liked all the versions and those vocals were so on point that even the pronunciation didn't seem to be messed up

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