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81 thoughts on “Best contractor ever! Funny dachshund dog video!

  1. This is remake of my earlier video! I made it, coz get copyright claim for music I used. I hope you will love my "face lifted" video!


    Это переделка моего старого видео с новой музыкой. Я сделал это, так как получил предупреждение по авторским правам на прошлую фоновую музыку.

  2. Дин, я просто обожаю твои видео! Они всегда качественные и интересные!) Продолжай в том же духе😉😘👍💕

  3. Хоть ето и переделаное видео, но всеровно получилось класно)

  4. 😍😍😘😗😗😗😙😗😚😚😗😚😘😘😙😍😗😚😍❤❤❤👄❤💋💓💛💟💜💗💝💗💖💚💞💗💟💝💞❣вас

  5. Good morning Din! Maybe your dad will help you with your building projects. I need my kitchen sink fixed and I'd hire you. Have a great day my friend and enjoy the beach! Ive got your calendar in my bedroom and I saw it in your video. I love you Din❤

  6. Din — you are a great builder, I'm sure! You also look very cute in your little hardhat! Thank you for sharing your vid.

  7. Eres increíble!!! Ahora en el área de la construcción eres multifacético!!! Wow!!! Pero que susto cuando cayeron los tabiques, lo bueno es que manejas muy bien las normas de seguridad, eres único 💕💖💜

  8. Din is like one of my former contractors – only much much cuter 💕💖💕
    I love the remake a lot, Din looks irresistible in these clothes… and his adorable little helmet… 🐶👷🏼‍♂️🧰🛠 Thank you so much for a good laugh.

    Privyet from my office at Frankfurt. Have a great week! 🍀☀️🍧

  9. I want a Dixie Din calendar and Din to hang it up for me! My son finds dauchshund pens and makes me dauchshund paper sculptures because how we love to watch you together.

  10. Привет, конечно Дин гастробайтер супер, впрочем как и во всем молодец!

  11. Бл…, как же это смешно!!! Я смеялась вголос. Такие моменты потешные, когда лапка соскользнула с задымившейся дрели, когда попа хвостатенькая по обоям елозила, когда вслепую слезал с груды кирпичей!… А может потому, что тема рукожопых строителей мне также кровно знакома, как и автору!? )))

  12. Ржунемогу☺☺😀
    Очень круто!!!👍👍👍
    Дин ты мастер))))❤
    Но красавчик же в каске )))😘
    Ребята, здорово!!!✌👍🙃😍

  13. Oh din your such a blast to watch.. You can come fix projects in my place anytime.. You are just working so hard and you are so amazing.. Thank you so much din for all the hard work.. Love you sweetheart

  14. Good morning Din. I love the videos. Maybe you and your dad can come over to my house and paint my living room I would hire you as a contractor. And I will pay you well LOL. Love you little guy can't wait till your next video.😘💙🐾🐶

  15. крутое видео дин я люблю тебя у меня щенок такса )мне нравица видио я падписан на тебя ) люблю и целыю тебя пака):)……..

  16. Wow Din! I just that you behave and do the same as contractors here in Mexico. Were you train here? Anyway you did it better!!! Love ya!

  17. Oh Din don't let your Daddy show you how to build! He is too slap dash for safe building. Good to see you wearing your own safety gear. Uncle Mark is down sick at the moment and needed this video very much. Uncle Mark.

  18. Din…that's what employees are for. You can be the forman and tell them what to do 👍👍 you were born to be a boss!!

  19. Lovely Din, you almost did it!, you were missing something on those blocks.,,!!!Cement!!! I think you're not so good on building projects and your daddy doesn't trust you anymore on this matters . But any way ,you are so smart and handsome. God bless you always, hermoso Doxie Din.

  20. Precious pup with your perfect expressions & reactions. Lol at the paw-print on the contract & the paw-shake. Awwww you did your best❣️

  21. 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂👍👍👍👍Din you're smart, funny and multitalented and your mom and dad are brilliant performers too. Again you made us laugh 👏👏👏👏👏even your remakes brings joy ,truly worth it ,loved every second of it💝💞💗💖💕💓.My family looks forward to all your videos this was an encore performance 😂🤣🤣😂🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  22. I’ve a complete apartment to renovate if you’ve time dear Din
    I’ll pay you in home made doggie cookies and a lot of hugs 🤗
    Good day

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