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Best of The End of the F***ing World | HUMOR

I’ve seen you skating. I haven’t got a phone. Okay. You’re pretty shit. Fuck off I think your dad’s a drug dealer. Cool. You’re hungry. And an extra fucking spoon. I smashed it Okay. Are you a virgin? Yes. Have you ever eaten a pussy before? Yeah, a few. Me, too. Yeah, no shit. Almost pretty, but… Actually, average. Do you guys smoke? Not really. I do. From now. If I was the police, I’d give us fucking medal or something. Do you wanna give her a score out of ten? I’m joking. I’m trying to think of what adults do in situations like this. Is this a date? Seriously, Eunice, can you just – How old are you? Should we go downstairs and have a glass of wine? That a lot of cash. We robbed a bank. Go get Marvin, see if Marvin can make a banana split for me, you fucking cunt. Alyssa seemed weirdly calm. Fuck, fuck! Guess what freedom smells like? You got a toilet? No. Isn’t that illegal? We don’t have one. Yeah, we do. Shut up. What? Cow shit. We’re going to need a recent photograph of Alyssa. Do you have one? Frodo! Call the police you fucking moron! Do you think is gonna explode? It’s not a film. Fuck me now. I told you we had a toilet. Police! I am honne be so fucked off if we get murdered. Are you actually in the police? Yes. We’re proper bandits, James! I don’t like my life. So do something. Jack looks like a potato. Joke. I’m joking. He looks like a ham.

77 thoughts on “Best of The End of the F***ing World | HUMOR

  1. Where is Tony when he says "Its not my daughter, not my problem" or when Eunice and Tery are with James dad and Eunice says "Were sorry we are really sorry" while she is smiling omg 😁

  2. You left out the best scene:
    "Why on earth would you give a 13yo a hunting knife for his birthday."
    "Well he asked for it. Actually no, he asked for a machete, but I felt it was a bit full on?"

  3. Me and my husband always say that now…..
    Me: “I seen you skating” ………… “ I haven’t”……….” you’re pretty shit”

    Him: “fuck off.”

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