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BEST & Funniest RHYMING ANSWERS Steve Harvey Has EVER Heard On Family Feud | Bonus Round

Cheri only one strike. Give me where the rounds would lucky. I can’t think of anything so I’m gonna have to go with I’m just gonna point. What’s she saying? We got two strikes I’m sure because of her Steel well, I’ve got a word that describes my wife. I think it’s plucky Oh, you can’t believe he said Okay, this is a word that describes my wife We all think that you owe John an apology You got two strikes now we gotta be careful Natalie Johnson family can steal name something that rhymes with stake out What about wake wake out a Lot of people like you know, like if you wanna just really wake up really really fast then you wake out All of you from Boston is that’s how you say work out. What work out Can name a word that rhymes with the nurse church Churches You turn around and start picking lint off her dress instead of waiting on church to be up To me I know your spiritual man that we playing Bible study We playing family feud dis again get church off your mind for a minute because Church don’t rhyme with purse It’s better Church up. God promise. Y’all my bus you get in your forehead This red not be up here rhymes with purse church Go out name a word a woman might use to describe a date that rhymes with dunk skunk Jamie name a word a woman might use to describe a date that rhymes with dunk shrunk They was in the swimming pool and it was J name word that rhymes with soup group Give me words with soup fruit I Must be Spanish Maybe that’s fresh the group in the soup Point values are tripled ladies. We got the top four answers on the board. Give me a word that rhymes with cookie We gotta play Anthony give me a word that rhymes with cookie booky booky. Yeah Give me a word that rhymes with cookie. What about Snookie Snookie? Michael, you know word that rhymes with cookie. Rookie Steve rookie One answer left Lindsay give me a word Iran cookie cookie Angela’s back on you again darling just one answer left and one answer on if it’s there your family wins the game But this time you have two strikes if it’s not there the clemmer family can steal and they will win the game cooking Family there’s only one answer left on the board If it’s there your family steals your family wins the game if it’s not there The Smithson family wins the game. There’s only one answer that will do it. Give me a word that rhymes with cookie lucky This is for the win lucky This thing to be good, give me a word that rhymes with crow Pedro name a word that rhymes with yummy, Miami Thank you for coming welcome to Miami Welcome to Miami it rhymes with yummy Say hello to Miami What Pedro Liberte so yo Aspen to be whole you – Good thank you. So appreciate you coming. Yeah Spencer good your word that rhymes with thunder. What about lunder steve? That’s country folks that’s it y’all gift from lumber that bag this money Get from London at red blood thunder Give me a word that rhymes with saloon cocoon Cocoon Sara one answer left name something that rhymes wood. Shook up. I’m gonna go with blow up He took it and then I was real nervous You

100 thoughts on “BEST & Funniest RHYMING ANSWERS Steve Harvey Has EVER Heard On Family Feud | Bonus Round

  1. Is it me or does Steve just like the black family more? I’m not trying to make it racist cuz they’re funnier but idk…

  2. How was hookie not on the board that was the 1st thing i thought of!! Must stop watching now>:[

  3. The guy who said lunder is exactly who needs to be kept off the show. Overconfident and constantly saying good answer when it's not

  4. most annoying part of this show is when teammates start yelling "GOOD ANSWER!!!!!!!!!" even tho the answer is nowhere close to be a good one

  5. The confidence of some people. ,,Yeah, it's up there!" No, it isn't, you just made that word up!!

  6. They should have a special buzzer sound for when people have stupid answers and a song to go with it maybe some white people dancing in the background

  7. If I was on this and my family said something stupid, I would say “normally people say good answer but I’m gonna be real, that was garbage”

  8. Steve: Name a part of the male body that rhymes with “rock”.

    Contestant: Um, I can’t think of anything except for cock?

    Steve: 😳😧🤭🤣😐😐😮 What did you just say?

    APPLAUSE sign goes off, audience erupts in applause. Good Answer Good Answer

    Steve 3 minutes later: Show me what she said.

  9. Good old Pedro. “Miami”. He never really understood how the game works. It shows in his fast money round

  10. After steve said that if church is up their he's going to bust upside whatsisnames head… I almost wanted church to be up there.

  11. Steve: A word that rhymes with mucky.
    Sherry: I can't think of anything so I'll say fucky.
    Steve's Mind: Ohhh This bitch here.

  12. Why is plucky so bad? It literally means courageous in difficult times. Why tf is that furst bitch mad about it my nigga?

  13. Ok, I get it at times you gotta think quick when it comes to rhyming with words, but when you try to be optimistic and say, "good answer," not only are you making a complete fool of yourself but it lowers your I.q. substantially. Furthermore; it doesn't help either if you yourself don't do much better as well.

  14. I get that we're just pointing out the really way off answers, but I keep feeling like I want to watch until I see all of the answers.
    I'm pretty sure Gameshow closure isn't a thing, but I want to see the rest of the answers!

  15. You know I've watched enough of these videos and I do enjoy the fun humor of Steve Harvey and some of the silly answers for truly Family Feud was turned into something that was so disgusting that you couldn't even watch it with your family anymore it took a turn that it shouldn't have taken it has a lot to do with the questions are being asked their very open-ended in hopes that people would respond that way so although I'm a fan of Steve Harvey I never did watch this show when it was on

  16. Triggered by the "rhymes with Cookie" set. Half the words aren't even real, and seriously no one even put "Wookie" on the board.

  17. So say stupid stuff on TV and say good answer ,they look silly doing that ,I can't do that ,that's why I am not on the show

  18. 7:26
    Steve: Give Me A Word That Rhymes With "Crow".
    Rayvone: Flow.
    Steve, F.l.o.w.
    Steve: Oh, Flow.
    I Thought He Meant ''Floor".

  19. Answer This Question: Name Something That Rhymes The Word "Work", Comment Below On Reply, There Is 5 Rhyming Words.

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