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BEST And FUNNIEST PUPPET Auditions On Got Talent Around The World! | Got Talent Global

There’s no time for this come on get your pants on. Ok ma. It’s your big day. Are you excited? I’m so excited. I’m gonna sing for Mel B. My name’s Ira. I’m 32 I’m a singer from Los Angeles. He’s a great singer from Los Angeles, huh? This is my lovely mother Miriam honey, Bobby. Thank you Have you after lunch pickles? Yeah, mum. Okay, and then you’ve got your after dinner pickles? Yeah. You got some schmutz though Oh, I do. Yeah, get it off your face Is that better? I’m really excited to sing for Mel B. He loves Mel, but the ideal it’s Melb. It’s Mel B ma. Ever since Ira laid eyes on Mel He has been obsessed with her. You’re look great baby the judges and then I love you. Oh, what’s that? Sorry, I’m a little gassy when I’m nervous. I get gassy. Me too. All right Hello Hi, what’s your name Ira Fennel Bloom and where were you from Ira? I live in Los Angeles, California with my mother We share a two-bedroom apartment. What do you do in LA? A singer. My mother convinced me to share my gift with the world and also to Profess my love in song to the most beautiful queen of my dreams Miss Melanie Brown So you watch you’ve watched this show before oh, yeah, I do mother’s feet and we sit on the couch and watch the show Go ahead. Yes, I can sing. Well, I’ll be the judge of that. I guess you will be huh? Okay, Mel B. This is one for you. Okay, um Cue music, please You are so beautiful Mel B Can’t you see Your everything I’m so sorry So beautiful You know something you’re not the best singer in the world, but that didn’t move me and it moved the audience You got a standing ovation. I loved it. I loved it Yeah Like how we said you might not be the best singer, but you know some people move us I’d love to see you win a million dollars and move out of that apartment with your mother and stop rubbing her big feet. You provided us with something that we love here on America’s Got Talent and that is Romance. Yeah, Mel B was loving it now give him a kiss Thank You Heidi what do you think Ira I have to say I feel a little bit like chopped liver over here Okay You singing a love song to Mel being what about me? No, you’re a beautiful beautiful woman. It’s just it’s just Melody’s time right now We should vote of all I would like to start the voting how we go ahead now, you’ve got your first yes I write even though the song wasn’t for me. I’m still gonna give you a yes I mean Ira. Yeah? It was a lovely kiss, but I’m gonna have to say no What are you thinking Ira Ira, yes, how would you feel about huh? I’m a little heartbroken right now. Don’t be heartbroken Ira you have two yeses. Yes, and the love of your life Has given you a no. Yeah, she said no. She said no I guess that’s the chance, I had to take. But you know what you took a huge chance. I did. And you did something more than most people do and what you showed us today is honesty and what you showed us today is heart and Ira, yeah for that alone. I will give you Your third. Yes Everyone a But you want to save your marriage. Yes How are you angry why you laughing What’s your name? My name is Darcy win. Okay, it does he who’s that? My name’s petunia way towles Is it a bunny? Yes Is that a real bunny? Why did you both decide to enter the show well, it was one of my big dreams But also I would really like to keep vitriolic wisdom alive because it’s not common, you know, so well listen dusty best of luck I really hope you both. Thank you so much Are you ready? Yeah, I’m already hit what you’re gonna see. Oh boy Wow To the They don’t baby You know, what’s really sweet your papi I’m guessing is exactly like you very charming and adorable You make my heart melt you were brilliant. I’m trying to describe how amazing it was That was you Well done well Darcy you are going straight to the Hi, what’s your name? I’m Jimmy family. I’m from Devon. I’m 64 years old. You look amazing Jimmy did you bring anyone with you? I’ve got eight children. I’ve got five the partners got three and She’s here with two of my kids Jimmy what do you do for a living? I’m a Professional ventriloquist of invention of crystal over 40 years. I’ve done pub sink labs even children’s birthday parties Okay, the stage is yours Jimmy good. Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, I need help from a couple of people and any volunteers Will you please help me? Welcome to stage David and Amanda Hey mango, thank you. We just face this way guys and I just stick this around your chops Amanda. What’s that? Oh wow Just a beautiful fit. Would you both like to turn around? And then there you are George dropping So I’m Tiffany hobbies are these you’ve got obvious over yeah, what did I do? I like skipping So there’s some skipping here tonight David, I’d love to Actually fat man that we got some skipping music really good Another hobby what other hobby David I like ballet dancing I love to go Dali dancing or lovey We like to belly dance tonight I’d love to Thank you what I just ran ended was that David I got another hobby You know what it is I try to think I don’t know his other I’ll be asked him sure the rocky David striptease Music here we go. Nice and sexy Yes Sorry, sorry then Yeah healthy Good luck What do you reckon baby yes for me Okay, there is encirclement you are about to enter the world of make-believe Okay, so some of you are wondering what’s in the briefcase Okay white people call it a puppet black people say what our Lord she I Say it’s my friend. Welcome my friends my buddy Jackie Jackie oh my god Look at that lady Whiter body is good If you like it when asked you out hey you get out Not even a human being a monkey that’s racist Chuck listen human beings before became human beings. We used to be monkeys this means one day you’re gonna evolve and become a human being Listen, you can be Zulu what I wanted right chances are eternal life Listen you can be anything man. You can be you can be busy. What around join? Not all bad guys iff members Nothing gentleman. Like I said ventricle. ISM is very hard. Wait what? I know that guy what you Women this is detail fresh if you keep on picking you you went across to the next round Do you really want to win this thing? Yes Jordan Darin 3s. Ordinality Jake Rody That is just so lovely refreshing well done You know, what the hell Nicely done local mister I’m Michael Paul. I’m a bird trainer and I specialize in birds of prey The bird I brought today is a very special bird What makes it beautiful is also what makes it very dangerous the beak the claws the wingspan He is quite smart, and we have a particular bond that allows me to Go outside certain comfort zones to try different things out But the other side to that is I haven’t really had him in this kind of environment She smells the bird in there do you smell Willie in there? Working with birds of prey there are a lot of risks many injuries are possible and have happened when I Take off the cloth on the cage How will the animal respond to the lights and the moving cameras and the crew even with training? It is not hard to trigger a bird of prey If they’re feeling like they are in danger they might want to attack I have two goals tonight one is to make sure the audience of the judges are loud. Hi and Two that the audience and judges are safe Welcome. Thank you. What’s your name? I’m Michael Paul. And where you from? I’m from, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania So, what do you do for a living I have had many jobs but through all of that I have always been an exotic bird trainer an exotic bird training. Yeah Wow Okay, wait, so what are you gonna do for us today? I brought one of the birds that I’ve been training for quite a few years and I hope you like it well without further ado Thank you I’m gonna ask everyone to just have a slightly quieter demeanor at first so we don’t spook the end This is uh, this is Willie Willie say hello say hello Say hello, very good there very good. I’d like you to welcome Willie of course by saying hello Willie Very good there a nice job. Okay This animal seems very docile in captivity but in the wild he is known as a bird of prey Barajas on an I don’t know how long I’m Jewish You’re a little out of control remember there’s enough folks when animals are in a new environment the biggest problem is obedience so what a lot of zookeepers and trainers and veterinarians use Is a little hypnosis and this is not a very heavy transplant when I say sing He will sing when I say sleep. He will sleep when I say crap This would be a lot easier if you just do more bird things hey, I am a master Impressionists, that’s what my species does. You do jokes. I do intentions. I got it I could do jokes I’m sure you could could you do a nun passion? Yes, yes I could do an impression go ahead do it What do it I will do an impression. Yeah, then you tell me who I’m doing. Okay? All right. Let me think Kim Kardashian you Are tweeting without thinking Donald Trump Let’s she she animals it’s a craps you catch you All right now listen I have an impression, okay, I am NOT a professional it’s sign. All right tell me who this is ready Yeah, who’s this? I? Did not have sexual relations with that will Elton John I’m gonna do one more and we’re done. If you don’t get it find is like the most famous person of all. Okay, Freddie Yeah, who said this? I’ll be back Jesus Christ Number one it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, and number two number two Finally we got completely loved right? I think there’s gonna be a parrot there and then that thing comes out I mean visually my son Eric would love it. So you kind of appeal to Five-year-olds and me 35 year olds That was so much fun. I was laughing hysterically She loved it so much I Think you just changed your life tonight. You are so good and so funny at what you do. I love you So far this kind of act hasn’t really been my my jam But you made it my jelly. My jam my apple butter. It was so good Let’s take it to vote Simon I’m gonna say yes That was Hillary

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  2. No solo son ventrilocuos, sino también guinistas y buenos humoristas ! Son muchos talentos los que tienen estas personas ! ! !

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  4. my fav ventriloquist is paul zerdin because now every ventriloquist is singing singing kinda boring even though is ventriloquist


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  7. Momma, Momma it's happening Momma. Mel was mean.But, DARCI, DARCI,DARCI. You are adorable, and sweet, but more than all of that you are Incredibly talented. You are awesome.

  8. Male contestants rarely give a shout-out to Mel B. Maybe she she reacted as she did because she felt she was being treated like a joke rather than a beautiful woman.

  9. The ventriloquist kid was moving her lips and she gets a golden buzzer?? Tf this world is getting soft. Everyone's a f…in winner these days simply because they happen to be cute. Good grief.

  10. The best puppet show was the Australia one where the bird told the vicar of Ddibbley he loved her. Too bad you didn't have that here.

  11. Lol that’s was so funny 😂
    My dog was even smiling
    (Btw my dog smiles all the time but this time I bet he meant it)

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