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BEST FUNNY PRANKS ON FRIENDS || Family Funny Prank Wars by 123 GO!

Love to make your friends squirm? Then perhaps you should try the ‘ol shaving cream vanilla ice cream trick on for size. Ice cream? Oh ya, that’s bad. If you love playing jokes on your friends, keep watching for more awesome pranks! Psst! Wake up, Sophia! Ah, we’re losing her again. Hey, Sophia? Uh oh, looks like Amy’s got a prank up her sleeve. Ooh! That was close. Let’s give Sophia’s glasses a little tune-up, shall we? All you’ll need are a pair of glasses and a little lock like this one. Simply lock the glasses closed and hide the key! Pretty sneaky, huh? Wakey, wakey, Sophia! What’d I miss? I can barely see the board. What? I don’t remember locking these? Don’t worry, I’ll give her the key…eventually…. Looking for this? Ha-ha, very funny, Amy. I’m gonna get you back! Ooh, I forgot about this leftover puffy paint. Alright, coast is clear. For this prank, take your shower head and screw it off. Uh, just a second! That was so close. Pour your puffy paint into the open tube. C’mon, Lana I really need to get ready! And done! COME OUT RIGHT NOW, LANA! Ugh! Hurry up and screw that back on, Vicki’s loosing it out there! Okay, now it’s time to watch the pranking magic happen! Ooh, I need a cover-up… Okay, bathroom’s all yours, Vick! Wait, why are her jeans and shoes on? Have I been showering wrong this whole time? Time to get my suds on! Eww! You’re washing your hair in green slime!! Oh no, I hope this stuff isn’t permanent. AHH!!! Is this alien blood? Sewage sludge? What’s happening?! Yikes! You need another shower from this shower, girl! Gahh!! Noting beats a walk in the park while chatting with a friend. Uh oh, this girl’s goin’ down! Aw, man. So. Much. Blood. Want to sport a fake gash? Take red lipgloss and put it on your palm like so. Smudge it with your fingers so it blends. Next, take some glue and put it right on top. Really layer it on there. Now stick a thin piece of tissue on the glue. Mush it in there so it soaks up the moisture. Now, get some red eyeshadow or blush and start to dab it on top with a brush. Once that’s done, it’s time for the black eyeshadow. This gives the wound a little bit of depth, see? Lastly take some regular vaseline and rub it all over the gash. Looks pretty real, right? It looks awful! Somebody help! Chill girl, it’s not real! Check it out! See? Wound-free! Geez, you scared me half to death, Sophia! Friday night in with a movie and snacks, I see? Aw man, I’m out of chocolate. Let’s pause this and get a re-fill. Okay, Lana’s gone! Let’s give her a little scare, shall we? If you have a giant stuffed animal, unzip the back, take out the fluff and climb on in! Geez, it’s starting to look like a scene from a horror film in here. This thing’s got a lot of fluff! Let the pranking commence. Wait, all this loose fluff’s gonna give me away! Shoo! Get outta here! Well, that’s awful convenient! Hurry! Lana’s popcorn is probably almost ready! Seriously? Go go go! Lucky Sophia’s small enough to fit in there. It’s show time! Ah, that smells amazing. Alright, we’re all snacked up and ready for movie night! Ha! This movie’s hilarious. What was that? I must be seeing things. Oh-oh… Huh? Am I going nuts or did that bear move? Ah! AHH!!!!! It’s just me, Lana! Isn’t that hilarious?! Enjoying the view? Um, the one offscreen? Ugh, how is she seriously on her phone right now? Look. Thank you! I think it’s time we get off our phones for a while. Woah! Cool, right? Wanna know how this handy trick works? Have some small scissors lying around? Use them to cut a slit in a water bottle like this. Make sure it’s as long as your phone. Hey give it back! How am I supposed to text my boyfriend back now, Vicky?! Wow, she really fell for it! Ah, she figured it out. Thank goodness! Well, at least we tried! I guess I could text Kyle later and put my phone away. Can we finally enjoy this beautiful view now? Uh oh, Amy’s about to blow! Oh geez, that’s disgusting! Sorry, allergies. While Amy’s away, Sophia will play… For this prank, you’ll need a tissue and some black eye shadow. Rub one end of the tissue into the makeup. Perfect. Ugh, sorry about that. Ooh, you still got a bat in the cave, there. Aw, thanks! Ooh, keep rubbing, you missed a spot. Did I get it all? All good, right? Yeah, ready to head out? And I was like, no you can’t call me that! Oh god, there’s Michael! Quick, do I look okay? Oh yeah, never looked better. Oh, hey Michael! Ooh, since when did Amy start rocking a beard? Where’s he going? Uh, beats me. Oh. My God. Yeah, Sophia, you’d better run! When it comes to pranking, it’s all about seizing the right moment. See what I mean? Hey, who crossed out my answer? Gah! She’s doing it again, quick, look! AMY! Shoot, where’s my highlighter? Two can play at this game! For this prank, take the eraser off a regular pencil like this. Replace it with some chewed gum — pink gum, of course. Perfect. Found it! Seriously? Real smooth. What’s wrong with this eraser? Eraser? You mean, gum? C’mon! Why won’t you work?! Ew, is this gum? Gross! I wasn’t chewing gum so who chewed this?! That’ll teach you for scribbling on my stuff! All in good fun, right? Want to borrow my eraser? Usually, the best time to pull a prank is when no one’s around… Here’s a fun bathroom trick for ya. Have any firecrackers lying around? Let’s see how much damage these little babies can do. Tape them on the little raised pieces underneath your toilet seat. Last one! Ooh! Set it down carefully! Why’d I drink all that soda?! Yowza!!! Did I break the toilet?! Can’t wait to try these pranks out on your friends? Have fun, but first, enjoy these awesome bloopers — they’ll make you laugh harder than the pranks did! Love our videos? Don’t forget to subscribe to 123 Go’s YouTube Channel so you never miss out on all the fun. See you next time, gang!

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  1. I:12 it is really simple to unlock those just take the things that go behind your ears out bye sliding them out of the lock one by one

  2. There are so many beautiful stars but only one beautiful moon that is our lovely Vicky . Love you beautiful 😘💋❤️

  3. Why have you guys stopped helly in your videos helly was my favorite please bring helly back like if you agree

  4. Actually just saying don't lock people's glasses cause I have to were my glasses all the time or I lose my sight

  5. one of my friends played the locked glasses on me , plz don't do this to you friends,my friend in particular lost the key lucky I had my extra glasses

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