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100 thoughts on “Best Animal Videos of 2018 (so far) | Funny Pet Videos

  1. WHUT THE?? :41 did the baby say, to hell with it! I spit some of my drink out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. I noticed a dog walking off with a baby pacifier in his mouth. Please seek other ways to be cute because the dog could easily bite off the plug and it can get lodged in the trache-wind pipe. An emergency as the dog can't move any air to breath.

  3. Ceux qui mettent un sac sur la tete de l'animal pour qu'il gesticule comme un con mΓ©riteraient qu'on leur fasse la mΓͺme chose


    20:37 That cats meow sounds like a phone but it's hella cute. Owner is so lucky!

  5. usually I don't like stirring up negativity, but at 33:32 this woman is laughing at her child who is smacking an animal, and then squeals when the animal responds.

  6. 48 minutes into it before i realized how long I've been watching… And that it wasn't a 10min video.

    No regrets.

  7. Echt Traurig wie Fett die meisten Hauskatzen sind ,FΓΌr mich ist das TierquΓ€lerei man Verringert die Lebenserwartung Einer Katze ……….

  8. Hallo to the fool boy at 18:11 who is quite happy to have his dog fighting to get a can.. of some description off his muzzle!! Why in God'''s name do people abuse their animals like this…and set them up so that they can get ""funny/cute"" videos!!! Which are not funny or cute!! Ok…I'm waiting for negative comments..I am a fogey etc etc…Fool Americans…

  9. its soooo funny when owners feed their pets to the point they can barely walk anymore. theyre soooo cute like that!!! when i get myself a cat im just gonna keep feeding it until i get me the cutest living ball of fur!!

  10. 11:43
    Was it just me or was the glare from the light on the dogs eye really pretty. The colors were super cool

  11. have you noticed that many of these clips should fall under the 'stupid humans' catgory as opposed to the 'funny animals'? just saying..

  12. I hope you have a great day

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