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Best-ever street head massage and neck cracking by poor Indian barber | ASMR | SUBTITLES available

oh excellent I cant take it sir… please take, just take, no issue, please take hey, guys , this is Tez from channel Indian barber we always take massage i professional saloons , semi saloons but today, i will take you to the core Indian street saloon so first , i will introduce you to the barber sir, whats your name ? Manoj thakur, please little louder whats are the serevice you give in your barbering sir, i give shave, hair cut and champi massage okay , you do hair cut, shave, do you give head massage yes sir so, these head massage you practice or you had took training from somewhere or family no, i took training from my GURU JI ( trainer ) of my village, Lakhi Sarai Bihar Lakhi Sarai village My brother in law was having shop there and i always there in his shop , where lot of gentlemens came for there for head massage , so by seeing them , i learn and strated my shop here somany people had massages from you, did any one told you , its a waaaaao massage, i felt so relax any one appreciated you yes sir , .ot of people and they come too if, by mistake, i said any wrong thing to them than also they forgive me and come regularly thanks alot Manoj what is this paper behind you Guy , as per i know this is a certificate provide by Union of barbaers yes, i got it from our Union, its a rate certificate , in which all the rates of service decide by union and we cant charege beyond this what is the important of this in this certificate , the cost has been mentioned by the union of barber according to the standard of shop it was nice to talk with you now its time to take head massage and let see , how he will perform and , if i will found him a good barber , will come again and will bring something for him sir please sir sit giving likea hydrolic chair sir , please excuse for a second sit your spray bottle is very unique very nice, self made no sir , bought it from Ranchi plesae leave , I’m going the massage here , as my phone battery is coming low and it will work for only two minutes more And for two minutes , we will talk to him , i will ask you something and i want you to give true answer with honesty he arranged each an everything of this shop and built this shop I’m pretty sure that this chair had been also arranged from somewhere no sir , i bought it with few money but second hand its a second hand I’m feeling very bad that tallented barbers like you is in this condition wht to do sir, i have a problem lot of problems sir, i m only man who is earning in the family and feeding six members six members yes, six members and my childrens are studying if , i wanted to do something , i cant do in my holiday, i visited to some places and find the things on scrap, which i can use in my shop i know carpenter job alsowhts so what you wants to develop your shop is this un authorised shop if you want to modified this shop, is this permitted yes , we can the local company tata steel has also came to my shop in survey , I’m here from last 28 years in this area before i was in rent 17 – 18years back but it was expensive for me but due to high rent, he was not able to efford and now a days, he is running his shop in streets today whts ever i am having , i will give it you as a gift take it , as your son is giving as a son to develop your shop , i dont know how much i m having in my pocket but all is yours it was 5,700 rupees sir , i cant take please i cant take please make your shop sir , you will come again he was crying guys nad it was so heart touching moments for me sir , i did a hard work in my life but no one give respect to me , infact after a good service some customers abused me people took advantage of my, gave less charges you know , why i tok half massage from you no sir bacoz , i will again and will to complete story dont worry make your shop , we are with you and will make this shop more good

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  1. Did someone cut some onions. This man has a heart of gold. He earns an honest living, and deserves to paid for what he does from his heart!!!

  2. Really moving this video man it really motivates one to do well in life so we could affect others in such a positive way man this is a prime example of why i want to succeed in life so I could get the chance to feel a moment like this 20:09 great job man my best wishes

  3. I do not know your country but I think you did something good. I watch your videos from France. Continues these videos, and especially beautiful actions like this one. Thank you.

  4. I literally cried when they hug and he cried. This is the type of people that should be treated with respect. Love from the 🇵🇭❤

  5. Can somebody tell me how I can find this guy and give the money to own a proper shop. Really touched my heart seeing this man as I was once in a similar situation and I would like to help another brother out. What ever the cost it's not an issue. Dave from UK Manchester

  6. You have gain heaven my friend since life is so hard for Indian people and you have provided food for his family with that money.

  7. Don't give to begger. Give to hard worker. What ever u give to begger he will beg. Hard worker will work with more enthusiasm.

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