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Best Paintball Fails #3

Oh…. F*** You a**hole!!! Other Player: Did you get hit? No……. You a**hole, you could have told me… Yupp… FAIL VIDEO It’s the rookies versus the Vets… This should be… AGH… HIT! Well, never mind. You’re hit. On your pod pack I saw it break. Yo? Ahhhhh….. I don’t always accept a surrender, but when I do it is because you have bested me. Listen Up! They have a numerical advantage by four. But three of them are this tall and they don’t shoot. They haven’t shot a paintball all day. Whoa! HIT! Good Shot Man! Good shooting boys. I only expected to see two of you but there was four of you instead. Hit, hit, hit,hit. I don’t sprint, and I was sprinting. There’s my magazine. Oh man… I f***ed up! Looks like the wasp nest is right there next to the root system. Well, I need to get my mag. Surrender Both of you! Nooooo…. He wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready! Surrender Whoa, same team!! Aren’t we on the same team? No! What color are you?

100 thoughts on “Best Paintball Fails #3

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  2. The only injury I sustained during paintball was I had finished reloading and I never closed my hopper and I was being surrounded so I got up and kinda ran backwards and I fell and slammed my marker into my knee and I forgot my knee pads and it hurt like a bitch when I got home (I was out on the field for 8 hours)

  3. after the ref talked to you, I thaught the next clip would of been you bunkering them. I would of laughed my ass off

  4. I was playing paintball once and I slipped and broke my hand, yet no one came to help me
    You got some good players man

  5. I’ve dislocated my knee twice- it’s never fun. The first time it happened it wasn’t too bad, but the second time it took weeks to heal, especially considering I skated with it two days later.

  6. Not a knee dislocation just gonna say that now. You would’ve been in pain to the point of screaming and would not have even been able to move. Plus they are very serious medical emergencies due to nerves and blood vessels in the area

  7. My New year's resolution for paintball: Order whole team to charge while saying, "URRRRRAAAAA"

    2nd: Same thing, but we tell "BONZAAAAAI!!"

  8. Once while me and my grandpa were hunting for mushrooms and I walked over a wasps nest and they all attacked me

    I was 8

  9. Paintball is the greatest sport ever but we go hard and when we get hurt it's usually pretty bad! But hey, it's worth it!!!

  10. That knee made me cringe so bad, back in the day my arm would comeout all the the time and i would have random people put it back in lmao

  11. PSA to all of you who come across anyone who has dislocated a knee; don't help them! You have no legal duty to help anyone, even if they are dying in front of your eyes (so long as you're not the one who inflicted the initial injury) because when you think you're being a good Samaritan, the other person will sue you for any harm that they suffered, even if you helped them. If I had been there, I would said to the guy; "That sucks… Well, good luck with that."

  12. Nightmare PB I watched all the paintball fails over again because you are having to delete them.. RIP to these awesome vids

  13. The worst that I got was stepping into a fire ant colony at one paintball field. It was right behind a bunker that I went to. I didnt stay there very long.

  14. Nightmare: ah I dislocated my knee.

    Player: are you alright?


    Nightmare: yea

  15. Omg my friend tore his ACL one time. We were playing basketball at a park and we were kids and I was like what do u want me to do. I am not a doctor. He's like just help me and I am like how????? Hes like just shut up and lift me to the bench. I seriously pulled the bench over to him bc there was no way I was gonna pick up my friend. He was wearing shorts and his knee looked like jello😂😂😂😂

  16. Why do people even dual wield…. I get if you have one side arm for mid and close but running with 2 side arms or even 2 tippman….

  17. Hi nightmare. I've done airsoft and I'm looking to move to paintball. I've used gbbrs and have been looking for markers that are magfed and also use internal gas instead of a big tank sticking out. Looks like that's what you've got. What model of marker is your AR? If I may ask, and how do you get air in it? Just with a pistol style CO2 canister I'm assuming?

    Also cool fail compilation brother

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