Laughter is the Best Medicine

Bernadette Carroll – Laughing on the Outside Cover (The End of the F***ing World Ost)

I’m laughing on the outside Crying on the inside Cause I’m still in love with you They see me night and daytime Having such a great time They don’t know what I go through I’m laughing on the outside Crying on the inside Cause I’m still in love with you No one knows it’s just a pose Pretending I’m glad we’re apart But when I cry, my eyes are dry The tears are in my heart My darling, can’t we make up? Ever since our breakup Make believe is all I do I’m laughing on the outside Crying on the inside Cause I’m still in love with you

100 thoughts on “Bernadette Carroll – Laughing on the Outside Cover (The End of the F***ing World Ost)

  1. I love this show! And this song is great as well. They should use your cover for the next season! This is amazing

  2. That was awesome, dude!!!……I haven't heard this tune, it's a nice one…..Great sound, with the reverb and your passionate singing and strumming……….enjoyed it very much :))

  3. Such a delightful song with your unique style Anthony!! Bravissimo 👏👏👏👏thumbs up!!!😌🎶🎶🎶🎶

  4. I like this, driving rhythm guitar sounds good and the vocal effects work really well. I suppose it's always a possibility while Mr. T is around 🙂

  5. Sigh I know the feeling… Not fun.. Now your fangirls must be going "Awwww Anthony don't cryyy, you still got meee.. You'll forget her in no timeee" 😀 Cool song. Nice delay effect on your vocals.

  6. Don't cry Ant! Another awesome cover of a song that I have not heard before but have just checked out the original on YT. Mighty fine acoustic cover my friend 👍

  7. Non conoscevo questa canzone e sono andato in cerca dell'originale: hai fatto un ottimo lavoro, molto creativo sulla parte vocale! Gli effetti sulla voce sono notevoli, quando i delay si intensificano l'effetto complessivo è davvero bello 🙂

  8. This is a new song for my ears Anthony – and it came out really nice man! Top shelf music my friend!!! I dig your hollow body guitar as well! :D:D:D -Cholly

  9. Great performance, very sensitive!
    Btw, here we celebrate name days as well as birthdays and today is st Antony celebration .. so happy name day !!

  10. Anthony, you never cease to amaze me. Your song choices and your interpretations of them are singularly memorable. Nobody does it better. You got all of this one, my dear friend.

  11. Hi Anthony….I'm not familiar with the song…so good to hear it for the first time
    via your fine cover and video performance…..T/U…..Regards from Liverpool……Dave

  12. What camera and program do you use to film, edit and record the sound of your videos ?
    great cover, great work Anthony ! As good as always, with your beautiful voice, talented guitar playing and nice videos 🙂

  13. Hallo Anthony, beautiful relaxing music and lovely interpretation my friend, bravo ! i love it.
    All the best … Fons.

  14. sensible voice thumb # up from Oldvi singer your new loyal subbed friend as your video is really spectecular for my taste – please chek if you really subbed – we should support eachother more in 2018 dear friend – here I give YOU fife stars * * * * *

  15. Absolutely superb, Anthony! Your voice, guitar playing, and the recording all sound incredible! You are so talented!!! 🙂

  16. இڿڰ♥ڿڰ💕 Thank you so much, my sweet angel, for the wonderful song!
    ✬ • "*°•ڰڿ✬ڰڿ• "*°•ڰڿ✬ڰڿ• "*°•ڰڿ✬ڰڿ• "*°•ڰڿ✬ڰڿ•ڰڿڰڿ✬💕

  17. Hi Anthony . . Riveting job on this piece.  .. Your voice says so much . . . Thanks and i hope that you have a great week ahead!!!!  best. . . jeff

  18. that guitar sounds freaking heavenly. i love this song and i've never heard it before. damn. the lyrics r so sad..but the tune makes it a little creepy and i love it.

  19. Wow 😮 😮 Wow very good video very nice like 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗👍👍👍👍💚💚

  20. Excellent performance Anthony! Enjoyed your rendition! We watched this show last week, and thought it was quite different and unique! 🙂

  21. it's a fabulous song. Unbelievable what a wooden box with steel strings and a great vocal can do … Bravo and you have a new subscriber.

  22. Dear Anthony, I like the moments of more power in your voice as one more aspect of your expression. Also the short double effect was a good idea. Have a wonderful evening!

  23. great rendition of this old 1946 tune.. love how old classics  never go away…music by Bernie Wayne and  lyrics by Ben Raleigh. i tried to watch that show but i'm an old fart and  the trials and tribulations of teenagers doesn't really interest me any more… ha ha ha   but i do agree with Lisa, the show should use this great rendition for next season… bravo Antonio

  24. Came by way of Robin and Glad I did! I remember hearing that song a very long time ago! Great!!! I’ve Subscribed to your channel!

  25. Totaly smasing Anthony yhats how l feel most times god you are so beautiful inside and out love you man Theresa fay scotland xx

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