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Best Of: Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias | Netflix Is A Joke

– Next thing I know, Snoop
reaches under the desk and he pulls out the biggest
blunt I have ever seen. (audience cheering) Oh, this sucker was huge. As soon as he pulled
out that freakin’ blunt, I got excited because I wanted
to grab my cellphone, okay? I wanted to grab my cellphone so that I could take a selfie of Snoop in the background being Snoop. So while I’m fumbling trying
to get my phone (chuckles), Snoop starts talkin’ to me again. Yo big Fluff? Huh, huh? Yeah, what? (audience laughs) Hit that while I hit this. (audience laughs)
(audience applauding) The second I went like that
all of the cameras in the room, red light, red light, red
light, red light, red light. My publicist is like no! My son is like yeah! (audience laughs)
(audience applauding) And now being faced
bro, I’m being face with a serious situation because I’ve talked about friends participating
and doing stuff like this but I’ve never openly talked
about myself you know. (audience laughs) And now I realized that
from this moment forward, people are gonna know what
happened here with Snoop. So I started trying to find
ways to justify it to myself. You know… (audience laughs) If you’re gonna do something
like this on camera, you want it to be with Snoop. (audience laughs) You want it to be with
Snoop, Cheech & Chong, (audience cheering) or Willy Nelson. (audience cheering)
(audience applauding) Next thing I know, the
manager hands me a lighter. I light it and I take a big hit. (inhaling)
(audience cheering) So listen. I’m doing my best to
hold in all this smoke, because I don’t wanna look like a punk in front of Snoop Dog. I’m trying, I’m fighting bro. It’s hard, you know? (imitates choking)
(audience laughs) The whole time Snoop is like hell yeah. (audience laughs) That’s what I’m sayin’. Fluffy goin’ puffy today. (audience laughs)
(audience applauding) I do not remember the
rest of the interview. (audience laughs) What I remember is my buddy
Anthony telling Snoop Dog and I to stand up for a picture. He said get up for a picture, and so Snoop and I both stand
up to take this picture. I put my arm around him. I have to put my arm around him because he’s much taller than me, okay? Snoop has me by at least five inches. Shut up, why are you laughing? (Gabriel laughs)
(audience laughs) (audience applauding)
(audience cheering) You guys are laughing at the wrong jokes. (audience laughs)
(audience applauding) For me to know that I’m gonna have a good experience at a taco truck I always research and I look
to see who’s running the truck. For me to know that I’m
gonna have a good time, I wanna make sure that
it’s an all female crew. (audience laughs) Not to sound sexist, it’s just that when it’s all women running the truck they make me feel good about myself. (audience laughs) They make me feel special. When I walk up at one
o’clock in the morning and I have a buzz they make me feel good. (imitates hand banging) Hello? They come to the window. (speaking in foreign language) I feel like a kid. I’m like, can I have a taco? (audience laughs) (speaking in foreign language) Now see, when it’s an all Mexican male crew running the truck, it’s late, they’re tired, they’re bitter. Customer service isn’t our strongest point at one o’clock in the morning. And then you gotta deal with
a drunk knucklehead like me. (imitates hand banging) Hello! And they come to the window. (speaking in foreign language) What do you want? What do you want? Hey, what’s up bro? Can I have a taco? Okay, what else? That’s it. (Gabriel groans) (audience laughs)
(audience applauding) That’s not even a word! (audience laughs) But you know exactly
what he just told you. (audience laughs) For some reason Mexican
people and only Mexican people have this sound that comes out of us that can just discredit
anything you put in front of it. It doesn’t matter what it is. We can kill it with that sound. I just graduated from
college top of my class. (imitates groaning) (audience laughs)
(audience applauding) Well fine, I’ll work at Burger King. Poppy, this is my fiance. He loves me. (imitates groaning) Fine, I’ll be a whore. (audience laughs)
(audience applauding) (Gabriel chuckles) And speakin’ of whores let me tell you where they put us up at. (audience laughs)
(Gabriel laughs) That’s a bad segue. I go to a comedy show
every now and then alone. Now, I don’t know if that
sound weird to you guys but for me to do anything
nowadays by myself, it’s my crew, my other
people that work for me, they freak out when I go places ’cause they’re always
concerned for my safety. What if someone tries to kidnap you? (audience laughs) Well they’re gonna earn it. (audience laughs)
(audience applauding) I got into a fight with
some of my team members and I said you know what? I’m just, I’m goin’ out. I bought myself a ticket and I went to go watch Chris Rock
one night in concert. (audience cheering)
(audience applauding) Now, I says you know what? Maybe I can make my way
back stage and I don’t know, if I get lucky maybe I’ll say hi to him. I’ve always wanted to meet him. So I go to the side of the stage, and I run into security and I said, hey. He looked at me and said Fluffy! And when he did that I said
hey listen, I forgot my keys. I’ll be right back and
the guy’s like yeah, keep goin’, get your keys,
get your keys, get your keys. I’m like oh my God, that shit worked. (audience laughs)
(audience applauding) Just like that I snuck back
stage at a Chris Rock concert. Once I was behind the
curtain, I was in my element. I knew where everything was. I knew where the food was, I knew where the dressing rooms were, where the bathrooms were. I’m walkin’ around with a soda. People are comin’ up to me. We didn’t know you were gonna be here. I got a call last minute. (audience laughs) Lookin’ for my keys. (audience laughs) I says you know what? I got this far. I’m gonna push it. I wanna meet him. I’ve always wanted to meet Chris Rock. It was not hard. Once I was back there I just had to go to the dressing rooms. All I had to do was read
the name on the door. I’m standing there in front of the door and I’m hyperventilating just… (imitates gasping)
(audience laughs) (imitates knocking) The door opens up and
there’s this man in there, this bodyguard who’s just massive. I’m a big guy but damn! Dude was huge. (audience laughs) As soon as he opened the door just… (imitates creature growling) Welcome to Jurassic… (speaking in foreign language) And I’m standin’ there and I’m like, hi. (audience laughs) And he’s like, can I help you? Yes, my name is Gabriel. I’m a comedian and I wanted to see if I could say hi to Chris
Rock if that’s possible. You say you comedian? Yes. What then you understand
Chris is goin’ over his material right now
and he really ain’t tryin’ to talk to nobody so I’ll
tell you what player, if you wanna come by after the show, you more than welcome to but right now, it’s not a good time. Chris Rock is a busy man. (imitates groaning) (audience laughs) Can I wave? Excuse me? Can I wave? What you mean? (audience laughs) Can I wave at Chris? I don’t have to come in. Can I wave? Chris Rock is in the room. He can hear the stupid
conversation that’s taking place. (audience laughs) I know this because I can hear
Chris Rock in the background. What’s goin’ on? Who’s at the door? Move out the way. (audience laughs) Yo Chris, I got this man, I got this. Move! All right. The guy stands to the
side and now I’m looking at Chris Rock and he recognized
me, and it freaked me out. Oh yeah, it freaked me out. He’s like, oh shit. Look who it is, look who it is. It’s the king of the Mexicans. (audience laughs)
(audience applauding) We all have our trying
to get a good job voice. (audience laughs) When you walk in for that interview, you don’t sound the way you sound on a Saturday night when
you’re havin’ a couple drinks. No. You clean it up, you practice in the car and when you walk in you turn it on. If you’ll check my references you’ll see I’m more than qualified for this position. Please feel free to call Frank Torres. Frank will tell you the amazing job I did for him two and a half weeks ago. Listen, I’m ready to
work seven days a week, 365 days a year. No job is too big, no task is too small. You can count on me. I’m the right person for the job. Please keep me in mind. Thank you so much for your time. And then you get to the parking lot– (audience cheering) And then you get to the parking
lot and you’re like whew! (speaking in foreign language) No way man. No, I need a job man, I need a job. (audience cheering)
(audience applauding) Woo! (audience applauding) You guys know we all
have our daytime voice that we have around our
family and our friends and our children you know? And then we have our late
night voice, our party voice. Jager! (audience laughs) And then if you’re lucky enough you have your late,
late, late night voice. That’s right, you don’t even
know what’s about to happen. You better get on the ground. (speaking in foreign language) Like some of you are looking at me like oh my God, Fluffy’s a freak. (audience laughs) I’m just giving an example. (Gabriel laughs)
(audience laughs) All the kids are like
oh, this is different. (audience laughs) Sorry, ’cause I see those kids and they’re just like (imitates gasping). (Gabriel laughs) (mellow music)

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  1. To the 1 percent of people reading this comment, I hope you fulfill all your life dreams!

    My dream is to make as many people as possible laugh at my terrible content 😀

  2. When he ended his special with his jokes and everyone knew them and you saw his face get tearing. That was amazing, he’s been one of my favorites since I was 13, I’m 24 and still dying at this mans jokes. Much love fluffy 💯❤️

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