Laughter is the Best Medicine

BEST FREE GIFT EVER! (Life Hacks / Gift ideas) || VALTOYBOB!

Oh brother run run this is the best gift ever Oh my gosh intro Come on hurry up Have you been roaming about in life without knowing what next step to take? Are you disappointed? frustrated? oh yes I have something for you are you hungry or thirsty. Brother, I am talking to you! are you deaf and dumb? Oh you are thirsty too ok and You don’t anybody to help you Oh good good. I have something for you Just hold on, I have something for you You have hundred girls in your life and don’t know which to get married to well done sir! Ahh You nasty! I said you are NASTY yes I mean it. Ahh Don’t shout at me brother come back come back I have something for you! You won’t listen again! I’m here. I’m right here! yes, I have something for you brother something that will solve all your problems and get the right wife to marry. Yes! I’m not leaving…ohh saliva. Abeg Awww. Are you feeling lonely? You are feeling sad, you are anxious depression? Frustration? brother come come come closer oh look at how wet you are looking I have something for you too. Aww….bro. Aww Well presenting…the best gift ever ever…oh yeah wait for it ok yeah The best gift ever. What is it?! Tell me!! Oh Salvation! Yes Jesus loves you bro God loves the world this way He gave his only Son so that C’mon c’mon hurry up everyone who believes in him Yes, You understand will not die but (wait for it…) wait for it…haha…will have eternal life brother, that eternal life comes with joy and happiness too arrrr you are too late you are too late…haha You are too late. Get out! (laughs) Thank you for watching ooo!

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