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BEST of KATY PERRY On American Idol 2018 | Funny, Shocking & Flirty! Idols Global

My name is Noah, Davis. I’m from Royal, Arkansas, and I’m 18 years old Mmm dick. Okay. Wait. Did you just say dick? Yes, I know dick I feel that already What is waves me no. It’s not your language. It’s just for us dick. We’re on oh come on here, man We’re here together. I hate you. I hate you so much Noah yes, sir you’re blushing just a wee bit you think so no way But it’s precious. Yes women supporting women 2018 that was a really good performance the choreography the Synchronization all of it was really mapped out very well Congratulations. Thank you. Think um girls. You were great you Guys all got Stardust on you, and I mean honestly like you guys as a group you picked well You guys know what you’re doing, but we have room for three more people Out of you girls, I need one person to volunteer Do not go on to the next round I’ll do it Oh, sweetie, don’t cry you’re all going through Hi My name is Benjamin glaze. I’m 19 years old well hello, and what do you do for work Benjamin? I’m a cashier at an electronics store, but I love it because sometimes there’s cute girls And they’re not going anywhere without saying hi you get a cute girl to say hi to you Has a racket all right? Come on. Have you kissed a girl and liked it. No. I’ve never been in a relationship Really, I can’t kiss the girl without being a relationship Wait hold on you You can’t What on the cheek He didn’t even make the smush, okay, okay? Come on and he fell down That’s a first William Casanova from Washington DC William Casanova is that real my mom didn’t give it so many, but it doesn’t make it any less real if you if you live up to it, okay, Shannon What do you do besides sing I work in women’s shoes women’s shoes Yes, ma’am, so you’re a smooth talker, and you also sell them shoes I feel like you got a play to your strengths in life. You know so if you’re gonna be smooth You might as well make some money from it. You know What do you do with the stinky feet? Oh? Yeah, what happens? I mean you got to put on your poker face You gotta you know make them feel beautiful. That’s what it is I mean you just still got a smile on them and make them feel like they got all five It’s about the experience No you gotta make them feel like you know what there’s something about that guy right? Weird feet I used to have weird feet, but I took care of him now. They look great Pretty little feet I could kiss them right now No, see what you don’t dig you want to get close. Oh, don’t This is a family show my brother. Just just people just pick up the car a car, but she seed the thing So here’s the deal katie is celebrating her birthday And we’re about to surprise her and we have all of her favorite things We have a Lionel a Luke Orion and puppies, so they should all go very well. All right. There’s the lor puppies everywhere Hi guys She has no idea So let’s see the look on her face when the three of us surprise Katy Perry her birthday. We’re the actual prize Happy birthday This is really sweet Look at that thing we thought we would give you a fabulous gift guys Hey All right you covered everything covered Some things you have to do for the business very good It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it you know I Have a crazy talent. I’m not so sure I’m ready on the second day to pull it out I don’t know why I didn’t call it a talent. Okay. I heard you have some talents if you show me one of yours I’ll show you what am I okay? Here’s one of mine okay? I can quote the entire movie of Mean Girls from start to finish No, it’s like it’s like gross, but I can do that. No I mean like really no like truly I could start wherever you want me to well mine was not like that mine was more awful Do you want to see it? Well I’m afraid but yes. I’d love to see it. So you can quote Mean Girls I can look like a frog do it. It’s disgusting You can look like a frog nobody’s gonna wanna make out with me or any of that. Well who cares right? Oh my god Come to us on this thing oh, oh oh god It’s a tree frog yeah touch it. Oh, this is bad. This is Bad what are you doing stop it? Anyway, it’s not about weird times like that that definitely didn’t get me there, but it’s probably gonna. Take me out I Have a gift for all of you heck, yes this may be weird, but I kind of have a sock obsession I wore my lucky socks today. What’s weird about a sock obsession exactly? That’s why I’ll give you more well We’ll take them okay my god Phil. I know I have skeleton heads well of course I’ll take that yeah, and you’ve heard about me, right I have I’ve cats in one of them shooting lasers out of it eyes. Oh, I don’t match you very well Yes, I love cats and I love kitty cats These are the socks for you roosters roosters Country Binaca dang doodle dude, so who are you? What’s your name? My name is Zach. D’Onofrio. This is my first audition ever. What are you six? That’s awesome. How long have you been singing for less than a year? It’s it’s a brand new to me, but what do you guys think for us? I would be singing the way you look tonight by Frank Sinatra Please Someday When I’m awfully low When the world is cold, I will feel oh just a game You Know Tonight your dance with the mankini where these You’re tender Tearing my fear upon That wrinkles are no it’s – Don’t you you said Wow Just the way Yeah Hello guys. How are you? How you doing fantastic? Thanks for having me good lord your dreamboat Yeah, my eyes lit up. What’s your name dreamboat? My name is Trevor Holmes, and I’m 27 years old, and I’m from Thousand Oaks, California What’s your story? Do you work? I’m actually doing construction right now, which not fond of but I’m doing it to help support my mom she suffers from lupus So I’m a part-time songwriter Part-time construction worker wanting to be full-time musician, but sometimes you got to pay their bills, so hot oh This is a real hello, I mean here’s the thing like only hot guys are typically named Trevor is that right yeah? Well, that’s like one of the names Trevor He’s hot he does construction on the side Eddie loves his mom I do very much so um Trevor Yes, ma’am. Don’t go me. Ma’am. I’m sorry. I’m just I respect you so much we Don’t want you being Thank you Katie this is the man you need listen if you’re not going to Hollywood, maybe you can just come hang out Are you engaged no cool? I? Do have a girl Lord I hope you can save Katie is cheering for you I Can’t count the times almost sitting with some wine And just the other day I wrote down all the things I’d say Baby I know you Oh In case you didn’t know Katie I’m crazy I would be lying if I say I Don’t tell you all the time you had my heart long In case you didn’t know oh Okay, let’s get down to business you’re cute and all but Just kidding You guys go I can’t talk Katie can I tell you something really quick? I have literally had a crush on you I’m sorry, but you have been my literally my crush for I’m sorry. I had to get off that off. My chest all joking you sob. Just dig in a little more on your voice Every tool you got at some point instructions Which think monell got to have things e awesome because the competition coming Other than that I find nothing wrong with you at all. Thank you, so there’s nothing wrong Thank You Katie I said Trevor your girlfriend’s out with the girlfriends. I said how about good quote? So much, I can’t thank you enough teach me how to be hot again wait wait wait Okay, he’s gone. She’s heart broke – alright. It’s alright. How are you he walks in and I’m like you’re a dreamboat They’re going She’s her eyes are doing whirlybirds We’re just so much that’s great yes Just like the throw away see sound of your life, well, you know Thursday if you love it let it go and then it’ll come back and Marry you I Got a good feeling from the judges And I was singing they were always smiling and Lionel you guys look at me Focus right here not like calm me and helped me with my performance so I do feel like I’m gonna make it through Children Children work with me alright. It’s work with me. Oh God just I Want to go home I? Don’t think I signed up for this did I sign up for this? You

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  1. when katy perry knowingly kissed that boy then its funny but if a male celebrity would have done this then it would been a sexual harassment.

  2. Trevor's girlfriend: hears Katy has a crush on Trevor
    also Trevor's girlfriend: kisses Trevor RIGHT IN FRONT of Katy
    me: " can't you see she's HURTING!!!! " 😂😂

  3. Years down the line or months

    Benjamin: hey

    His date: hello

    Talks bla bla bla conversation,

    Date: so who was your first kiss?

    Him: Smirks Katy Perry

    Date: SAY WHAT? :0 da fuck are you kidding or what?

    Him: nope takes phone out shows (her or him who knows alien) he grins widely

  4. Famous female steals a kiss
    People applaud

    Famous male steals a kiss
    People are ready to cut his dick off and exile him to Mars

  5. Wow…i love this woman so much…she's one of my favorite female singer….katy perry i love u…& i love her song bon appetit most…❤❤❤😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

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