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Best of: Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

– I’m here in Tan’s dressing suite, things are going pretty well. Rachel’s in good spirits. Tan is crying. I don’t know what happened there. (upbeat music) – What was your name? – Tan. – Tan. – Tan. – Tan. Tan. – Tan. – Tan. – What I see is like the
manifestation of depression. – Oh! Oh. No. Okay this can’t work for you, ’cause that clearly should be like there. – Then I have camel toe now. – Yeah. The Kardashians do the toe. – They do? – They do. I don’t think it’s a thing.
– I can’t keep up with them. – Oh. – You know I switched
clothes with Pete Davidson one night on stage. I wore SpongeBob pants. – I know exactly which ones you mean. (laughing) I know his wardrobe quite well. – He’s the only one who owns ’em. – Yes, he sure is. Now can we give you a John Mulaney? – Yeah, a Mulaney time. – Mulaney time. I wanna see you in something Pete. – So I’m gonna put you in a suit. – Okay. I’ll try the turtle neck. – Okay. Are we feeling hip? Are we feeling cool? – [John] We’re feeling hypey and strong. – It looks so good. ♪ I tell the girls say they like me ♪ ♪ Wanna get up with my clique ♪ ♪ Get my up with my clique ♪ – Hey, Tan. (laughing) – Does your mom date? – I’m trying to get her to. – How do you feel when your mom dates? – I don’t care. Someone should slam her. Seriously, she’s been
like not with anybody since like my dad died, someone
needs to get up in there and get that lady off my back. – She might see this, Pete. – I don’t care. – Do you talk to her like– – I mean at this point I might fuck her. – Whoa! – Tan, if I wanna change
with the door open, can I? – I would rather you did. (laughing) – If you want, we can get right to it. We’ll get right to it. – Yes please. – I’m very shy. I don’t want attention at all. – Do you mind if I tuck it? – Are you doing the French tuck? You hit me with that tuck! I knew that tuck was coming! – To be French tucked– – To get a French tuck by Tan, oh, yeah. – Guess what I have. A French tuck. – Oh, you do! – In your honor. – Oh my gosh, I didn’t see it. – Wait wait, I do as well. I’ve got a French tuck as well. – I am confused. Why are you doing the Scottish accent? Can I give you a sentence? – Yeah.
– I’ll try. – This could be good and
I’d love to see it on you. – This could be good and
I’d love to see it on you. – Ooh, that’s not bad. – Close. – One more. One more. This could be good and
I’d love to see it on you. – Rightio. Yes, I’ll try that on. – I don’t like that color. – What color do you like? – I like pink, darker pink,
a little bit darker pink, hot pink, purple, white,
gray, really light pink, a little bit of a darker
pink, a maroon, hot pink. I picked a scab. Red blood colors. And scab colors like
browns and tan colors. Tan colors. – Yes. – And I also have black. – So when you’re on a red carpet, do you feel baller or no? – I do rely on one thing, it’s this. – Show me. Oh you know, yeah. – So there’s always a
person who seems upset directing the red carpet. – Always! – Always. This is an overworked person. It’s not always a blonde
woman but yes it is. – And her name’s always Britney. (laughing) Always. – First move is false humility, which is look at the mark as if I’ve never been on a red carpet before. (laughing) So I go. – Oh no, you do, every time? – This is just my first time. I’m just happy to be here. – I don’t know what to do with my arms. – Yeah, it’s a hard one. – [Ali] It’s so awkward. – This looks natural? – Yes. – With these fuckin’ long swinging. – You smile? You’re one of the very
few people who does. My worry when I smile is it shows stuff that I don’t want it to show, so I do bitch instead. – Well that works for
you ’cause everyone knows you’re a nice person. (laughing) – Kinda true. – I need a walker. – For you? – Someone needs to make a gorgeous walker to go with our heels. – Can I get a Stella McCartney walker? – Yeah yeah yeah. (laughing) We’ll put bows all over it. – I’m going to a architecture convention. I’m gonna give a speech on
how to design Japanese houses. – I’m part of the Kanye
French Resistance Army. And we are gonna storm the Bastille and have like an all night concert. – This is like a narc. A narc is an adult who pretends
to be a teen using drugs. – All joking aside. – Who’s selling ecstasy? I’m part of your school. – I wanna bend over and
not show my dirt star. What? – Dirt star? – You’ve never heard dirt star? – Never. Have you heard balloon knot? – Hilarious. – Yeah it definitely is more like that. – More accurate. – Definitely more accurate,
it’s a balloon knot. ♪ Giving up ♪ ♪ Giving up ♪ ♪ Put on your mom jeans ♪ – Will you put a pair on? – Let’s all wear some mom jeans. – Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Da da da da. Da da da da. This was your plan all
along, wasn’t it, Tan? – To wed you? – You may kiss the bride.
– No. – No! (upbeat music) (melodic music)

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  1. Wow Great video man! I REALLY like the way you create your content! I was actually inspired to create my own channel. Being a video animator I don't have many people to watch my content. So it's a shout-out and love for all the people struggling and I hope they make it. Subscribe and check my playlist of portfolio and Show some love (Y) and help a brother out! Cheers! <3

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