Laughter is the Best Medicine

Best Inspirational Short Quotes about Happiness Images Slideshow

my happiness doesn’t come from money or
fame my happiness comes from theme live without struggle it is not how much we have but how much
we enjoy that makes happiness the moment of
happiness we enjoy taken by surprise it is not that we see them but there this
season when what you think what you say and
what you do are in harmony there is only one happiness in this life
to live and be loved happiness is not something ready made it
comes from your own actions even 2011 are the generous and you won’t
have to hunt for happiness it is not easy to find happiness in
north and it is not possible to find it out the secret of happiness is to admire
without deserving happiness is like a kid you must share it to enjoy it if you want others to be practiced
compassion if you want to be happy practice
compassion everything left only do not write down
their happiness the Constitution only give people the
right to pursue happiness you have to capture through town in this country but in the mastery of his passions doesn’t depend on any external
conditions it is governed by our mental attitude

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